Sunday, 28 June 2015

Diva is developing....

Would you believe it?  YES YOU WOULD.  Owner is still at it, developing Diva AND, there are new characters appearing like Kimmy dog.

Who else? I ventured up, is going to be in this story?? eh? EH?

Yes, there is Kimmywimmy dog and also the fairies......... and believe me those fairies are hard at it without any spare time for posing on sprigs of flowers, or flapping around the lampshades OR turning up on pens and pencils just for your amusement.  They have jobs to do!!  But here is the new thing, that Owner has been developing and such like:
Blow me right down the stairs and back again!!  It turns out that GF, which is good fairie has a pet butterfly..and BF who is bad fairie has a pet slug.  Which she keeps in a matchbox.  You have been busy Owner, I says up, when she showed me the illustration and all.  I KNOW, she goes back to me. I mean, it is bang on tea-time.............x for now then, Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Diva is taking shape...........

The story of Diva is taking shape declared Owner!

She is helped along as we already said, by the Fairies BUT Owner has now told me there is another dog.  Another dog? says I back........ Yes, replied Owner, and it is Kimmy dog.
Blow me to the top of the stairs and under the bed and back again - that is the first I have heard this, and I bet you are all astonished (big word like it) like me.

It turns out that Kimmy is a sort of a background dog, what I goes, like Bertie Bubb living in the cupboard but IS STILL part of our family?  Sort of, kind of, goes Owner.

Finally I have demanded to see what Kimmy dog looks like:

There she is!! silky collie dog Kim.....proud to be part of Diva's story she is and guess what? NO that is not it!! Owner says Kim and Diva were bounding about in her dream the other night....I know, just sometimes folks I feel a tiny, no miniscule twinge of 'what about me' BUT then I think, it's alright because I am doing the forward to the Story of Diva - so folks that's it for now and see you in the week OR with our next cartoon collaboration...... Big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

A little something.....

Wonka here.

Owner has insisted on me writing something.  she says, everyone will want to know how I am (tick), and how Bertie is (alright Tick) and whether Rugglesis is trucking along (yes! Tick!).

Here is Bertie bubb with his new friend a pink thing, that Owner went and bought for an outlandish amount of money at the Vets.  She cannot ignore pink toys. No.

There he is!!  The recluse to end all recluses, it is our very own wardrobe hermit, Bertie bubb!!.  Now you know he is alright (told you) and spoilt rotten.  YES I am still looking at him when I shouldn't. End of. x
We will post some more nice cartoons and sketches soon.  Promise.  AND at least one of them will be me.    And, there will be much more about Diva (woof!) Big Love Wonka x

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A little bit more about Diva

Wonka here!! just a glimpse for you, of some of the artwork Owner has been scanning ready for the big story itself.  YES, I have given it the once over and I can almost hear Diva woofing with excitement over it.........or was that bad fairie?  Bad fairie can imitate anyone you know, and is rather spot on when she does a 'good fairie' voice. the meantime have a look at this one folks:
Good Fairie arrives as part of Diva's Spell, such a magical delicate spell, woven by fairies and kept in a carved wooden chest locked up with a golden key................ it floated right down to the bottom, shimmering and silky it whispered down and the name glittered like a rainbow, Diva. 
We leave Diva there, at the beginning of the story folks and until next time...Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

All About Diva

Wonka here and very proud to present the second in our new cartoon collaboration: it is to tell you about Diva, our new story, coming in instalments with the first part due July/August time.

She was Owner's real dog, her angel dog and Golly used to live with her! it was Golly who let me in, and up til now (thankyouverymuch) has been my only friend.  Baba sort of liked me, Tinkers did NOT like me, and Bertie Bubb is just a total growling recluse.  Ruggles............the jury is still out as you know folks and we do 'enjoy' some supervised access.  BUT here we are, for your delectations!!

There she is!! and watch out for the very first instalment! 
Big Love Wonka x


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Diva is coming!!

Wonka here.  Just to give all you tired and fed up folk out there a klaxon and drum roll warning!!  There is some fun on the horizon...............

Diva is soon to arrive, first up, as a cartoon to wet your appetites!!  and then as a story in three or more parts.

Exciting or what!

and until can almost hear her happy bark!  Yippee!!

This is a sketch Owner did of Diva when she was but a mite, a wee pupster, unusually (says Owner) in repose (like that word a lot.)  We think it was in 1998, maybe.  and needless to say BUT I AM GOING TO SAY IT I love it.  End of. x
Owner says if she has some time to herself and is not over busy seeing to US, she will cough up this cartoon over the weekend.  THANKS Owner!  So, until then, big Love Wonka x

Monday, 1 June 2015

By The Seaside Besides The Sea!

Introducing the very first of Wonka's cartoon collaborations, and we owe a debt to a dog.  Yes, this is Moon Dog, who does pretty outstanding cartoons down under, and he has inspired us to try and do him proud but on our little isle on top.

What will become of The Futurist Theatre? It has been a popular theatre, hosting all sorts of entertainment since the turn of the 20th century, down there on South Shore, until now!! Klaxons, drums, and sharp intake of breath...... can it be saved from demolition! Owner has taken an interest folks so watch this space........

It is indeed in the latest Duffel Again story on, with Ken Dodd doing a one nighter there! Owner called it another name BUT it is really and truly The Futurist.  It looks nothing (de Rien) from the outside and when you get in there you have stepped back in time.  There is a massive curtain over the screen and rows of old fashioned tip up seats..What is not to love and like says Owner??
It has its own Facebook page and everything does The Futurist and its fate lies with the council.  will the right bid be taken up?? do you believe in magic?? We do, and the wishing well is onto it!
Until next time, Big Love Wonka x