Tuesday, 6 August 2013

We're Back Tuesdee!!

Wonka here.  At last Owner returned from grand tour that took in Birmingham way plus Plymouth.  Said had fab time and been to Jamaica inn which in case you didn't know, was where all the smugglers hid their swag and passed it on down Bodmin Moor way.  Celebrated by that literary giant, Daphne Du Maurier.  Yes, very excited about going round the stables of said inn which is now a museum stuffed with artefacts,  spent far too much money in the gift shop but said worth every penny.  Has been three hours tidying round thought would never settle and guess what? Although cannot access emails due to strange message on about passwords is still remarkably calm.  Me?  I've been alright thank you, been visited by daughter and checked on thoroughly by nice cat sitter, but honestly it is not the same is it?  having to watch a war programme as Owner not noticed it is on.  Expect to return to something more like it tomorrow and catch up with Corrie (wicked David turned on nice Nick) Casualty (nice staff worried by rotten patients) and that top of the lake thing (nice detectives - is there such a thing? investigating missing girl and hampered by just about everyone).  Now I do have to close here as Owner might start fiddling with email thing an it's too late.  have missed.  big love Wonka x