Wednesday, 31 July 2013

take a risk Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks wherever you are in the world it's drizzling here but still warm. of course it's nice to see a bit of the wet stuff and saves Owner from spending half an hour watering our meagre pot plants only to see it rain five minutes later.  The neighbours must be able to tell the weather from what goes on over here.  New neighbours you want to know?  not yet.  I am keeping a close eye on it and lots of people have stopped stared, took down the details and moved on.  We are hoping as you know for someone or more than someone to move in who is useful, approachable, understands boundaries, sends us a Christmas card, has manners (says good morning etc) and is just perfect really.  if that miracle happens I'll let you all know.  In the meantime Owner popped out and came back with a TV that is 21st century.  Knock me down.  this means whatever we watch tonight will have us transfixed and I note that there is a new celebrity masterchef on which we love.  That greg he's so funny and John T with their little tests and cooking mmmm.  A small dose of Corrie too and wicked David up to no good.  Owner says glad threw caution to winds (ref TV) and not worried, anxious or stressed at all.   Dentist tomorrow though, but haven't said.  Must go, nap required.  Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tolerant Tuesdee

Wonka here.   Much cooler but news of fresh heatwave coming and I quote ' could be as early as thursdee' unquote.  Just have to increase my naps that's all I can do folks.  Owner been very well behaved today, no complaints (that I know of) and not lost it once.  I suspect this is down to a good haircut day (praise be) a good supermarket shop day (no one following that Owner knew of - honestly) and a good night's sleep.  I did promise a photo of Baba's Buddlea which Owner suspects is growing faster than normal and is a sign.  I said sign not shrine - that's the kennel

I agree folks it doesn't look brilliant but wait and see.   it was a tiny shoot when Baba crossed over into the animal sanctuary in the sky.  Me? thanks for asking, getting there and have had some tea (Owner remembered to feed me).  Tonight I have checked and it is a wasteland of viewing unless you like enders and more on the Whitstable/Witney storyline it seems she is throwing herself at the wrong sort and ignoring good solid boyfriend, and then the hospital thingy. oh and a cruise ship.  Owner in trance as noticed our friend Novak (the nice tennis player) on a little video thingy.  But his main attraction (for me) is he supports a charity.  good on you Novak!  If Owner ever comes into money highly unlikely, says will form an animal charity immediately.  I say charity begins at home!  take care out there.  Big love wonka x

Monday, 29 July 2013

new glasses Mondee

Wonka here.  Now of course it's not me that needs glasses!! my vision is 20 20 or whatever it is, no Owner trots off and returns with not one but two pairs of the things.  Fleeced again I wondered (ready to hid under the bed)?? but Owner insists needs them.  One pair for saving from peering at the computer screen (right up to it) and the other for peering into the distance when driving, oh and being able to continue driving with a full beam in your face.  Problem?  Glad you asked, well for starters both pairs are identical.  Owner says this is because by the time (a long time) had picked a pair of frames that didn't reduce to looking old, really old, or old and ugly, shop might have closed.  Easier to pick the same frames.  Price?  (ready to hide under the bed again).  owner very blasé about this and that only means one thing.  They were very very very expensive and to talk about it makes it worse.  Told Owner looks gorgeous in them.  both of them.  Going to put a little tag on the computer ones so don't muddle with the car ones.  that can also be used to the TV. (oh no). Anyhow, at least Owner fairly cool and calm and only made one mistake with the shopping (taking it back tmro).  Now I know you'll want to know how I am in all of this day.  I am fine, and trying to sleep and nap as much as I can in between eating a few bits and bobs.  Gone off most of my cat food and Owner at wits end over variety.  It's alright as Ruggles eats all my left overs so I don't know what the fuss is about.  Tonight we will watch soaps back to back as Owner finds soothing even when nasty David (corrie) is mean to all his relatives (rings horrid bells) and even when Whitstable or Witney or somebody in Enders is being boring about horrid dead criminal boyfriends.  We love it.  Must go,
Big love Wonka xx  (I promise  photo of the miracle growing Buddlea for tomro)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

soothing Sundee

 Wonka here.  Drench of rain in the night how refreshing I say although still needed to lay down a lot.  Especially on the bit of settee Owner wants to be on.  Slow start to the day eased in with our favourite Sunday morning radio with our favourite turbaned presenter.  He is Scottish so we like him even more (Owner dallied with a Glaswegian you know in days of yore).  no visits to relatives hence the peaceful day really.  Watched a dvd and understood it in parts, ate lots of biscuits (I'm on the 'indoor' ones right now and turning nose up at the others).  Owner managed to trot out and return with a paper and more supplies, said might do something but didn't and somehow ended up watching yet another film called 'Mr Perfect'.  I realise I don't need to explain the storyline and the tiny weensy eeny weeny twist at the end did amuse us. (the daughter ends up with Mr Right instead of the Mother who it turns out doesn't really need a man to make her happy.  yes). I feel sure if Novak thingy came knocking on this door Owner would not close in face and go on about being so happy.  I digress.  (big word for me).  So what about outside?  Rug been for tea and tail not too bad. no sign for ages of the usurper (Tinkerbelle) or any new felines trying to get a free lunch.  We continue to miss Baba daily and his buddlea is growing nicely.  Owner says it's a miracle to grow so fast. Might post a picture of it.   Hmm.  time for next feature film, the one with dinosaurs in it.  Lovely.  Must go.  Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 27 July 2013

stressed out Satdee

Wonka here.  Now yes it is still hot and yes still laying very still in different places as need variety.  Having to watch yet another Indie film as beeb one run out of ideas.  What will happen come August I daren't think.   Owner went out and came back funny (not haha).  Said first off everyone forgot how to drive, was cut up here and there, pedestrians throwing themselves across the road and even walking in the road.  Then, had to try more clothes on (in this heat, in that queue) to find nothing fit, then had to go shopping (for food,  for me).  Then, and this was the mistake had the double whammy of visiting not one but two relatives.  Suffice to say, Owner now got eye twitch really badly in right eye (and that's the one the shingles attacked folks!).  Advised not to take any of it personally, especially the bit about how Owner didn't look well (aged parent).  Flounced out and came back with fish and chips (bang goes diet) and hair product (I'm under the bed soon as).  things calmed down a bit once hair went right (out from under the bed) and guzzled down all that fatty food.  Ready to face rest of night's viewing (not a lot on except for that nice racy top of the lake thing).  Oh and just to let you know, Owner dreamt of Baba and he is doing fine, looked in tiptop health, fur gleaming.  Me?  oh you know thanks for asking.  Must go need the next nap.  Big love Wonka x

Friday, 26 July 2013

feel good Fridee

Wonka here.  What ho chaps, still baking hot and no sign of any let up.  Owner being brave and leaving the front window open a notch.  that's in case I dive out onto a narrow ledge and then fall to my certain death in the flower troughs below.  It's alright I cannot get a nose out of the other windows and have enjoyed a gentle breeze when I'm not laying very very still.  Owner dashed out said going into town and this at the hottest time of the day.  Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun the song goes.  Returned with surplus items and I mentioned the list on the table. Hmm.  The earrings are different anyway and Owner might wear them once or twice if going to a fancy dress.  Thankfully Owner remembered 3 kinds of catfood and the biscuits I ate when I first tried them (and then didn't like).  Watched a black comedy (story of our life) which was so funny Owner cried and this does mark a change from sobbing over life's little trials.  I ask you.  a few failures here and there? so what.  Owner should try being me for a day or two.  Mostly recovered from upheaval of workmen and amazed at the wonder of having a light in the cupboard instead of pitch black and head banging cavern.  Baba used to hide in there and being black made it the perfect bolt hole.  We do miss you Ba.
Usual treat of corrie and enders with heartrending story of Hayley with the big C.  We know!  not real!  Must go as tired now.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 25 July 2013

fraught thursdee

Wonka here.  doing nicely thankyou after being imprisoned in Owner's bedroom all day!  said for my own good (?).  House turned upside down entire day in the name of electrical safety.  four men it took to attack every know electrical inlet, outlet and socketlet.  and a new circuit board thingy.  As you may have guessed Owner stressed beyond stressment (that just means very very very stressed folks!).  We hid in the bedroom for most of the day and Owner rather short with nice workmen, even the jolly one with the little torchlight on his forehead.  No wonder they finished the job in one day rather than two.  Still pondering on the name of our newly born princeling.  George.  Might grow on me might not.  Do like Alexander and do like Louis.   Oh what the heck of course we love the name!!  Owner about to hoover and this means under the bed for me as if I haven't been under it enough today.  Rug been for tea and looked a bit woebegone especially round the half of a tail he's got left (happened last year and cost Owner no end of anxiety).  Now I've checked the paper, yes I have, to not only see what is on tonight but to catch up with the news but only got as far as the royal babe. We cannot get enough of the Royals at the minute.  Nothing on tonight nothing, only enders to cheer us up (joking of course) and possibly if Owner stays awake, the hotel inspector.  Now I must go before Owner starts up (the hoover, life in general etc).  big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

take it steady Wednesday

Wonka here.  Owner up and doing and all was fairly calm until a phone call upset the apple cart.  That's all it takes you know, and sometimes I have to hide under the bed until dust settles.  And there's a lot of dust in here to settle, I know this for a fact since Owner been in every nook and cranny ready for the nice electricians to get in and reek havoc.  or havic.  anyway, the phone call was from the electrician, not the one with the little torch on his forehead, but the one who was polite and courteous and soothing in manner.  Well he rang up to say must rearrange job and cannot now do the two days in a row it will take to bring home up to H & S.  I have to report he withstood tirade from Owner really well and agreed throughout it was all his fault.  I commend him to the universal customer service standards for an award.  The upshot was, the two days will not be moved (along with Owner) and I still have to hide under the bed) although it may be prolonged but it's Ok because it's still his fault and not Owners.  Honestly, just when you think you can come out from under the bed and maybe even have a little peck in the dish.  I did get some chicken though as Owner burdened by guilt that I am alone and have no Baba to love (chase round).  Rug not turned up as yet and Owner still on about a new kitten.  I have said no and put paw down.  Must go as worn out with electrician thing.  Big love Wonka x   PS Royal babe and family all safe and sound in buckleberry or some fairytale sounding village.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

thrillin Tuesdee!

Wonka here.  More thrills and spills and that's just Owner for you!  keeps moving furniture about and I have lost my watering hole. Am I complaining?  Of course not, too busy checking out for spiders in all the dusty corners.  Owner says preparing for the turmoil of the electricians (don't ask).  I will have to hide under the bed I dare say.  I might come out we'll see.  In the meantime, a poignant day as Owner has collected the ashes of Baba.  When Owner announced had Baba I did wonder.....after small debate with self, Owner has transported the little box (has name on and a bunch of pretend lilies, cost a small fortune but mustn't say) out to the shed as this is where Baba loved to reside.  Again, I do not want to  draw attention to his simple state, but fancy preferring the draughty old shed to the baking hot comfort of this dwelling.  Anyhow, I know you will want to see more on the Royal Babe who has now made a star appearance.
Owner has been transfixed and nearly let me starve whilst waiting for the happy couple to come out of the now famous doors of the hospital.  we are star struck and always will be.  to come down to earth is hard but watching enders and Luther will do the trick, in the meantime harmony and peace to all.  big love Wonka xx

Monday, 22 July 2013

extra extra!!

Wonka here.  Me and Owner are dead pleased that royal baby Cambridge popped into this world at 4:24 and weighs in at 8 pounds 6 oz  wowzer......
this heart in the sky says all
Big Love Wonka x

Mad Mondee

Wonka here.  Can I announce some breaking news please.  It is not searing hot where we are.  other breaking news is Owner fairly calm and not had one argument with anyone today.  What else is happening oh yes, Ruggles has been over for a snack and been fed and watered, so have I when Owner noticed I was starving.   We have seen and heard a bit of news though.  alright I will have to join in with this media scrum thing and report what everyone in the entire world is interested in.  Well mostly.  or perhaps a little bit.  The royal babe is poised to enter the world and there are all sorts of bets on.  Owner thinks will be a boy and will be called Arthur James Mountbatten something.  my money on a girl and I rather fancy the name Victoria with Diana of course in there.  Not sure about Pippa or Carol.  even with an 'e'.  On a more mundane level life trickles on, and Owner has been out and returned as I say in a calm and collected mood although did ask me if I wanted a kitten.  No.  I do not want a kitten.  tonight's viewing which I spose will have to wrap round the royal babe's arrival is the usual fare.  Two times Corrie and one times enders.  Nice Hayley is now to die of cancer can we bear it and not nice Ian or Lucy his not nice daughter at loggerheads.  all too familiar but we love it.  time to check on Royal Babe.  no miracles at Baba's shrine as yet by the way but any day now.
Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sundee Sundee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks out there wherever you are on this good planet.  Some of you I'm sure will have gone visiting today and I'm talking relatives.  Owner fairly bounded out on about an eye test.  it will be costly then I warned.  Owner also said was popping to see Daughter.  That could be costly too I warned.  But no! listen up, although the new glasses (X 2) did cost a few bob Owner fine with this as says looks the business in them and at least this has distracted from hair.  And came back from Daughter's in good mood (smiling and nice to me) as had a beaut pair of new sandals that could not fit daughter but fit Owner.  I tried to lay in the shoe box but stopped.  So all in all a good Sundee all round and just because there is nothing on (there is but Owner not watching the zombie thing on 4 and has given up with white queens on 1) we may watch the next violent sweary episode on the boxset.  swearing and drugs but not a heck of a lot of the other.  Ruggles was waiting on the doorstep to be fed and eventually I was too.  harmony rules.  Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer Fayre Satdee

Wonka here.  Just wondering if they do these summer fayres in other countries or what.  here they do these one off events that people go to and wonder why, no sorry I meant go there to buy things they don't need, spend lots of money on raffle tickets for said things, and also listen to strange music that always gets played for the elderly.  Perhaps it is universal.  Owner has been to the summer fayre at aged parent's 'home' and come back laden with: stuff for the bath and hair.  problem spotted immediately by me that all bottles looked the same and later on, when Owner washed hair in a frenzy of 'I hate my hair', it got washed with bath gel and conditioned with body lotion. (hid under bed).  other items not needed and won: an ornament made in China (thankyou China) of a tiny dog yapping at a small girl who is bending over.  That is now outside.  last but not least, a handpainted mug and plate.  I rest my case.  To make matters worse, Owner was forced to eat cake.  with cream in it.  I mean, I'm sat here waiting and starving whilst this I going on.  Suffice to say I made my presence known as soon as Owner stumbled back home.  Just watching Indie for the hundredth time but we never tire of Raiders of the Lost Ark, no never.  must go.  Big Love Wonka x

Friday, 19 July 2013

fantastic fridee

Wonka here.  All's well it really really is.  This is despite anxiety attacks in the deep of the night plus those confounded seagulls.  Must they make such a racket!  at three in the morn!  Owner far too hot and says am I moving too quickly...I didn't bother to answer as just a blur in front of my eyes.  Mostly celebrating end of yet another full on week and I must enquire of you chaps out there, was it a good week for you?  me and Owner do hope so and better than this want to pass on our good fortune.  I shall leave you with The Shrine of Baba.

Owner says a miracle will soon happen.  Watch this space I say.  Now as usual resigned to soap offerings and must say the storylines seem similar, unrequited love, torture and blackmail and we love it.  Rug has been for his supper and no sign of usurper as yet.  Must go.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 18 July 2013

toastin thursdee

Wonka here.  Had to lay on kitchin floor but blow me Owner had oven on! and it's one of those that carries on being on about 2 hours after you turned it off.  Why?  Can't Owner eat salad like rest of populace.....we don't do that outside eating thing, for a start off I am not allowed over the threshold incase I throw myself under a car, and second, Owner does not eat that kind of meat,, or horsemeat, or whatever they put in burgers now.  We're more your veggie kind.  Now if we lived abroad, then you know, the when in Rome advice would apply and no doubt we'd be al fresco (who is that anyway?) or indoors with the heating turned up.  Either way we would adapt and love it.  I must say Owner is very cosmopolitan or is it bohemian.  Did watch that nice apprentice show last night but Owner got agitated when pink lippy won out over just plain lippy and switched it off.  Tolerance is all I say.  tonight I reckon may have to flop on top of bed early doors as tired out doing absolutely nothing.  Owner been out working all day and says is tired too!  I ask you!  must go, Ruggles has been but there was a disturbance last night (just as Owner falling nicely to sleep) and I had to check at every window and make a small bleating noise, which was nothing to the noise the felines were making!  Honestly!. more checking to do.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

wasok Wednesdee

Wonka here.  I must again comment on how blinkin well hot it is and that we are learning to cope.  I have now perfected the art of laying still thereby using little or no energy and keeping cool.   Owner getting hang of it too.   did wake up with red eyes though and I warned not to scratch or itch as would make worse and look even funnier. (hid under bed).   Spotted that Tinkerbelle aka the usurper out back and tried to reassure Owner it wasn't starving to death and on the contrary looked in tiptop health.  Even has one of those reflective green collars on so doesn't get dashed to death by the racing circuit that doubles as our street.   only a matter of time I fear before Owner caves in and starts to feed.  That big heart will get you into trouble I keep saying.  Does Owner listen?  Now tonight's offering includes the grand finalee of that nice competition to see who can go into business with that nice Lord Sugar.  Frankly me and Owner despair of both these yaketty ladies cannot bring myself to like pink lippy even if does say she a Dr.  and the other one speaks with a strange accent.  Strange and annoying says Owner.  Must go, Ruggles might be in the yard.  Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tolerable Toosdee

Wonka here.  well some like it hot.  Me?  could not get off to sleep last night and had to lay on top of bed as still as still could be.  and still too hot.  Mustn't grumble we passed St Swithin's day without a droplet of rain so all set for a 40 day go at it.  might need a sunhat at this rate or a cat fan.  Owner up and doing and seemed fairly on track even donated a big bag of old clothes (don't tell aged parent) to fave animal charity and bought a bargain whilst there.  this cheered Owner up immensely as back on the paranoia in the supermarket jive again.  I have reassured no one in their right mind would follow Owner anywhere but this begs the question......... visit to said parent and sibling also passed fairly calmly.  is it writ in the stars?  what you say?  I mean this new attitude of sorting it out there and then instead of spending hours mulling.  non-mulling could be next new thing.  Now you will want an update on Baba's shrine - no miracles as yet but St Francis has been known to love an animal or two.  Rug has popped by for breakfast and no sign of usurper or that funny old Mr Beaujangles.  Holby on tonight but jury still out not so with Idris - I say old chaps we rather like Luther.  Must go, late siesta.  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 15 July 2013

milly molly Mondee

Wonka here.  How are we?   me and Owner bearing up and considering first day of week, remarkably sane.   For those of you who are used to being hot hot hot, well we are not not not!!  Once again had to lay very very still for most of day except for warning Owner that biscuit levels were dangerously low.  Owner went out early and came back slightly overwrought even by usual standards.  Said it was bureaucracy or ghastly red tape thing.  Didn't have to hide under the bed this time.  Went out again and thankfully I enjoyed a quiet aft.  Slight worry as those nice lads who looked over electrics, you recall the one with the torch on his head, I know you'd think we were down a mine shaft eh - well they want to return and basically turn the whole house upside down to put it all right according to H & S.  Owner still dealing with this one and me? glad you asked, I might have to hide under the bed all day.  tonight's offerings include comfort blanket of 2 X corrie and 1 X enders and hoping that nice lad Ian doesn't get tortured again by that evil lad whatshisname.  the one that wants to get back with whodoyoucallit.  must go as watching out for Ruggles.  big love Wonka x

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Soothing Sundee

Wonka here.  First off Owner has daughter to thank for this divine picture of Baba.  only slightly jealous.  just a titch.  but here it is then:
Owner thinks is amazing.  Ok ok.  other news is that Owner gone flower mad and got some pinks and more pinks to make a little shrine round what was Baba's kennel.  Well of course I would have gone in it if I was allowed out in the big wide world.   Other news?  Me?  still feeling a bit lost but have spotted Ruggles our yard stray a couple of times and keeping eye out for the usurper too.  thin night on the box coming up but Owner says got plenty to watch as back up.  had to watch that terminator film last night, tried hard to follow it but still muddled.  in the future but in the past and who's your
father, I gave in.  must go as starving.  Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 13 July 2013

sober satdee

Wonka here.   what can I say?  Owner got up and doing but says feels the pain of losing beloved Baba.  Me?  no more fresh fish, possibly some chicken if Owner remembers I like it too, and no more checking on Baba.  Actually I thought I glimpsed him in the next room and heard my biscuits rattle..... yes alright I really miss him too.  Ruggles will get more love and attention now being the stray with the yard pass and all, and we spotted the usurper last night trying to go in the shed (which is Ruggle's domain).  the usurper, who Owner has foolishly named Tinkerbelle, is a pleasant blend of marmalade and brown and white.  It mustn't I repeat mustn't be fed.  Owner went out and came back relatively calm hasn't shouted at me once even when I lashed out by accident this morning.  I usually do that when Owner makes bed too near to me!  Oh no, they singing 'bring him home' at that coronation thingy in back garden buck palace, I preferred Granada had more swing.  this too sad and Owner might get maudlin.  it's ok, soon be our beloved Dale inittowinit and then the security blanket of Cazualtee.  Must check on Owner.  big love Wonka x

Friday, 12 July 2013

funereal Fridee

Wonka here.  We are very very sad and have some very very sad news about beloved moth eaten sneezing old friend and adversary (?) namely Baba.  Owner made huge decision to whisk to vets and on sage advice consider sending to heaven.  Result?  straight to heaven.  to join beloved golly et al.  weeping mostly on and off all day and don't know what to do with myself.  no more pinching luxury food, no more chasing round, no more - and this is recent, drinking up of the cat milk and pretending it wasn't me.  Owner came back home in a state and goodness knows I've had work cut out.  then Owner goes out and comes back in a taxi because beloved jalopy broken down (haven't we all) on the seafront.  I did reassure there were worse places to break down than on a baking hot day overlooking the sea.  finally fixed at exorbitant cost but no matter as practically married to car.  I leave you with this image of me and Baba, (he is daubed in blue) and will try very hard to be good for rest of day.  big love Wonka x
Baba and me

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fraught thursdee

Wonka here.  Owner now showing signs of stress so goodbye calm and collected.  Stayed up half the night to finish a book and wonders why tired.  I ask you.  Disappeared off supposedly to get more supplies for me and Baba and made huge mistake of fitting in visit to aged parent.   Managed to bring back to earth by pointing to Baba's bony and moth eaten fur and pretending I hadn't eaten all his fresh fish and chicken.  I had.  Owner convinced he soon to join our beloved Golly in heaven and is busy praying to St Francis.  Me?  trying to stay cheerful that's me.  Had to have electrics checked or Landlord might be sent to prison.  Joking joking.  Nice couple of lads or so I'm told as I ran straight upstairs and hid under the bed.  apparently one of them had a little torch tied round his forehead and I only wish I'd been brave enough to see it.  Did catch the apprentice last night and distraught that pink lippy and that other waspish one who talks without moving her mouth (is she a ventriloquist) are the finalists.  Lord Sugar keeps saying and I quote 'I don't want to hear anymore!' and now Lord Sugar, now, neither do I and neither does Owner.  We can't abide either of them.  Tired out now. 
Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

was Ok Wensdee

Wonka here.  talked up the hot weather too much and now it's gone.  Just for today though the experts say (oh no).   Chris Evans mentioned cloud on the north east coast and it was all downhill from there.  Owner sprang into action, always a worry, and disappeared off out leaving me and Baba to it.  I helped out by eating all his fish and chicken and he's not overly bothered and anyway was outside.  Owner returned briefly and then blow me went out again!  still fairly calm and this is stressing me out.  Baba?  hardly eating (and that's not my fault) and looks even more moth eaten than usual.  Owner thinks on way out and imagining the worst.  Also says dreamt of old dog Sam last night and this may be a harbinger.  or some such word like that.  My opinion?  My advice?  he'll outlive us all and eat us out of house and home etc.  anyhow must go as the apprentice thing on soon and it's Owner's favourite bit the interviews where they all get made out to be the cheats and liars we thought they were.  money on the quiet female or Neil.  Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Turn around Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Dustbin day round again and Owner showed usual nerves about Baba and the bins.  I'm not sure he's got any nerves and if only Owner would realise, it's me that jumps at shadows and dustbins.  Reckon may be deaf (Baba).  Owner cracked on and was pretty assertive about a) the problem in the aisles at favourite shop b) the failing lhs indicator on beloved jalopy aka skylark and c) all else.   It is still burning hot and no one can believe it.  Again, all I can do is lay very very still.  Baba now has down to fine art.  We managed to fit in a small nap around our daily business and Owner calm and collected.  I pray this lasts.  Tonight's offerings are more enders and more convoluted plots where no one is happy and everyone thinks it was someone else that did it.  hmm.  There is a thing on 2 that Owner has mentioned about a cruise ship and I will give it a go then.  time to check on Baba.  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 8 July 2013

off we go again Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner had phone call early doors and luckily we were up boys and at em!  Whilst Owner out slaving away (says) me and Baba had a chance to reflect.  this is the new thing where you simply stay as still as possible and think about stuff, or nothing as the case may be.  In Baba's case this would be nothing.  Like I said this is what Baba excels at, doing nothing so why should thinking involve thinking about something?  See what I mean?  boy, now I'm exhausted with thinking about Baba.  Anyhow, Owner finally rolled back in and saw to us.  not before time, we were starving!  Owner fairly upbeat in keeping with rest of nation following that nice lad from sconny botland winning a little tennis match.  That nice Serb, Novak is busy raising millions for a children's charity and I do hope he supports us felines in a spare moment.  Just saying.  corrie on with evil David up to no good sandwiched round enders with evil ***** fill in accordingly up to no good.  Must go as worn out thinking now.  Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 7 July 2013

super doopah Sundee

Wonka here. Well what can I say about today?  searing hot again, Owner braved supermarket again (different one too avoid aisle stalker....) I tried hard to do as little as possible but Baba beat me to it (Picture to prove...) erm.  oh yes!!! our beloved hero Novak thingy did his utmost and I mean utmost to hold onto title but guess what that nice lad from sconny botland won instead!! everyone going on about first to win in so many years and this old guy called fred perry who didn't wear shorts (must have been chilly on the court then) but I just don't get all the fuss and I'm sure my hero jockyvitch doesn't either.  I so love the underdog me - unless it's a real dog of course.  Anyhow, Owner been glued to the postage stamp of a tv all afternoon and me and Baba are starving.  I leave you with the thought friends, that anything is possible if you dream hard enough.  Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 6 July 2013

sunkissed satdee

Wonka here.  another well into the 80s day and we re all learning to cope with it nicely.  Baba got off to fine art and moves very slowly a few inches at a time - no I don't do metric - and had to be brought in as Owner thought might get sunstroke.  I ask you.  According to Owner who went swimming, shopping (nightmare as thinks being followed round the aisles - I have advised it is just current paranoia levels acting up but Owner won't have it and is adamant) also finding time to visit aged parent and sibling.  How all of this hasn't added up to a complete and extra meltdown in our week I cannot say.  perhaps watching the ladies singles finals brought Owner back to reality.  That nice Sabina from Germany played her heart out and still lost!  Owner empathised throughout.  Bartoli (don't they make margarine?) won out and Owner says displayed too much knicker for decency sake.  I think a lot of fans out there may disagree but what do I know.  Must go, check on Baba etc.  Big love Wonka x  ps very excited about our hero jockyvitch tomorrow who we are in love with.  spose must wish that nice lad from sconny botland every success but cannot adore him like Novak.

Friday, 5 July 2013

thrilling Fridee

Wonka here.  another sizzling day by jove, so all fairly quiet and even Baba not too demanding.  Owner emptied out stagnant water from pot as thought Baba could die of strange disease if keeps on using this as main water supply.  instead of fresh water placed within breathing distance of his kennel.  I mean.  Just because he was pat and mick in the night and all.  Anyhow big news of the day is that Owner now fully in love with tennis and more or less understands the rules.  That nice lad from Serbia (or some such foreign country across the water) jockyvitch finally won out against that nice lad from argentina - the fact that he (del pronto) had met the Pope didn't save the day though.  As if that match wasn't exciting enough, another nice lad from sconny botland due to play another nice lad from ....where was it again? oh yes bonny Poland. janowitch or something.  may watch bits of corrie an enders too if Owner gets restless.  time to check on Baba!  big love wonka x

Thursday, 4 July 2013

trying Thursdee

Wonka here.  Went red hot unexpectedly and Owner wearing a cardi and shoes.  Baba in secret hiding place out back but spotted drinking stagnant water (by me).  I stayed as still as I could and tried to fend off doing anything.  Warned Owner about moving too quickly in the heat.  Top decision of the day?  stop buying cheap supermarket fish fillets because we don't eat them up! and neither does Ruggles! or the usurper (Tinkerbell).  Me? I demanded more biscuits and got indoor biscuits, outdoor biscuits and next door biscuits! only joking!  talking of next door, no one arrived as yet.  high hopes though.  Just had horrid thought, what if new neighbours have dogs? or worse, cats??  Let's not dwell.  Owner worn out with family business and says caring is wearing.  not sure what to look forward to, at least enders is on to entertain us.  perhaps.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

was full on Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Started off gently and wracked itself up into a bit of a day.  Owner surprised hasn't had emotional meltdown or at least a nervous breakdown.  but how would I know?   did deliver up some chicken in between dashing here and there and I noted I got less than Baba.  He is coping outside really well, drinking rainwater from plant pots and laying on wet towels on the bench.  Me?  Thanks for asking, I am keeping a good watch out for new neighbours and I pray they are quiet and orderly but friendly and helpful and know their place.  As if Owner not been in and out enough and busy in between, there is another outing yet to come, a meeting it seems where aged parent resides.  Have to hide maybe on return or at least gauge mood.  at least we have some tennis to keep us amused, that Murray still at it and our hero jockyvitch through, then later pink lippy and co all shouting up!  Must go, big love Wonka x  ps Baba in the kennel....

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

take it steady Tuesdee

Wonka here.  still dressing as per autumn/winter really and of course heating on come tea time.  I'm managing alright I spose and finding warm spots here and there but Baba insisting on going out and nestling in kennel with strong wind and rain abounding!  and that I say is testament to his simple state.  What else?  Owner had to get quotes for delivering something and started off with a really daft one that could have gone either way and I mean hysterical with disbelief or just hysterical.  I advised to hang up quickly and try and stay in assertive mode.  Day progressed fairly well and we are all amazingly good humoured.  Owner fallen in love with the nice jockyvitch chap says he's so fit plus got personality to die for.  Maybe coming down with a cold or perhaps fever.  There's enders with usual far fetched storylines of people falling for wrong one etc, then the hospital one with people falling for the wrong one and then there's scary Luther.  Got to check on something must go now.  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 1 July 2013

mundane mundee

Wonka here.  fairly straightforward day.  Gulp.  Even though Owner in possession of last series of the boxset we all fell in love with earlier this year (saved us from deep and dark night of the soul) not had to watch.  This means Owner on the level or at least not linking in to feelings of despair.  Me?  nice day really, had usual 5 or 6 offerings of biscuits to choose from, ate some of Baba's fish and generally chilled out.  And Baba allowed Ruggles to sit on the bench in the backyard whilst himself laying on the cold concrete.  As far as I know (and I know everything), more fun and games at SW19 or wherever it all be.  Serena out and so too that nice Laura.   Owner on about hair or was it heir hunters?  Must go.  Big love Wonka x