Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Those Celts

HALLOA! and Howdy up to you folks out there - top of the morning even and HI to everyone else I've missed out in the known universe.  Last night, Owner suddenly shouts up IT'S THE CELTS and I tell you I nearly ran upstairs and straight under the bed, because if they've turned up it isn't to sell us some stunning jewellery on the doorstep.NO!
But, hang on!! it was alright after all as Owner simply meant they were the stars of a fab series on Beeb 2 narrated by that bloke who does all these programmes in the same serious way - we think he is a celtish descendant no less.  on and on he droned to us about these sorry tribes defending our isle against the pesky Romans!!
There we are!  And as for Queen Boudica, who has statues all over the shop usually with a giant chariot set to gallop across the plain to battle - it turns out we have no evidence NONE goes Owner to me, of her whereabouts.  BUT, I says back, didn't that Roman chappie write it all down?? it transpires (OH!) that if it wasn't for the pesky Romans who were so organised they fell apart in the end (Owner likes to control everything so I have warned up) - that they recorded every little scrap and battle.  When, I says to Owner, did they go home?? She thinks it is around 400 AD ish.  And, the Celts are still hanging about here and there!! some of them in Ireland all gabbling away in Gaelic.  And sorry all the historians out there if we made a mistake!x
I tell you folks, those Celts in battle with all their nasty jabbing and slicing swords and wotnot, give me a Viking any day of the week (sorry Celts!x). 
Time for me to clock off folks and do a tiny check round before I fall exhausted into my Zen box.  Owner is mumbling about packing and muttering about journeys and generally folks, working up to a full on excitable fit.  Thus, (ooer), if befits me (blimey) to wish you all a pleasant day, and best paw forward - until later, Big Love Wonka X PS uvidimysa!! (possibly Russian possibly not x)