Sunday, 21 June 2015

Diva is taking shape...........

The story of Diva is taking shape declared Owner!

She is helped along as we already said, by the Fairies BUT Owner has now told me there is another dog.  Another dog? says I back........ Yes, replied Owner, and it is Kimmy dog.
Blow me to the top of the stairs and under the bed and back again - that is the first I have heard this, and I bet you are all astonished (big word like it) like me.

It turns out that Kimmy is a sort of a background dog, what I goes, like Bertie Bubb living in the cupboard but IS STILL part of our family?  Sort of, kind of, goes Owner.

Finally I have demanded to see what Kimmy dog looks like:

There she is!! silky collie dog Kim.....proud to be part of Diva's story she is and guess what? NO that is not it!! Owner says Kim and Diva were bounding about in her dream the other night....I know, just sometimes folks I feel a tiny, no miniscule twinge of 'what about me' BUT then I think, it's alright because I am doing the forward to the Story of Diva - so folks that's it for now and see you in the week OR with our next cartoon collaboration...... Big Love Wonka x