Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween !!

Howdy folks and bon chance etc.  Here we are at the back end of October when Owner assures me that, and I quote:
'The veil is thin Wonka.'
OH, I says back.
'This is the night when we are the closest to the next world.'
'Do you mean, ' I goes up,'the room next door Owner?'
In which case I shall put all the lamps on in my box.  end of.
And here is our little cartoon for the night of spook:
Here we are!!  and if you want a nice ghostie story, then do follow our link for my special Halloween Story!

In other news folks and folkesses (it's a new word and I like it) Owner is still sporting that cold (cold Eric) whilst I have got rid of mine.  it went near enough as soon as Owner trotted off on her giant expedition.  More of which next week.  With millions of photos. yes.X

Now all I can say is, be careful when the ghosts come knocking at the door, especially if they have funny helmets and daggers, plus they moan up that there is nowhere to park their boats in the street.  give them a packet of haribos and send them away!! Owner says she has a few sweets and will keep an eye out for anyone suspicious (long word think I made it through) that means any children who recognise her from any of the schools she has been to. (Hallo Miss!).
Have a very happi Halloween and be on your guard! Trust those quivering whiskers!! big Love Wonka X (ps Bertie is fine he is laid out on a fresh pilly case and Ruggles is likewise on his heated pad. I know. x)