Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hex Factor Satdee

Wonka here.  As you can see Owner revving up for the return of that show.  has it been a year since?  yes and next weekend we will be juggling Hex Factor with Strictly.  Lordy.  So exciting and when Downton Abbey returns we shall just be in a TV fug.   You will wonder if any life outside of the tv fest?  Yes there is!!  Owner managed to struggle up fairly earlydoors and lucky did as Ruggles out there waiting for breakfast.  Then followed a load of housework but luckily is still staving off the hoovering.  The new carpet is still new and nice you see.  Well I only spilt a vase of flower water on it yesterday!  Just playing with the flowers and chewing on a carnation when suddenly the whole thing tipped over.  owner went silent for what seemed like an eternity but was actually only half a minute or so, and I was prepared to rush upstairs and under the bed, but all was well.  Apparently the silence was Owner's brain assessing the damage and problem solving!!  So Owner took off out to go swimming, shopping and seeing relatives.  There are three big birthdays looming and first up is sibling.  Next up is Daughter and then third up is Owner.  I will do my poor best on the day that's all I can do.  Last night we so enjoyed celebrity masterchef and Les just keeps stepping it up!  It was nice Shane from that boy band Boyzone, the one with trillions of tattoos that was 'leaving the competition'.  As usual John T and Greg talked and tasted and we think John T is in love with Janet street Porter.  She is fierce looking and might pack a punch but she is still in with a shout.  Now please go steady out there as it's the weekend.  Must go and check for Ruggles.  Oh yes, the tomato is doing very well and we are eating the first tomato tonight.  it doesn't get better than that eh.  big love Wonka x