Tuesday, 6 October 2015

ooh aah a little bit more...

Let no one, NO ONE accuse Owner of sitting back (on the scrap heap) and relaxing (the nerves cannot take any relaxation...).
Instead she has (list) 1. learnt the Romanian for Hallo which is..........Alo.  she thinks, and this for the benefit of ONE person who is checking in from that wondrous country.  IT DOESN'T matter she droned to me, if it is one person or one hundred (personally I see a bit of a difference folks) - I must make an effort Wonka!!  Also, I must share this secret with you folks as I'm pretty sure it is safe with you, the last secret crush she had was with a Romanian.  There.  It's out there - BUT don't tell Owner!

2.  She has at long last finished Diva part three!!! to go onto www.smashwords.com soon.  and 3. She trotted off out of it and went for a walk down by the sea. End of.

In other news I have been SO GOOD it is worth a mention.  me and Ruggles looked at each other for a good 5 minutes without one single growl or hiss!!!! Owner cannot believe it she said.  Now as promised yesterdee another cartoon of Selfies - this time, the Bubster, Bertie:
He loves it in his Narnia cupboard and won't come out for long. STOP looking at him Wonka, goes Owner to me...I mean! I hardly glanced in there.............
Now we must dash as it is time for supper.And, I might have another game of paw under the door with Ruggles. I will say enchantee (French) and Docvedanya (Russky) and Buenos Nochas (somewhere hot and sunny) Cheerio! AND big love Wonka X