Friday, 16 August 2013

Busy bee Fridee

Wonka here.  good eve and yes it's Friday at last!!! that's for all you workers out there slaving away and might I suggest if you are not happy in that job give it up!  work should be a labour of love Owner say and one day may even prove it.  Only joking!!  Now I say busy bee because Owner really got stuck in to that painting jag.  Front Door? glad you asked, now a very nice looking front door that we can all stand to look at, go out of and come back in again.  Thankfully after a lot of fretting over choice of colour, Owner settled down and loves it.  Me?  well as soon as the wooden steps were put up (usually stand outside and Ruggles sits at the top.  Before him it was Baba and before that it was Golly the good and the wise) did I run up them! and then, perched on the mantelpiece.  Owner gave me one of those looks, sped into the bathroom to wash a gallon of paint off hands and then back to whisk me off.  ~Said very dangerous to perch there.  I only overlapped a tiny bit over the edge.  Anyhow, finally stopped with the little bit here and little bit there and we can concentrate on a massive tv fest.  it begins now with Corrie and an exciting storyline with nice lad Craig and nasty man Carl.  Hope Rita recovers enough to put make up back on and wish tina would stop with nervous breakdown that doesn't admit to.  So two of that, one of enders and forget really what the story is there but bound to be jealousy, drunkenness and a few drugs on the side.  Celebrity masterchef is hotting up and we are backing Shane plus Brian who is much funnier than the comedian (as predicted and finally we can fit this one in, a David Walliams offering on beeb one it is  comedy and about a school.  Hope Owner can manage without anxiety attack eh.  Rug had tea time and I'm keeping close eye on yard.  no sign of any kitten in need of a good home (ours) as yet.  Go steady out there.  Big love wonka x