Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hex Factor Satdee

Wonka here.  As you can see Owner revving up for the return of that show.  has it been a year since?  yes and next weekend we will be juggling Hex Factor with Strictly.  Lordy.  So exciting and when Downton Abbey returns we shall just be in a TV fug.   You will wonder if any life outside of the tv fest?  Yes there is!!  Owner managed to struggle up fairly earlydoors and lucky did as Ruggles out there waiting for breakfast.  Then followed a load of housework but luckily is still staving off the hoovering.  The new carpet is still new and nice you see.  Well I only spilt a vase of flower water on it yesterday!  Just playing with the flowers and chewing on a carnation when suddenly the whole thing tipped over.  owner went silent for what seemed like an eternity but was actually only half a minute or so, and I was prepared to rush upstairs and under the bed, but all was well.  Apparently the silence was Owner's brain assessing the damage and problem solving!!  So Owner took off out to go swimming, shopping and seeing relatives.  There are three big birthdays looming and first up is sibling.  Next up is Daughter and then third up is Owner.  I will do my poor best on the day that's all I can do.  Last night we so enjoyed celebrity masterchef and Les just keeps stepping it up!  It was nice Shane from that boy band Boyzone, the one with trillions of tattoos that was 'leaving the competition'.  As usual John T and Greg talked and tasted and we think John T is in love with Janet street Porter.  She is fierce looking and might pack a punch but she is still in with a shout.  Now please go steady out there as it's the weekend.  Must go and check for Ruggles.  Oh yes, the tomato is doing very well and we are eating the first tomato tonight.  it doesn't get better than that eh.  big love Wonka x

Friday, 30 August 2013

Frantic Fridee

Wonka here.  Well I say frantic only due to Owner powering up a notch or two!  First off, does the new temporary crown (and we are not talking tiara) drop out of Owner's scaled down tooth.  did not swallow it, thanks be.  Sure the Dentist is wondering what he has done in this life or any of the former ones to deserve this relentless treatment over one tooth!  it refuses to keep anything fixed to it and Owner lives for the day when it is crowned for good!!  Luckily, and as Owner is a good customer to said Dentist, just needed to go and wait.  Apart from this, Owner fitted in a trip to town, an appointment at the bank (as usual this not to plan - what is it with Banks and appointments?) a trip to return those trousers that would not fit Owner if went on diet for a year, and then a trip to aged parent.  Also rather daring this, took Aged Parent out!!  Survived nicely and has come home alright, plus new temp crown still on.  so far.  Nearly forgot whilst I was trying to get a nap this morning did Owner announce applying for a new job.  Now I really do need a nap.  has only gone and got an interview and there is nothing more anxiety and stress ridden that this!!  We will be living on our nerves all week now.  In the meantime folks, Rug was there on the shelf in the shed for his brekkie.  We love him and he may be outside even now waiting for his teatime.  Tonight's offerings are Enders with more extreme storylines from the caravan in the glade.  Jay is kissing the wrong girl and has been spotted doing such when his real girlfriend may be having his baby oh dearie me.  And there is a smaller storyline to do with ten grand going missing.  But best of all there is beloved celebrity masterchef and our hero x 2, that is Les and Brian - I know we must end up with one of them but love them both now.  Now you all go steady out there as le weekend est ici!  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Face up to it thursdee!

Wonka here.  Well guess what?  After a very calm night and morning and afternoon Owner did face up to it!  The Dentist silly.  yes, said was very brave and endured the 'treatment'.  Rather proud I am.  Of course we used a lot of divergence tactics like watching a Jimmy Stewart film - never heard of before or seen, and there it was on the screen begging for us to watch.  Boy gets girl after prolonged courtship and don't we just love that!  We think he was in insurance no less.  Plus a baseball champion or something.  There's usually some sports involved eh.  So we watched that, and Owner did a bit of sewing, always calming that.  But get this, our new neighbour is moving in.  Watching out the front and then I spied someone valiantly trying to park and failing.  Must be new to the road I said, and lo and behold, they trip trapped up to the house next door with bits and bobs.  We can only pray they are a good and beautiful neighbour, perhaps Buddhists.  So as I say a lot of distractions to stop Owner imagining the Dentist's chair.  Now it is over Owner rewarding us with 'Flog it'.  Hmm.  Later on we shall catch up with Enders and the caravan in the glade.  Last up there had been an intruder cum burglar.  yes.  But best of all, is celebrity masterchef and our favourite contestant Les is still init!  And the serial killer Brian too.  it doesn't get tuffer.  Ruggles has been for his tea time and scoffed the lot.  Me?  thanks for asking, well been offered a wide variety of food and sniffed at most of it and left.  May wander back later on.  Now take care out there folks.  Big love Wonka x  ps Owner tried to follow this big political debate in the Commons but sadly lost interest.  Too much right honourable gentlemen I think.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

workaday Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Now some of you have doubt had busybee days labouring away somewhere be it home or a job.  for myself, I prefer to relaxevous, in a sunny spot.  Owner insisted on doing the rounds and that means visiting relatives and that could mean end of being calm happy and reasonable.  However, despite this agenda Owner returned looking fairly alright.  Said had lunch with aged parent and survived this Ok even enjoyed the food (careful) still hoping to solve the case of the missing cardy without calling in the CID (cardigan investigation Dept).  We live in hope.  Other visit also passed off alright, no red rags to a bull.  it could be anything to set Owner off, sometimes just the mention of a name will do it.  But no.  And apart from being told looks tired (I'm saying nothing) aged parent did nothing further to antagonise Owner!  Now I know you will want to see me at my super dooper best and here follows me in a fave sunspot with just a few of my toys:
Owner kindly let me play with some of my best toys all popped into a carrier bag when the new carpets arrived. I say they don't call them car-pets for nothing!!  Anyhow I'm loving the continued sunny days and want it to last forever.  Back in the real world Owner getting revved up about dentist appt tomorrow.  They have rung to check Owner still going and Dentist hasn't cancelled or gone off sick as yet (who could blame him I say).  The nerves will take over and I may have to dive under the bed.  On the upside we are watching beloved Corrie with new baby Lily delivered safely on the settee by Gail and others.  Whether Lily is bad boy David's or 'in an everlasting coma' Nick we just don't know.  And then!  celebrity masterchef is onto the semi finals I do think.  Come on Les! Ruggles may be wanting some tea so must dash.  The tomato plant is loving it by the steps and I know a photo of the miracle Buddleia is due.  go steady out there.  Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tomato Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Well another red hot day is this the global warming arrived at last to this neck of the woods.  I have been sunbathing galore on the sideboard and in the kitchen on the side.  yes this is one of the few surfaces Owner has to prepare food and such but unfortunately I come first so Owner reduced to another small square of surface.  It's ok though, as food does get sorted out!  Now I can report on a rather successful day out.  yes.  And we all know how hard it is to achieve a good day out.  The old pound notes help but as I keep telling Owner, feeling happy (like me most of the time) cannot be purchased.  No.  I mean, having nice biscuits at least seven varieties, and the same again with my pouches, does go towards this feeling of well being.  Oh yes, and waking up after a nice catnap and dreams.  But I digress.  Owner met with some of my distant cousins you know, first off with another Owner in the morning who is being looked after by two old beauties of the feline family, and then on to Daughter, and yet more!  These old beauties I have actually met up with, a few years ago and apparently shut myself in grandson's bedroom!  How anticat social of me!!  One of them, Luke, is having to take three antibiotics daily and will be wrapped in a towel like a mummy.  commiserations there.  Now just to tell you Owner came back with - no not a kitten - but a tomato plant!!  it is now very happy out back with the lavender and rosemary and photoshoot to follow:
There she is!  and one little ripe tomato peeking through.  And on these very same steps does Ruggles come up and lay down waiting for his tea time.  You will want to know what we are watching tonight. Oh and I must warn everyone that Owner may water not just the Tommy plant but the others!!  We will watch Enders as those nice teenagers have gone to stay in a caravan in a wooded glade.  And that teenager we cannot figure out who or why stowed away in the boot.  I ask you.  Only people who are going to be murdered travel in boots.  all know that.  May watch Holby City the other hospital drama where this nurse insists on keeping bad news a secret to husband but tells this rather handsome Doctor instead and wonders why husband jealous and upset?? We love it.  Must rush, or at least slowly look out back to see if Ruggles here for his tea.  Take it steady out there.  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Sunny Mundee

Wonka here.  Guess What?  Although it is an English tradition for a bank holiday to be rubbish weather, it continues to be hot and sunny!  Owner braved the shops too and only bought one mistake that admitted to.  My advice?  Stop buying a size too small!! And I say this just as Owner disappears out of the door.   Another mistake I must tell you about, Owner bought this chicken smothered in some smelly sauce stuff (now that's what I call alliteration!) and so had to go out hunting for the normal chicken.  I apologise without reserve to all chickens alive or dead who have ended up or going to, in a supermarket packet and then onto a tiny dish for me.   Owner says will give it up now and only started to eat it when thought was run down (not literally folks!).  In the news we have heard a giant panda in Edinburgh zoo may be having a baby, or even babies.  Will keep you posted as almost as exciting as Duchess of Cambridge eh.  Didn't watch either film you will recall we had a choice between El Cid and Ben Hur (and the difference is??)  as a) I was asleep on the sideboard and b) Owner sat outside reading a Stephen King book called Joyland.  Says nearly finished and wishes it was longer.  We loved 'what remains' and now got a crush on the detective.  As the Americans say, it is an 'age appropriate' crush too.  Think he might be called David threlfall or some equally difficult name to remember and spell.  And if it isn't him will check it out for tomorrow.  So big day tomorrow visiting Daughter who is getting worked up about birthdays (too many) so like the War in Fawlty Towers mustn't mention. To keep calm and collected we will watch corrie X 2, and think Kylie's big bump (bit like giant panda) is due to produce baby!!  but is it evil David's or nice Nick in a coma's??  may watch Enders although not keen on new teenager sprung up and still not worked out relationship.  is bound to turn out that she is related to entire 'square' and Queen Victoria her great great great great great Grandma.   We love it!  Now Ruggles not been for his tea time as yet so must go and check at the window and sniff the back door mat.  Go steady out there.  Big love wonka x

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sun filled Sundee

Wonka here.  Well blow me down if it didn't go hot and sunny!   Of course this led to prolonged nap on the settee and then the sideboard but not to worry as Owner popped out.  Said went down to the front (North bay) and was so heavenly had to walk down to the beach and along a bit.   The sea was out and all these little boats bobbing about on the sea. Did take photo but the little boats look like tiny white things in the distance.  Now there has been a fly buzzing about and Owner kept swatting it and jumping around and shouting.  don't know it you have seen Walt in 'Breaking Bad' and the fly episode?  Well Owner may have been auditioning for that.  Whatever, I had to run away into the other room while it was going on and believe me I do love a fly chase.  When I'm in charge of it.  We have looked ahead to tomorrow's Bank Holiday offerings on the box and guess what?  That's right, we can watch Ben Hur, or El Cid.  Take your pick.  Owner thinks El Cid as forgot the storyline.  heavens to betsy.  Tonight we will watch Dragon's Den and Owner entranced with one of the dragons.  I say handsome is as handsome does.  Then there is a nice gloomy and dark drama on Beeb one at 9pm if still awake.   Here follows photo of sea and tiny white blobs (boats):
Even got the open top bus in!  As Owner taking it says this stranger offered to take one with Owner in it, and this beautiful scene as the backdrop. Thankfully Owner declined.  Talk about going to spoil a perfectly good view!!  Only joking!!   Ruggles was in the shed on his delux carpeted shelf waiting for breakfast this morn.  Soon be tea time.  Having to watch 'stand by me' for millionth time but a bit of a security blanket for us.  Now go steady all you out there.  Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Drizzle down Satdee

Wonka here.yes you guessed it had a little bit of the wet stuff so all the plants very happy and put a damper on us inside.  Think it to do with bank holiday, so weather must turn plus a big Rugby game down in Wembley.  All adds up to a spot of poor weather.  Oh and Chris Evan's had a car fest down south.  But most of all I blame Owner for watering all the plants the other night.  So what with drizzle and gloom not a sign of any get up and go today to be seen. Owner managed to drag off out at lunch time and drag back without any packages, boxes or lampshades (or kittens).  So I just went straight back to sleep really and only woke up to move from settee to Owner's bed.  Ruggles arrived early for his tea and is still slightly amazed and taken aback by the new delux carpeted shed.  The spirit of Baba is in there you know, as Owner thought should be final resting place.  he loved it in the shed so much that when he was recovering from death's door one time with cat flu, he begged to go out and foolishly Owner let him.  Would he come home again?  Owner searched high and low until he turned back up in the morning bleating outside the back door,  Well he was only snuggled up in the cardboard bed box in the shed all night long wasn't he!  We do miss him.  Owner has been looking at adverts in the pet shop doorway but didn't bring a kitten home.  Only a matter of time.  We loved celebrity masterchef and to our amazement and delight Les Dennis was saved!  despite eggs and apples being together a no no according to the panel eating it and John T and Greg.  We love them lots.  Now tonight is a wasteland really so we are having to watch a repeat of Dragon's den.  One of them has corkscrew curls and is very serious as befits a Dragon really.  oops nearly fell asleep mid sentence there, perhaps need to turn over.   There's that strange new game show thing about safes being cracked and then beloved Casualty, our security blanket for Satdee,  owner went mad and got us a lotto ticket so watch this space folks,  now go steady out there.  Big love Wonka x

Friday, 23 August 2013

Flipping Fridee

Wonka here.  Now good morn, good eve or just plain Hallo!!! Bonjour Cava? oh dear my languages are sadly lacking.  Do forgive.  Now here in plain old England, we are gearing up for one of those 'bank' holidays.  This is for everyone to basically tack an extra day onto le weekend and relaxez vous.  some people drink it away some people spend it away (in either sense of the word!) but me and Owner we will probably be transfixed in front of the box or if the weather holds may venture outside. Might do.  Me?  I will be transfixed on the sideboard or on the settee or on Owner's bed.  Today, Owner popped out and took aged parent out.  This was supervised by the nice activities lady, and two other folk joined in.  By all accounts no one had an accident, fell in the sea, was eaten by a giant seagull, or said they wanted to come home.  Owner returned tired but calm (which let's face it, is good going).  Said couldn't eat any tea as full up with fish and chips plus 99 icecream (had to go to two places as the first said their ice cream maker on the blink.  Owner gave grim smile and trolled off to next place.  They said waiting for their ice cream maker to recalibrate or whatever it was doing.  Luckily for the entire population it coughed up two decent cornets as we used to call them).  So yes, Owner nicely tired and we all know what follows this?  yes it's feeling old and ugly (went under the bed incase).  Happily, Owner distracted by remembering to feed me and look out for Ruggles.  Now here follows a photo of me investigating the lampshade box.  you recall Owner went out for Daughter's present (got) and came home with a lampshade as well.  Hmm.

Just checking for anything else in there, but no, nothing but an empty box once Owner stood on the table to put up the said lampshade.   Thankfully it looks the job.  We did love Celebrity masterchef last night and somehow yes it was a close thing, that nice Les Dennis has stayed in despite debacles with puddings and not keeping up in the restaurant.  he turned out a beaut of a cheesecake, made us dribble, and we know how much Greg loves his pudds.  So nice Joe C that big boxer got the sack instead.  two lots of corrie and the question on all our lips is, will nice Nick be nice Nick still!  if he does come out of the coma??  and will nasty David's babe be born in between times?? of course it might be coma nick's babe.  Exciting or what.  then there is Enders and a new strange half sibling person has turned up to do with scheming Ian.  Me and Owner not figured out yet the exact relationship and possibly will never do.  Oh and thingy keeps moaning on about murdered 'eather to mobster Phil.  So really, I must get off.  have a calm and peaceful evening won't you.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 22 August 2013

thorough Thursdee

Wonka here.  Hallo there, bonsoir, auf wiedersen and docvedanya!!!  There I managed a big hallo to all you good people.  Such beautiful weather here, blue sky and sun galore, so as you will know I have to sleep more when hot.  Luckily Owner sped off out on a mission so I settled down on the settee with the two cushions to myself.  I have only given the new carpet a tiny scratch or two and trying to reserve my best efforts for the hall carpet which is the old carpet.  Anyhow, I must share with you Owner's attempts to track down aged parent's clothing!  the case of the missing cardigan must be solved!  Hopefully owner wasn't too overbearing (me being polite you know) in the quest to find said item.  I reckon it is keeping some old dear nice and warm and why worry?  Why fret over a mere lambswool, quality garment that aged parent liked??  Needless to say, Owner just fell short of  putting up a 'Wanted! Dead or Alive!' poster.  As it was Owner said did a simple drawing of it as evidence.  I'm sure those staff all breath easy once Owner departed (not to mention the aged parent eh).  Didn't come home with a kitten either, and Ruggles continues to call early doors for breakfast and has been for his tea.  he didn't seem too startled by the new layout in the shed.  Owner rushed out there this morning and began moving it all round.  By 'it' I mean the old car seat that Ruggles nests on.  now he has a delux fitted carpet and the car seat.  Owner been eyeing up those igloo beds too.  Me?  expect I'll just have to make do indoors up against the radiator and that.  Now celebrity masterchef was tops, and that nice Les Dennis, we love him, but as John T pointed out 'his food looks a fright!'.  and his bread and butter pudding was in Les's words a 'debacle!'.  He is our favourite naturally.  We love an underdog or undercat!  So more of that plus the usual downtrodden Enders with the usual back stabbing and scheming goings on.  We love it.  Take care out there.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

wonderful Wednesdee

Wonka here.  good day, Bonjour and hope you all having as good a day as me and Owner having!!  why you enquire?  What is so good you wonder.....well first up had a good night's sleep (without the cocoa - Owner refuses to drink it since last time) and up feeling 'up boys and at em!'.  I only pray it lasts.  So taking advantage of this mood, Owner decides to upload latest short story.  It is now published and I beg you my dear people to read it!  Just go to and search for 'Wonka' and believe me there are four beautiful short stories all by my dearest beloved Owner waiting for your delight.   Well if Owner happy then I'm happy.  Then after doing this, more action taken to go out there and hunt down a suitable gift for daughter's birthday.  Owner said only slightly sidetracked by going into Pets Are Us!!  Didn't know such a wide range of items available for cats..there were toys, more toys, beds luxury beds, food in pouches, tins, bags.  Was distracted in there for good 15 mins but luckily did not spend any money.  Said most mesmerising thing of all and I have to admit I would have studied this, was the six different species of cat litter.  Luckily, according to Owner I am on the right one.  Did get present for daughter (we pray she likes it)  and a lampshade. (?)  Not on list but said no matter.  But best of all, Owner visited both relatives and came home smiling!  This is nothing short of a miracle and wonder if somehow Baba's Buddleia growing at a marvellous rate, is behind it all.  No further mention of 'Tommy' but believe Owner thinking it over (could be in heaven by the time thought through I said), and debating on whether Ruggles counts as our other cat.  Yes.  But.  In the meantime, we will be watching beloved Corrie and hope they leave some Actors in it!  Owner says caught headline in one of those comic papers with the words 'sacked' and 'Corrie' on it.  We will get a petition up.  And then it's celebrity masterchef with another real live comedian in it, but as ever we think the less comedian they are the funnier they are.  One of those ratio thingys.  Now I know you want another picture of me on the carpet and you can have one:
this is me and that blue plastic ball - the one toy left to me when Owner tidied all the rest of them away.  Yes they filled a small carrier bag but what is a cat to do?  Must go and check for Ruggles.  Take it easy.  big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Je t'adore Tuesdee!

Wonka here.  Now you will want to know immediately how goes it with the new carpets?  following this up with a picture of me on it!!  Owner up at the crack of dawn well 6am to continue the grand preparation for the event.  shifting this, moving that, it's a wonder I wasn't stashed away in a cupboard.  Instead I was whisked upstairs avec the cat litter tray and enough food to feed the nearest cat sanctuary.  At last, a minutes peace to myself!  So during the entire episode of old carpets out and new carpets in, I dozed off listening to nice Radio 2 and that nice Ken Bruce.  Magic.  Just one song that Owner felt it necessary to terminate..said voice getting on nerves.(?).   Finally I was released into the new domain.  Wowzer, felt so soft underfoot I had to roll round and even give it a little scratch or two!! and here I am...........
    I know it rather suits me doesn't it!  Naturally Owner been in very good mood all afternoon and keeps drifting from room to room.  Been on phone to daughter and there was talk of a cat needing a home.  I did listen up as of course this affects me rather.  Not a kitten, no, it is three years old and been left to it by all accounts.  Called Tommy, and is black with  white bib.  As if I want to know these details.  I mean we still miss Baba!  And there's Ruggles to nurture...  now Owner been yawning and talking of an early night but still to watch enders, storyline seems to linger on Ian and his multi national business of cafĂ© and restaurant oh and his ex Denise.  Nice non drunken Lauren seemed to profit from just one counselling session and transform into a mature woman (??)  Then it's our second best hospital drama Holby City.  not a patch on Casualtee I say.  Now time to trample on the carpet and check for Ruggles in the yard.  bonsoir, toodlepip, and go easy out there.  big love Wonka x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Get on with it Mondee

Wonka here.  bonsoir, or bonjour out there, howdy do and docvedanya folks!  now where are we?  Well owner had to sort through the sideboard and oh no, the cupboard under the stairs.  I thought might have to miss lunch tea and supper at this rate.  After carefully reading letters, papers, bills, cards, Christmas cards, newspapers, credit card rating (nearly under the bed job) made a small pile to throw out and a massive pile to keep.  I ask you.  Not content with that, then moved onto under the sink.   Finally finished 'sorting' and popped out.  Said a lot of lunatic drivers, pedestrians and parked vehicles out there.  Begged to sit down and watch a dvd and luckily, Owner complied.  This is unusual and maybe prompted by suggesting that nice 'Django' film with a good solid storyline we can understand and enjoy.  Plenty of random shooting, blood, and a love interest too.   Had to pause it on a particularly cliffhanging scene due to start of our favourite soap fest.   nice Nick still in a coma, Rita got make up back on, and the racism storyline back on.  whoopee.  May try and stay up for the dome on 4 to keep Owner preoccupied (carpet day tmro = me under the bed).  Owner recognises the stress of things moving about, loss of toys, beds, feeding places and keeps giving me chicken.  Ruggles turned up early and had a bit too.  Oh and the usurper, Tinkerbelle trotted in the yard this afternoon sporting a yellow collar plus bell (why name of).  Ran off when Owner spoke nicely and thank goodness or we will have extra to feed.  Got to go as some seagulls on the roofs and that excites me no end.  The Buddleia?  Growing fast!  Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

sleepy Sundee

Wonka here.  Now I don't know about you out there in your various locations but right here what a beauty of a day!  had to sunbathe on top of the sideboard all aft even though Owner busy painting around me.  I did pop up the steps once and lay nicely on the top and Owner had to wait until I decided to come down before could use them.  hardly recognised Owner through all the little oatmeal spatters or is it Weetabix, one of them cerial sounding names.  Come to think of it, my new cat litter, which I am just about tolerating, smells of cerial, like all bran.  owner said it is long lasting (how long is a piece of string long lasting), it is degrading (I can vouch for that) and most important, neutralises odour (as if).  If I can get over the fact that it feels like a big bunch of sawdust then I'll give it the paws up.  Anyhow, thankfully painting at an end, that is, all downstairs but I've seen Owner glancing at the wall at the top of the stairs.  |I tell you I nearly flung myself up them!  To cap it all, all the windows must be open and it gets chilly come eight o' clock, and the rooms keep changing while I'm in the other one.  Managed to park on the settee for now.  Yes, Rug been for breakfast and tea and guess who trotted through yard yesterday?  that's right, the usurper, Tinkerbelle.  Now we did manage Casualty last night and that nice Tess going to resign.  I think not!  we need a familiar face if Charlie is to be missing for weeks on end, he is our very own security blanket actor.  Caught up with Top of the Lake and I must say that was a top drama and Owner followed it from start to end.  Now tonight we can watch 'the mill' and feel lucky to be alive, or dragons den where they're eaten alive!  only joking!  Now week coming up fairly big as don't forget we have the excitement of new carpets.  Think I am under the bed that day for sure.  Go steady.  Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

so so Satdee

Wonka here.  more painting.  more smelly rooms.  more paint on the carpets as Owner spilled a tray of it.  It's alright though as remember they are being changed. otherwise I would be under that bed for a month!  What with all the upheaval I had to rest up this afternoon and when I came down the whole room had disappeared and been replaced by another room.  chairs moved, table moved, this cat is out of his comfort zone I'll have you know....Now on a more interesting note, the house next door has attracted viewers and Owner made me stay on the look out.  As you know we are praying for perfect, kindly, beautiful and generous neighbours.  Ruggles turned up early doors for his tea time and luckily the steps were back outside for him to sit on.  I made Owner stand on sideboard to reach to near the ceiling which is when tray of paint fell out of hand onto carpet.  Begged Owner not to paint upstairs and so far not on to-do list.  Brief respite when Owner dashed out to go swimming but apart from that no let up.  Even my toys are cleared away!  Left to play with one jingly blue plastic ball and a bottle top.  Might start a petition.  Anyhow, Owner finally sat down and guess what?  that's right, nothing on to entertain us.  There's a new strange game show with that nice Mr Knowles but much rather have init to winit with nice Dale.  and then goodness me the clash of casualty and top of the lake.  What will we be watching.... do go steady out there, it's raining and blustery here.  Big Love Wonka x

Friday, 16 August 2013

Busy bee Fridee

Wonka here.  good eve and yes it's Friday at last!!! that's for all you workers out there slaving away and might I suggest if you are not happy in that job give it up!  work should be a labour of love Owner say and one day may even prove it.  Only joking!!  Now I say busy bee because Owner really got stuck in to that painting jag.  Front Door? glad you asked, now a very nice looking front door that we can all stand to look at, go out of and come back in again.  Thankfully after a lot of fretting over choice of colour, Owner settled down and loves it.  Me?  well as soon as the wooden steps were put up (usually stand outside and Ruggles sits at the top.  Before him it was Baba and before that it was Golly the good and the wise) did I run up them! and then, perched on the mantelpiece.  Owner gave me one of those looks, sped into the bathroom to wash a gallon of paint off hands and then back to whisk me off.  ~Said very dangerous to perch there.  I only overlapped a tiny bit over the edge.  Anyhow, finally stopped with the little bit here and little bit there and we can concentrate on a massive tv fest.  it begins now with Corrie and an exciting storyline with nice lad Craig and nasty man Carl.  Hope Rita recovers enough to put make up back on and wish tina would stop with nervous breakdown that doesn't admit to.  So two of that, one of enders and forget really what the story is there but bound to be jealousy, drunkenness and a few drugs on the side.  Celebrity masterchef is hotting up and we are backing Shane plus Brian who is much funnier than the comedian (as predicted and finally we can fit this one in, a David Walliams offering on beeb one it is  comedy and about a school.  Hope Owner can manage without anxiety attack eh.  Rug had tea time and I'm keeping close eye on yard.  no sign of any kitten in need of a good home (ours) as yet.  Go steady out there.  Big love wonka x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tired out Thursdee

Wonka here.  good eve to all and hope your day a good one.  Me?  thanks for asking, well lazy start and carried that on really.  Stopped here and here for some chicken (Owner heard me sneezing a couple of times and has me at death's door - hence the chicken.  Bring it on I say!) had a few naps and inspected the Yard.  owner still busy out there re potting and peering into the plant pots in case something new growing.  Of course the Buddleia has a daily inspection and is like the beanstalk sans Jacques.  and sans a giant come to think.  Also and as predicted it did rain in the night following Owner's mass watering.  do let us know if you need a raindance doing won't you.  Now Owner on a painting jag and I mean walls and actually anything that looks like it needs changing.  So far I cannot go near the front door which is a new weird colour (haven't said this in fact I admired it immediately) and is probably going to smell for a week.  We'll get used to it in time but not sure about the purple on the fireplace wall.  Distinctly not right. Again have said nothing, but may drop a hint or two.  So all windows open wide and I can't hear myself think for the traffic.  Oh, news on neighbour situation.  A parcel, or pack of people viewed it this evening.  I did best from perch on the windowsill to check them out but so far just looks like a family.  paws firmly crossed that they the tenants from tenant heaven.  Now we are geared up for enders, with non drunken Lauren sampling a drink to get over being in love with the wrong one (that nice Joey) and then Corrie with just about everyone in a coma, or in love with the wrong one or that nice Rita being attacked in the park by hoodie people, and that is thanks to that girl who had a baby for this nice couple and a bit like Lauren, got drunk.  Similarities you see!  Rug worried Owner no end as tail looks very sore but turned up for his tea time chipper as you like.  Time I rested up folks.  Big love wonka x  PS not to forget beloved celebrity masterchef we are in love with Shane from that nice boyband and strangely that nice Actor who played seriel killer in corrie!!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

way to go Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Well howdy doo folks and once again bonsoir, docvedanya etc.  I do my poor best you know.  Well what to tell you?  Owner gone mad with plant pots, yes, had to re pot things.  I say best left alone but no, off Owner goes to well known store, only in search of cat grass.  I must have my pot of grass inside seeing as how I don't go and eat it outside.  and then I cough it up usually just as Owner is dropping off to sleep (but it's ok because I am already under the bed!!  or if not, in a nearby cupboard.  one day Owner will fix creaking hinges as has been known to disturb also when dropping off to sleep) - anyway, not just 3 packets of catgrass, but that stuff plants grow in, two plant containers and one pot.  Oh and a dangly freshner for the car (much needed) in the guise of a dolphin.  So then had to go out in the yard and mess about with it all and then had to water everything so sure to rain now.  It's as good as a raindance!  Then even more excitement as Owner bit the bullet and we are to have a big upheaval!  in the shape of carpets!  so more scratching posts coming up.  N|ow our beloved masterchef is back on so that's alright but beloved Corrie? put back due to the footie.  Not impressed.  Having to make do with a film that so far in, cannot get the gist of.  Can't be a horror as too early doors but is it a thriller in disguise of a feelgood?  Christmas is in it so may be one of those everyone poverty stricken, lovelorn, about to die when hey presto, the good fairy doth arrive.  Now the miracle buddleia is thriving, wooden mousey stationed by back door, and Rug has been for tea.  All quiet on the yard front.  go steady out there.  Big love wonka x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ticketty boo Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks out there and docvedanya (?) to all else.  Now guess what, no the kitten not here yet but there is something good to report and for once it's all about me.  Owner goes out on usual 'be back soon' mission and finally comes back with..... a door mat!!  Took ages to unpack and I had inspected in the bag as it smelt very interesting and scratchable.  Goodness me, as soon as Owner laid by front door ready to capture all the muck and grime of the street (in high Summer?  I ask you) I tested it out for size.  You guessed it!  it fits a treat and not just that at long last I have a proper scratching post tailor made and convenient.  yes there is one of those stringy things laid upstairs with a cats head on it plus a bell but me and Baba didn't like it from the off and I said to him I said, 'Baba' and he said 'What?' and I said, we are never, never to scratch that stringy thing.  The end.  and so we didn't.  I tell you he would have loved this new one.  As it happens, I've gone off the stair carpet and even the hall carpet was annoying me.  There is talk of new carpets so I have that to look forward to!!  Also I have to report that Owner dared to visit aged parent and came back alright.  yes aged parent remarked on hairdo (looks nice) and apparel (suited Owner).  Mustn't make too much of it so haven't said anything myself about Owner's hair (under the bed job) or clothes (ditto).  as for impending birthday I may leave home and join a cattery.  Now I've been busy you know not just lazing around and there is a photo on it's way to show you wooden mousey.
to show the size of mousey I popped a little santa next to him!!  Owner found one day at the baths (nowhere near to Christmas.  Sign of??)  anyhow, remember that this is the mousey Baba favoured and was created once upon a time by Owner's Dad.  yes it used to have a tail.  Yes it is a wooden mouse.  End of.  Owner watching enders with predictable storyline says of non-drunken Lauren out to get ex boyfriend who may be not interested but thinks he is.  Honestly!  Then it's on with the hospital thing.  And lastly, you will want to know how Owner progressing on cocoa.  It is off the menu since spent last night wide awake (says).  Hopeless.  Must go, oh, Tinkerbelle (usurper) been spotted in Yard after ruggles came by for his tea time.  Has new yellow collar on.  Hmmmm.  Big Love Wonka xx

Monday, 12 August 2013

Mundee Mundee

Wonka here.  Now how is everyone out there?  I must say had a very slow start to the week and the weather has now changed, from red hot, to just hot and then from that to nice and warm and now sort of Ok interspersed with heavy drenching rain.  Luckily for Owner was in well known supermarket (the one who is negotiating with China no less - can we stand it) and heard it on the roof.  Loudly on the roof, so stayed shopping at an even slower rate.  owner has explained this means putting glasses on and off to read contents of things, peruse the names of things what they say they can achieve (if a hair product) so really could study for hours.  Then puts back on shelf, wanders off, deliberates and may come back and start all over again.  I know you are thinking what about the 'following' incident but that is in another well known supermarket (who isn't negotiating with anyone that we know of).  so by the time Owner returned half the day had whistled by. Managed a couple of naps thank you very much and come to think of it could do with another one shortly.  Owner fairly calm and has now bought cocoa (after ten minutes checking out all the brands).  This one is fairtrade (all those nice people picking the beans or whatever they do and wherever they do it) and hasn't got much else in it apart from the must have cocoa.   Help us!!   Now Rug has been for his tea time and may return for supper no sign of the usurper lately or that nice Mr Beaujangles and cocoa or not, Owner has not mentioned kittens to me of late.  Double corrie and one of enders to look forward to, Nice Nick in his coma and guilty brother David or the storyline of nice teen Craig and the paper round but Enders is all around people who shouldn't get back together getting back together, and that nice mad woman jean.  so all in all must dash now.  Big Love Wonka x 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Relatives Sundee

Wonka here.  Been a nice sunnified day and Owner slept like a top blames it on the chocolate drink.  In future is going to drink cocoa twice a day as it aids memory.  Fact.  Scientifically proven.  Between a rock and a hard place as if I encourage could be seen as saying yes you are forgetful, not to encourage could be tricky if Owner then goes on to forget stuff.  I could easily become a scapegoat or scapecat to be precise.  Obviously I encouraged.  Owner set off with grandson to a family christening with all the usual dangers.  Coming across relatives I mean.  Could be OK could be very not OK.  Was somewhere in between Owner reports.  On the upside, I had a very relaxing day now I've got the full settee and cushions back.  Whilst grandson here had to perch right on the edge of the settee with hardly a bit of cushion to pad claws into.  slight problem this eve, with (again) only two programmes worth a look in yes you got it, both on at same time.  It's the Mill which is a tough gritty drama, reminds us how lucky we all are for an hour, or it's Dragons Den, a tough gritty reality show, reminds us how un-enterprising we all are for an hour.  Owner not decided, so might suggest a cup of cocoa.  Dear Ruggles was waiting on the bench out in the yard for his teatime.  wooden mouse is by the back door (just where Baba used to sit) and the Buddleia as you know is busy growing.  Like the beanstalk.  Must go as feel in need of a nap.  Big love wonka x

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Swimmin Satdee

Wonka here.  Howdee folks out there wherever you are!  well another lazyish day really although Owner reported waking up due to anxiety ridden dream.  What was it I prompted?  Owner said phone rang (always an ominous sign) then to do with a complaint (doubly ominous) about a job (I nearly went under the bed).  this made Owner get up in a highly anxious and worried state and had to talk down with nice thoughts about nice things.  Have to admit was a bit stumped there.  Couldn't touch on hair (still in progress) diet (gone off it) pending birthday (this is a no go area and means staying under the bed indefinitely).  managed to get Owner outside watering things and checking on #baba's buddleia - photo as promised to show growth spurt plus some nice insects which instantly cheered owner up (hurrah).  not much on the box tonight and the two programmes we like are on at the same time on different sides I ask you.  might watch a dvd if can follow it and understand the plot it has that nice Ryan Gosling in it.
I say it has grown.  Ah Baba.  forgot to tell you about the wooden mouse.  I never played with it until Baba noticed it and batted it around.  Then of course (it was my mouse) I wanted to do the same!  Well it has come back into play so to speak and we think it is the spirit of Baba in the house.  love him!  anyway Owner keeps tripping on it and then it moves to a new place.  will keep you posted on this strange goings on and maybe post you a photo.  In the meantime take care out there.  Big love Wonka x  ps rug been for his tea alright.  xx

Friday, 9 August 2013

Family Fridee

Wonka here.   Lovely day had all down to visit from nice grandson so been admired a lot.  Yes I am a big beautiful cat we all know that but so nice to hear it! Owner still in grand mood been on beach, eaten chips, ice cream and watched a dvd with tom Cruise in it.  Fact.  He is called Jack in three of his films including the one we watched and half understood (Oblivion).  Owner loves tom, and I had to put up with not remembering one of the films loved best.  had to google it in the end (grandson encouraged to drink more chocolate as it aids memory.  yes he is still alive and I am not under the bed!).  The film?  it was, erm, it was....only joking!!  Jerry Maguire.  Love him lots.  yes so they have been scoffing popcorn, sweets, bits and bobs all afternoon.  Tonight will be the usual soap fest, combining Corrie cliffhanger with nice Nick in a coma and nasty David slightly upset I said slightly, then Enders let me see oh yes, non drunken Lauren back and nasty Lucy turned a bit nice which is most confusing.  Just to make it hard there is an episode of Masterchef in between all this - that nice comedian noted out by the way, John something?  did like him as we love an underdog.  Now Ruggles has taken to coming round for breakie - no worries Rug, plenty of food thanks to Owner.  Baba's buddleia continues its growth spurt and miracles still expected.  Must go as feel peckish.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tooty Fruity Thursdee

Wonka here.  Well greetings dear chaps and chapesses and hope good day had by all.  yes you guessed it a rather nice day had by me and Owner.  Me?  mostly because I thought I'd been abandoned by Owner and have to live alone possibly existing on insects and the drip from the water tap.  I know I had that nice cat sitter playing with me (quite tiring I had to chase a shoelace and inspect all old toys under the trolley.  I don't go there as a rule) and also Owner's daughter checking on me too.  Really exhausting being checked on and played with, so now, now Owner returned and it's beginning to feel normal again, I can truly relax.  And once Owner goes back into typical mode of being, full of anxiety and worrying about teensy weensy things(being ugly, old, fat etc) I'll be positively horizontal!  only joking!  Owner had blue stuff on head earlier on and nearly had to hide under the bed but all washed off now.  Yes looks fine (had to say that), no really I love it.  We are watching Enders and to our amazement that nice Lauren, the one with the slight drink prob has come back all cured up, and says doesn't love that bad boy Joey anymore.  then it's straight onto masterchef - we like the new team especially Denise who orders people round, She'd do well here.  Rug has been for tea and goodness me he called for breakfast this morning too.  Even a cousin is now talking of kittens.  I refuse to listen!  must go as cat is moaning to Bianca about 'stuff'.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

easy going wednesdee

Wonka here.   Of course now the really really hot weather converted to just plain ordinary sunny and warm and let's all be grateful weather, well I don't need to stay still quite so much.  nearly as much.  come to think of it, I haven't moved overmuch today.  I did move to inspect Ruggles in the yard awaiting his teatime.  yes do not fear he was catered for whilst Owner abroad.  I do like that saying when it means just outside somewhere not necessarily out of the country!  If we could go anywhere and had three wishes bout this.  1.  probably New York.  2.  probably Isle of Skye infact reverse the order and three erm, probably Wales.  You will all think what stop at homes they are!  all the wonders of the world are out there, well Owner thinks as you know, that Baba's shrine pretty wondrous and the Buddleia is still shooting up to the sky.  So yes a laid back day, Owner thinks has sorted the email crisis and can I say again, without losing it.  On the box tonight we must catch up with Corrie and nasty boy David in the crashed van with nice brother Nick, then it's celebrity masterchef to wet our appetites.  Just wish Owner would stop fretting about me being lonely.  Keeps mentioning a kitten or even worse a puppy.  I think not!  Big love Wonka  ps the usurper (Tinkebelle) spotted whilst Owner away, trying to munch up Ruggles' tea time.  x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

We're Back Tuesdee!!

Wonka here.  At last Owner returned from grand tour that took in Birmingham way plus Plymouth.  Said had fab time and been to Jamaica inn which in case you didn't know, was where all the smugglers hid their swag and passed it on down Bodmin Moor way.  Celebrated by that literary giant, Daphne Du Maurier.  Yes, very excited about going round the stables of said inn which is now a museum stuffed with artefacts,  spent far too much money in the gift shop but said worth every penny.  Has been three hours tidying round thought would never settle and guess what? Although cannot access emails due to strange message on about passwords is still remarkably calm.  Me?  I've been alright thank you, been visited by daughter and checked on thoroughly by nice cat sitter, but honestly it is not the same is it?  having to watch a war programme as Owner not noticed it is on.  Expect to return to something more like it tomorrow and catch up with Corrie (wicked David turned on nice Nick) Casualty (nice staff worried by rotten patients) and that top of the lake thing (nice detectives - is there such a thing? investigating missing girl and hampered by just about everyone).  Now I do have to close here as Owner might start fiddling with email thing an it's too late.  have missed.  big love Wonka x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lovable Thursdee

Wonka here.  Now don't be sad but me and Owner are to have some time out so try not to miss us too much.  Just a few days out that's all.  I beg you to be there when we come back!!  Gone very very hot again so you guessed it, had to lay very still for most of the day.  Lovely!  Owner been out and came back laden with food, all for me and daughter you know.  Dentist cancelled (by dentist! was ill! not toothache we hope))  Again, lovely.   New TV came on a treat and this alone has made Owner happy.  For third time, lovely!!!  Now as this is short and sweet let me update you.  we loved celebrity masterchef especially that Janet Street toothy porter woman, she is ace and has Greg in a tizz,  He called her ferocious.  John T as ever is boosting up the nervous cooks.  We will be glued to this tonight after Enders with more on the twists and turns of the relationships in the square!  No one loves anyone!  Everyone after the wrong one! Glory be.  Can I remind you that the Buddlea, Baba's buddlea that is, continues to grow in leaps and bounds.  Owner has mentioned a kitten to me once again and I wondering if I might like a little thing to boss around and maybe befriend.  I said maybe.  Ruggles is due for his tea anytime so must go and check.  go steady all.  Big love Wonka x