Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween !!

Howdy folks and bon chance etc.  Here we are at the back end of October when Owner assures me that, and I quote:
'The veil is thin Wonka.'
OH, I says back.
'This is the night when we are the closest to the next world.'
'Do you mean, ' I goes up,'the room next door Owner?'
In which case I shall put all the lamps on in my box.  end of.
And here is our little cartoon for the night of spook:
Here we are!!  and if you want a nice ghostie story, then do follow our link for my special Halloween Story!

In other news folks and folkesses (it's a new word and I like it) Owner is still sporting that cold (cold Eric) whilst I have got rid of mine.  it went near enough as soon as Owner trotted off on her giant expedition.  More of which next week.  With millions of photos. yes.X

Now all I can say is, be careful when the ghosts come knocking at the door, especially if they have funny helmets and daggers, plus they moan up that there is nowhere to park their boats in the street.  give them a packet of haribos and send them away!! Owner says she has a few sweets and will keep an eye out for anyone suspicious (long word think I made it through) that means any children who recognise her from any of the schools she has been to. (Hallo Miss!).
Have a very happi Halloween and be on your guard! Trust those quivering whiskers!! big Love Wonka X (ps Bertie is fine he is laid out on a fresh pilly case and Ruggles is likewise on his heated pad. I know. x)

Friday, 30 October 2015


Just in time for!!  the dancing, the singing AND Halloween folks.

Not for the dentist minded!! (sorry old dentist and new one!x) Yes, Owner has flung back through the door and been through each room like a hurricane......personally, I couldn't smell anything different AND if I did, it was Bertie.  end of.
She has come back with the cold from hell and is blaming it on her fellow passenger.  he is very unlikely ever to read my poor blog SO, Owner says it is alright to name him and he is called Eric.  she still knows hardly any german beyond bitte and Danke and guten Morgan EXCept  on the last night in the luxury hotel The Schwarzwald, in Gengenbach she asked for a pot of the local jam and they didn't know what the heck 'jam' was and produced a piggy bank (to give Owner credit, she resisted buying it; now wishes she had....)  Finally, she came up with Marmolado and this folks, did the trick.  There will be lots more about this trip PLUS millions of photos, alright one or two.  You try coming back from the trip of a lifetime and not talking about it!!! She will not stop....zzzzzzzzzzzzzx
Back soon and big love, Wonka X

Saturday, 24 October 2015


Guten Morgen and Howdy folks all out there enjoying your weekend.  HOW ARE YOU? you all shout up anxiously.
I have a little cold which Owner reports is costing a large amount of money.  BUT she says, you are worth every last penny Wonka!
YES somehow and against all odds, I have mustered up some sneezing and snuffling.  Owner keeps droning on about sod's law and I have told her off.
It's Wonka's law. end of.

So as long as I get plenty of snoozles in and plenty of food (no diets for you Wonka trills Owner.....until you are recovered!) and my trough is now overflowing with biscuits................ and everyone is at my beck and call and to be fair folks, that is just how it should be.   We must all count our lucky paws and then some. X

YES we are having a breakaway so I can get well soon and Owner can go on her Big Trip.  There is plenty to read while we are gone and you might start with Wonka's Halloween..........

Just go to and use the tag #wonka !

Until we come back at the end of next week folks big Love Wonka X

Friday, 23 October 2015

Nerves a GOGO

Halloa folks on this FAT Fridee.....No I haven't lost any weight as yet and already nerves are frazzled.  No sooner has my trough appeared with 50% less biscuits in it, than it is whiskered away.  Just because the nice Vet man said to leave it for half and hour and then take it away..................There is no need Owner, I admonished (word up!) to stick so tight to what he said.  OH YES THERE IS Wonka she tells me up, if you are to get in shape.  personally I think my fur coat is just the right size.

Now this, is what is happening in our house:

Owner has been non stop busy with the Big Trip until ALL our nerves are shredded.  I only have to look downcast before Owner is on a fresh worry wart jive.  Bertie is as happy as larry AND has finally gone in his igloo.  It's a funny pyramid shaped thing that is all dark and cosy inside and I never wanted one until now. OH YOU DO LOOK FUNNY Bertie bubb trills Owner when his head is sticking out.  Yes.  And Rugglestop is in out in out, on his luxury heated pad and off it and so on.  The only one who is NOT relaxed Owner is you, I did point out from well behind the kitchen door.

I am sure all will be fine the second she goes out the good front door and my Aunty steps through it. Plus, I am still sneezing a tiny bit which has wracked up the nerves even higher. BACK TO THE VET with you, Owner cried the minute I snuffled up. OH I goes back looking the picture of health.  How I have caught anything in this delux home I cannot say - and, on the eve of Owner's Big Trip. It could only happen to me, she moaned up. I know how to get attention!! Now I must dash as I have to wash and brush up before I see that nice Vet again - who knows where he will be looking!
Ariverdeci! (or something close to it) CHOW and back soon
Big Love Wonka X

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Suddenly it Happened!

One minute I was minding my own business, alright I sneezed a couple of times AND sounded snuffley in the night AND look the picture of health BUT
'Are you alright Wonka?' goes Owner.........................and the next thing she is droning on about when I had the cat flu which was nigh on three and a half years' ago and how she couldn't stand this or that OR............. and before you can say Jack Robinson OR Gleb Savchenko (for all you strictly lovers PLUS owner who is in love. Da x) I am popped in the cat carrier and winched into the car with no name.  Next thing, after a small fight with said carrier, I am bundled out onto a table and this man is looking at me.

I mean.  In the past I have been called a champion, 'solid', and other complimentary words BUT massively overweight?  And, 'cut his diet by 50%???'  How will the others look up to me if I am reduced by 50%?  And Owner is nothing if not determined.  Already folks, I am searching for ONE biscuit OR a trough.  neither are in sight.  'My other cat, Bertie' trilled Owner to the vet, 'could do with some weight off too.'  So, the diet that Owner was calling a diet wasn't the REAL diet, NO.  This has been lurking, like a nightmare, ready to pounce on our furry tummies!!!  Are you still snuffly Wonka you all shout up to me.  Very slightly, although I am now injected at a massive cost (like my weight) against the flu.  I must keep the odd sneeze and snuffle going to (list) 1.  Keep Owner on her toes. 2.  make her feel guilty about enjoying herself on the Big Trip and 3. I like it. end of.

Now all of you fatties out there who are tres HUGE or Surpoids or izbytochnyy ves (I need to lay down after that - Gleb would understand.) you can always share in this diet thing.  MORE exercise (he is getting that droned Owner, leaping here, checking there, playing the other) and LESS troughing.  Little and often said the nice Vet and I loved him.

Do enjoy you big fat day folks, smooth that fur down and go get em! Big Love Wonka X

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Back to the Future!!

YAYZERS!!!    Great Scott!!Today, is Back to the Future day! and for anyone out there who does not know that there were  three films starring Doc (Emmett Brown) and Marty Mcfly and in the second one........................they time travelled to.....TODAY.  doesn't that make your whiskers all go funny?  Owner of course because she is so ancient (sorry Owner!!) can remember seeing it at the pictures!! and here is our little old tribute to it. If, I can get Owner to stop singing the Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News! x
Happi Days chaps and chapesses - we loved Marty, and the Delorean car and all the twists and turns of the plot.  There is a  special back to back showing of ALL THREE films on our ITV 2 here in our tiny rainsoaked isle.  Yes we may well have square eyes by the end of it, but as Owner says, What the heck! x
In other news, Owner is in a frenzy of lists, more lists, washing, dusting and packing.  It is unsettling, thanks for asking folks, but I am bearing up and EXPECTING to be spoilt rotten any time soon.  I will be sharing with you, my own, excellent to-do list.  until then, have a perfect back to YOUR future day, with sparkling fur and clean paws!   Bon chance mes amis, and Big Love Wonka X

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Those Celts

HALLOA! and Howdy up to you folks out there - top of the morning even and HI to everyone else I've missed out in the known universe.  Last night, Owner suddenly shouts up IT'S THE CELTS and I tell you I nearly ran upstairs and straight under the bed, because if they've turned up it isn't to sell us some stunning jewellery on the doorstep.NO!
But, hang on!! it was alright after all as Owner simply meant they were the stars of a fab series on Beeb 2 narrated by that bloke who does all these programmes in the same serious way - we think he is a celtish descendant no less.  on and on he droned to us about these sorry tribes defending our isle against the pesky Romans!!
There we are!  And as for Queen Boudica, who has statues all over the shop usually with a giant chariot set to gallop across the plain to battle - it turns out we have no evidence NONE goes Owner to me, of her whereabouts.  BUT, I says back, didn't that Roman chappie write it all down?? it transpires (OH!) that if it wasn't for the pesky Romans who were so organised they fell apart in the end (Owner likes to control everything so I have warned up) - that they recorded every little scrap and battle.  When, I says to Owner, did they go home?? She thinks it is around 400 AD ish.  And, the Celts are still hanging about here and there!! some of them in Ireland all gabbling away in Gaelic.  And sorry all the historians out there if we made a mistake!x
I tell you folks, those Celts in battle with all their nasty jabbing and slicing swords and wotnot, give me a Viking any day of the week (sorry Celts!x). 
Time for me to clock off folks and do a tiny check round before I fall exhausted into my Zen box.  Owner is mumbling about packing and muttering about journeys and generally folks, working up to a full on excitable fit.  Thus, (ooer), if befits me (blimey) to wish you all a pleasant day, and best paw forward - until later, Big Love Wonka X PS uvidimysa!! (possibly Russian possibly not x)

Monday, 19 October 2015

The loneliness of the Cone.

ALO, bon chance! top of the morning and blow me down the bottom of the yard and back.  YES it's Mundee again.  And what a beauty weekend we had here.  wall to wall dancing and singing in this house.  Beloved Gleb from Rusky Russia is saved for week 5 in Strictly with his glam partner Anita from here.
WHO WENT OUT you all shriek at me.  it was Dan the man from Irish land despite, having Kristina for a partner who is like a Hollywood film star.(x).  Jezzer Vine who Owner cannot abide on the lunchtime show, has somehow appealed to her with his scarecrow dancing. 
THERE IS SOMETHING STRANGELY likeable, she says up to me, and folks out there, I nearly choked on my biscuit!!
We moved straight from this to the frenzy and shouting of the six chair challenge.  I did ask Owner why we were watching this childish game disguised as a singing contest, but she didn't hear me above shouting at the telly.  Personally, I cannot wait for Judges Mouses which is next week.

In other news, the cone is back:
Just one cone, guarding the drain which is smack outside our front. It held up very well, what with the traffic rushing towards it and not wanting to stop in the race to get to the end of the street, where a little (temporary Owner droned to me) set of traffic lights is mostly on red.  WHY, she moans up to me, ARE THEY SPEEDING when they will have to stop?? You may as well ask why are humans so stupid I replied, but she was too busy watching the poor cone.  to be fair, it has taken a fair bit of my time up too.  The last we saw of it, it had trotted off up the street and onto the safety of the pavement.  With a bit of a dent in its side.  Sorry cone! x
Now what with it being Mundee and a fresh week to overpower us, Owner is surprisingly upbeat.  I put this down to pending (like it) holidees. end of.  she is still half in and half out of the scrap heap BUT like I always say, these things ruffle up our fur for a reason Owner.  THANKS Wonka she says, smiling away and if she is happy, me, Bertie bubb and Rugglesis are too. Til next time Big Love Wonka X

Sunday, 18 October 2015

News of the Wotsit Plant!

Guten Morgen! ALO! how's your father etc.  Now our faithful few may recall tales of this plant a few months, or even years ago.  HERE IS OUR UPDATE:

 There we are!!  And Owner has been saying things like:
'OH WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?' and 'HOWCOME THAT WOTSIT PLANT isn't growing big and strong??' (the hidden message folks is that somehow I, YES MOI, am to blame for this misshapen and sparse green thing albeit (bracket in a bracket! but what a word!) still growing plant.) end of.  and end of brackets too.
Then, Owner started on about the Rise and Fall of the Wotsit Plant. Can I help it folks, if, in search of some greens to supplement my diet, I have a weensy miniscule nibble on those tempting fronds? eh? EH?
'It isn't as if Wonka' Owner droned on to me, 'That you don't have a hearty supply of INDOOR Biscuits.'  But, as I whispered up from that dark corner in the good living room, shielded by the new and only partially scratched settee (just one of my luxury nests) - it is not the same as fresh greens Owner!!

Like all else in this World of Owner's it has been rescued - the remaining frond, and is resting up in some nice water OUT OF YOUR REACH Wonka! she goes up to me. Yes.
so folks - that is our best Sundee news round up BUT there will be more in the week to come THE BIG build up to Owner's trip AND news of our fave Gleb in the Strictly. Until then, you have my purrmission to rest up, get some zzzzzzzzs and trough away on this day of resting up.  And no one NO ONE knows better about resting up except me.  and Bertie Bubb X, and Ruggles. X
Til later, Big Love Wonka X

Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Glitter and the Glam

On Satdees, it is all about the dancing in this house.  OOOH she goes, it is time for STRICTLY!!! we have been slaves to this show for years on end and always have faves.  WHO? you quiz up, are your faves this year................. and Owner will tell you it is Anita and Gleb.  That's a funny name! You all shout up at me! YES it is.
His full name is Gleb Savchenko, and he is from Russia (with love).  We are nothing (de rien) but cosmopolitan on this blog (I did say to Owner is that an icecream but she said NO Wonka, that is neopolitan. OH I says back).
Last week Gleb did a funny leaping dance that some people weren't keen on AND Uncle Len (head judgey) Definitely wasn't in favour of.  I LOVED IT Wonka ! shouts Owner.  so end of.  Now Anita Rami or Rumi or something very like that, she is beauty too and our money is on those two.  My fave??  I do like a bit of Anton, and Pasha.  And Tristan.  For some reason, Owner has taken against Jay and Aliona EVEN THOUGH they got top marks and everyone loves them.  I am not keen Wonka, she tells me up.  and when, folks, Owner is not keen, we need to all sit up and brush our fur down!!!
Now I expect you all, in your fab countries, sur la monde!!!! have your fave dancers and fave Satdee nights.  do enjoy! and keep scratching!!!! OH I mean dancing....   Big Love Wonka X and Paka, a bientot! see you all soon.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Swimming Fridee

Owner came back from her weekly dip last Sundee with this startling news. POURQUOI? or POR QUE or just simply what the heck!  the other burning question is why haven't you reported this up before now eh? EH??

There was other stuff to talk about good folks, like scrap heaps and big trips and zzzzzzz and wotnot.

Owner was about to enjoy her swim when (sound of klaxon, roll on drums and so forth) she spoke to an attendant.  YES we know this is unheard of and usually Owner ignores every attempt to smile, be nice, talk, be friendly when she is at the pool.  For some reason, last Sundee she engaged with a pool attendant, saying things like. (quote). ' You don't have a bell at reception anymore to let you know there are people waiting.....'
the answer to the missing bell folks is that it is no longer needed as there is a receptionist there all the time! except when there isn't!!!
OH, goes Owner - then she says - 'what other changes may we expect since the take over.......'
And the reply was: just our uniforms (a striking orange) and the pool will close in two years or less and probably become a car park.
OH says Owner again.  I mean , it really spoilt her swim.  Where else Wonka, she droned to me when she flung back into the house, where else can I swim (and be rude...NO, only joking!) and see such fine views from the pool???

We don't like change in this house folks.end of.

BUT, Owner has checked out her posh hotel for the Big Trip, and it does boast a pool. I intend to swim in it, she warned me.  I did beg her not to be rude in any language to the other swimmers but she didn't hear me about making another TO-DO list for it all.  personally I am looking forward to a well earned rest myself!!! sorry Owner!! now time indeed for some nibbles from the trough and maybe a little zzzzzzzz to refresh!
Due to it being Fridee, I beg you all to straighten your paws, twitch those tails, and dream BIG.  til next time.  Big Love Wonka X

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Go back to bed day.

I am declaring this a national GO BACK TO BED DAY, whatever that is.  for me, as you know, it is my beloved ZEN box.
OR another of my household nests upstairs!! As Owner remarked only yesterdee, the entire house is your nest Wonka!! x

Rug has also popped back onto his luxury heated pad and is in dreamy land, and The Bubster is snugged up on his pillycase deep within the Narnia cupboard as below:

Just the sound of the gas meter racing round (we are slaves to the heat in this house) to keep him company OH except when I put my head round the door to check on him and world war three starts up.  Why he must hiss like that in my face I just don't know.  AND it makes Owner go funny and blame me??  Why?  Just doing my daily chores going round seeing that everyone is where they should be AND none of those pesky Vikings or Celts (they knock spots off the boatmen, or they did until the pesky Romans sorted them out) are trotting up to the poor back door.  End of.
Now today you may have guessed it but Owner who is still buoyant (WORD UP!!) after her good shout at the lovely Whitby school is continuing on her wave of positive stuff.  She has even got a new phrase for her Big Trip. it is: Guten Tag!!! meaning, I says to her suspiciously (huge word for this time in the day) it means, she says back to me Have a nice day Wonka!! I love it.
There is more news to be had on the Big Trip, on the future of our indoor pool (the one Owner patronises. ooh.) and #Wonkastories. yes.  until tomorrow then, have plenty of zzzzzzz if you can, get all your dreams out and brush the fur on them til they shine!
Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

At Last!

We are saved folks!!! Owner got a shout for some work! goodbye poverty stricken us and HALLO to some basics and NO non essentials Owner.  it is no use I am shouting at the wind - she disappeared off yesterdee and came home LADEN with shopping.  and, guess what! NO that is not it.  She tried to hide the new gloves, and new winter tights in with the food. 

At least we had a civilised phone call said Owner yesterdee aft....and thank you Owner's consultant! I love you for keeping Owner in a happy state! (it was smack on tea time.x)

I STILL FOUND THEM..(those luxury items)... but I cannot moan up and spoil her excitement (list) 1.  at coming out of her scrap heap. 2.  at going on a big trip over the water.  3. AND learning a few phrases like:
Guten Morgen. Is that it I goes up, when she told me.  SO FAR IN, she tells me back.  personally I think Howdy folks or CHOW or HI will go a long way.  That plus a winning smile.  Plenty of time to practice that Owner I whispered from well behind the door!

So I can sit back and relaxevous....gingertop may well call round and I need to stare at him through the poor double glazing, but apart from that I can dream on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

You enjoy your day too and remember to hold tight to your furry dreams!  Big Love Wonka X

Keeping going.

Owner has reported news of a good and faithful hound dog off up to heaven.  His name folks was Peanut.  As you know, Owner knows a bit about heaven as we have a parcel of friends already there.  Sam is there, WOOF, Kimmy dog is there smaller woof and of course angel dog Diva is there: plenty of excitable barkings and jumping up and downs. Not to mention all the beloved cats BUT hankies away folks because, as Owner keeps droning on to me, they are still here and still in our dreams.
And, she droned up, if you are lucky, you will catch sight of your beloved pals like a wisp of a happy dream! And if it is good and wise Golly cat who loved me most of all, then I don't mind if I do. And here he is for those of you who have never, ever, seen Golly cat. Sent from heaven in the first place to look after Owner before me.
What is that you all gasp up, Golly is cuddling up to?  You must know, that one of Diva's best friends, was indeed Gollycat, who met up with Diva later on in her little girlie life.  and those teddies next to Golly, were Diva's best teds which Owner still has (more hankies away!) and here they are!!
They are her old teds from when she was a tiny scrap and we love her. end of. x
So the message from me and Owner today is: when you have to say goodbye to your pals, be sure to keep an eye out, in your dreams or not, they love us still - I rest my paws! OH look at the time, I'm due a snack, a check on Bertie Bubb and then some more zzzzzzzzzzz.  
(and maybe a paw under the door with Rug.)
Until next time,  Big Love Wonka X

Monday, 12 October 2015

Start the week right!

And the only way to get the better of Mundee is to have a big smile on your face folks!

There are the #Duffle stories (Eastertime ones)
There's all the ones about Owner and me........(conversations, and Baba too, Just Wonka and more....)
And then there's Halloween coming up, BUT #Diva is barking away to be noticed too.
As you folks all know, there are now three instalments to the story of Diva, and like all our stories are free to read on
And blow me down the stairs and back up again, if she hasn't started a new story.  Without any prodding or dabbing my paw at her!! exciting or what.  Now I must dash as I need to check on the others and the level of biscuits in my trough. I wish all you folks out there a blissful week of it, and those dusty old dreams must come out of the cupboard or wherever you keep them and given a good wash round! Big Love Wonka X

Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Big Trip out.

PSSSSST. did I tell you about Owner's big adventure? No?
She is only going across the water.  and then to a big hotel.  and then sight seeing.  Where is it ?You all shout up as one.
Strasbourg she tells me up.  But where is that exactly Owner I quizzed her (good use of word).  and to help me out, she has drawn a rough guide................... Do you know any German whatsoever I continued on.  NOT ONE WORD Wonka.  OH.
OOOHH! it nearly but not quite distracted me from the other question which is BUT WHAT ABOUT ME I mean us?? of course Owner has it covered, and my best Aunty is to spoil me, I mean us, all day long..... I did say to Owner, her map looks like that film: trains and boats and planes but she tells me up. NO TRAINS Wonka. (or Steve thingy and we can't have wondrous John Candy because he is in Film Heaven) We will be whisked off in a coach!  goodness, and I have already requested a postcard. Yes.
Just thinking about it all has worn me out folks! Never fear, I will be saying to the others, Bertie Bubb and Ruggles, for Wonka is here! or should I say ICI mon amigos!
More later folks..... and until then, Big Love Wonka X

Friday, 9 October 2015

Hair gone right....

Bon Chance!  I mean bonjour.....and what's that other well known greeting anywhere in the world?  HOWDY folks..... before I say another word this has already happened:
YES!!!  Owner's hair has gone a beauty colour by accident no less - some would call it trial and error (I can be a trial she droned to me...and now and then I make a mistake.....OH says I) and that coupled with a fab cut means she is in a good mood to stamp on all good moods anywhere. I hold my paw up in amazement.  yes.
IS THIS, she continued on, a portent (blimey) for the rest of the day Wonka??
With Diva story woofing down the wire and with our Christmas Story on the way..............AND a fresh Conversations with Wonka is all GOOD Owner, I said in my usual reassuring way. I admit it is close on tea time, but Folks - I am nothing if not the driving force in this house.  I laid all over Graham's (the wondrous hairdresser) hairdressing bags and sniffed all the hair products and generally made myself useful! And it being Fridee and all, the weekend be like me folks, eat and drink, get plenty of zzzzzzzzs and let your fur down! 
until next time, Big Love Wonka X

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Final Instalment of Diva is here! Woof!!

Hurrah today, all that pestering Owner to get a move on has worked!  I HAVE UPLOADED it Wonka she drones to me this good morn - well I goes, that's a good morning's work ! (unblocking the sink, finding a poem all about me AND popping the story of Diva part three on...)

Here is the little angel dog.............
There we are!! We love her we do....and to start at the very beginning you must follow this link:
from there you can choose to read part two and part three as well!
it is the 20th in the #wonkastories series and WE LOVE IT!!!
More news soon about the Christmas Story to be published in a proper book!!!  Until then, arrivederci, a bientot, adios and cheers folks big love Wonka X

In honour of National Poetry Day!!

We couldn't let this one go by without popping on this poem BY OWNER no less, once more.  For those of you who have seen it, the joy of seeing it again AND if not.....either way it makes us smile and we are simply passing it on..
Ah!!  all this time I have been doing just that - advising, cheering up, chief checker (to the others) on gull watch on that very sill, and constantly waiting for Owner to trudge back from the shops laden YES LADEN with cat concrete I mean litter and food for us.  But she's worth it!  ~The very best Owner I could wish for and you Bertie and you Ruggles.  so it is no wonder she wrote that Ode to Moi, her very bestest ever.
In other news she has tackled the blocked sink again, AND WON OUT!! she thought she had unblocked it the first time but NO.  There was more gruesome sludge lurking..... I knew you could do it Owner, I said as she finally rammed the pipe back in and fell exhausted to the kitchen floor.  I did ask whether it was elevenses yet but she didn't hear me above running some water down said pipe to test it.  THANK YOU GOD OF Blocked PIPES she cried.
I leave you with this charming image, of Owner and the now, good sink, until next time - Big Love Wonka X

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

To round it off

Yes folks, and to round it all off on the Selfie malarkey is our resident stray Rugglesis!!

He is the perfect poser he always looks appealing and lovable and ANGELIC and he hissed at me this morning so I don't like him anymore....OH alright then, I might play a game and look at him from a distance.  Owner says we might get on 'one day'.  Yes.
In other news, Owner is revving up to popping the last part of #Diva on I did say can you hurry up then but I did whisper it from behind the door and she may not have heard me. 
I have been busy as per, checking the yard for intruders be they Vikings or Celts - I am adding them to the list because we watched a programme all about them (pesky Celts) and they seemed dangerous in the extreme in between knocking out jewellery (big word but managed it).  PLUS they prefer to trot around rather than wash up in their long boats.  Who knows, but Ruggles might see them first seeing as he is out back for brief spells.  Now I must get on and so must you - maybe you are scratching your way to success or pawing at the door of opportunity!  Until next time big Love Wonka X

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

ooh aah a little bit more...

Let no one, NO ONE accuse Owner of sitting back (on the scrap heap) and relaxing (the nerves cannot take any relaxation...).
Instead she has (list) 1. learnt the Romanian for Hallo which is..........Alo.  she thinks, and this for the benefit of ONE person who is checking in from that wondrous country.  IT DOESN'T matter she droned to me, if it is one person or one hundred (personally I see a bit of a difference folks) - I must make an effort Wonka!!  Also, I must share this secret with you folks as I'm pretty sure it is safe with you, the last secret crush she had was with a Romanian.  There.  It's out there - BUT don't tell Owner!

2.  She has at long last finished Diva part three!!! to go onto soon.  and 3. She trotted off out of it and went for a walk down by the sea. End of.

In other news I have been SO GOOD it is worth a mention.  me and Ruggles looked at each other for a good 5 minutes without one single growl or hiss!!!! Owner cannot believe it she said.  Now as promised yesterdee another cartoon of Selfies - this time, the Bubster, Bertie:
He loves it in his Narnia cupboard and won't come out for long. STOP looking at him Wonka, goes Owner to me...I mean! I hardly glanced in there.............
Now we must dash as it is time for supper.And, I might have another game of paw under the door with Ruggles. I will say enchantee (French) and Docvedanya (Russky) and Buenos Nochas (somewhere hot and sunny) Cheerio! AND big love Wonka X

Monday, 5 October 2015


Halloa!! Good day!! Howdy folks on this rain soaked and uninspiring Mundee. Owner has droned on (and on SORRY!) about being on the scrap heap and so on (and on, more SORRY!) and has joined every known agency to mankind flinging herself at them with cvs and certificates and references and all her dark secrets (agencies must know everything now YES even when they are rejecting you. I know) - which means practically from when she was born and fell out with her first friend at school., and took a pen home.  BUT the other thing they all demand is endless identification so they know, and all the schools know (the ones who don't want Owner) that you are you. Beyond any doubt.

After Owner had droned to me about all the ways of proving this. (I did say, who in their right mind Owner, would pretend to be you? but she didn't hear me above the droning) - I HAVEN'T got the inclination she goes to me, to pretend to be anyone else! I LIKE being me....and your point is? I said up in that new and ultra annoying way...... after all the proving and the bills and your bank details (no wonder no one wants Owner after seeing them.........) they all want a photo!!  Days later folks, she comes up with one that looks vaguely like her, on a good day, out of the glare of any natural light.  I LOVE IT, I goes (smack on tea time) PICK that one! ..... I MUST, she says to me, look glamorous, even if they are rejecting me.  AGREED I goes up, with scratches on!! But wait, what about me!!

For our humble cartoon collaboration we have a series of SELFIES that defy Owner's millions of attempts and begin with me.  I look gorgeous all the time, under any lighting - and NO I am not available for any zero hours.  End of:  Tomorrow, either Ruggles or Bertie bubb will be on show.....Until then Big Love Wonka X

Friday, 2 October 2015

Fridee! Yeah!

Howdy folks and a big hurrah from this household alright just Owner then, that we are at the end of this mammoth week.  What with lunar eclipses, and red moons and water on Mars....could it be any bigger out there?? eh? EH? Just as a small cheerer upper in case your week has been fraught (like Owners) chock full of annoying people (like Owners) poverty stricken.... here is a beauty photoshoot of MOI.
And beloved Mousey...X

In other news, Bertie is growling for ingerland, and Rugglestop is sleeping for it.  ARE THEY ALRIGHT? you all wonder up?? Owner is always fussing round and will whisk them off to the good vets if she has to.  End of.  Me?? as right as rain and keeping an eye out for the usual: 1. pesky Vikings 2.  pesky strays 3. pesky UFOs.  that is my latest worry folks, that there is more than just a lake or two on Mars and we may be bringing back an alien.  you know, like our heroine Ripley did.  That to one side, I am busy preparing for the happy release into the wild of #wonkaschristmasstory fully illustrated at the end of November!! it is rather exciting to find fame at my age and I will need spoiling.  end of.  The good publishers Austin Macauley, who Owner hasn't fallen out with (I have warned her....), seem to know what they are doing and are doing it.  On this promising and upbeat note - I have this to say before I go folks.  Keep a sharp claw anchored to your dream and then smack it into shape!! glory be with you, until next time Big Love Wonka X