Friday, 2 October 2015

Fridee! Yeah!

Howdy folks and a big hurrah from this household alright just Owner then, that we are at the end of this mammoth week.  What with lunar eclipses, and red moons and water on Mars....could it be any bigger out there?? eh? EH? Just as a small cheerer upper in case your week has been fraught (like Owners) chock full of annoying people (like Owners) poverty stricken.... here is a beauty photoshoot of MOI.
And beloved Mousey...X

In other news, Bertie is growling for ingerland, and Rugglestop is sleeping for it.  ARE THEY ALRIGHT? you all wonder up?? Owner is always fussing round and will whisk them off to the good vets if she has to.  End of.  Me?? as right as rain and keeping an eye out for the usual: 1. pesky Vikings 2.  pesky strays 3. pesky UFOs.  that is my latest worry folks, that there is more than just a lake or two on Mars and we may be bringing back an alien.  you know, like our heroine Ripley did.  That to one side, I am busy preparing for the happy release into the wild of #wonkaschristmasstory fully illustrated at the end of November!! it is rather exciting to find fame at my age and I will need spoiling.  end of.  The good publishers Austin Macauley, who Owner hasn't fallen out with (I have warned her....), seem to know what they are doing and are doing it.  On this promising and upbeat note - I have this to say before I go folks.  Keep a sharp claw anchored to your dream and then smack it into shape!! glory be with you, until next time Big Love Wonka X