Sunday, 18 August 2013

sleepy Sundee

Wonka here.  Now I don't know about you out there in your various locations but right here what a beauty of a day!  had to sunbathe on top of the sideboard all aft even though Owner busy painting around me.  I did pop up the steps once and lay nicely on the top and Owner had to wait until I decided to come down before could use them.  hardly recognised Owner through all the little oatmeal spatters or is it Weetabix, one of them cerial sounding names.  Come to think of it, my new cat litter, which I am just about tolerating, smells of cerial, like all bran.  owner said it is long lasting (how long is a piece of string long lasting), it is degrading (I can vouch for that) and most important, neutralises odour (as if).  If I can get over the fact that it feels like a big bunch of sawdust then I'll give it the paws up.  Anyhow, thankfully painting at an end, that is, all downstairs but I've seen Owner glancing at the wall at the top of the stairs.  |I tell you I nearly flung myself up them!  To cap it all, all the windows must be open and it gets chilly come eight o' clock, and the rooms keep changing while I'm in the other one.  Managed to park on the settee for now.  Yes, Rug been for breakfast and tea and guess who trotted through yard yesterday?  that's right, the usurper, Tinkerbelle.  Now we did manage Casualty last night and that nice Tess going to resign.  I think not!  we need a familiar face if Charlie is to be missing for weeks on end, he is our very own security blanket actor.  Caught up with Top of the Lake and I must say that was a top drama and Owner followed it from start to end.  Now tonight we can watch 'the mill' and feel lucky to be alive, or dragons den where they're eaten alive!  only joking!  Now week coming up fairly big as don't forget we have the excitement of new carpets.  Think I am under the bed that day for sure.  Go steady.  Big love Wonka x