Friday, 28 February 2014

Thoroughly Fridee

Wonka here.  Owner woke up before the good alarm could start the first peeping and says is it time to get up I wonder.  I helped by jumping on and over Owner to get my first tummy tickle of the day and bony M, that is aka and that means also known as (in case like me you did not know) Mr Beaujangles.. just lay there like a furry log.  Once Owner has given us at least ten aliases it means we have arrived.  When we are bored and I have nothing else to report I will do a list.  In the meantime, the thoroughly began in the night when Owner trip trapped downstairs and said what is that ghastly smell.  I can immediately tell you good folks out there it was not me it was Dr Doolittle aka Mr Beaujangles.   If it had not been deep in the night Owner would have spent half an hour being thorough but saved it for the morning instead.  We love it.

Fresh and thorough para.  In keeping with all things thorough I present to you a photoshoot which is a special Owner's study of me and the dressing gown belt: now even I said to Owner has it shrunk in the wash and I mean the cartoon not the dressing gown???  this is one of the cartoons and I have made Owner do another one to see if it is any bigger.   The one at the top was the second version and it has gone weensy but you can see me with my paw on the belt and Owner fairly flying downstairs!  in the mark 1 version which to confuse you good folks out there in the Wold, is the cartoon underneath and where Owner is now sporting a vivid pinky red gown and I am leaping in the air!!  We love both of them, thanks Owner!!!

Final thorough para.   Owner reports a visit to aged parent after her stint with the little people which she said, it being a Fridee and all, went well.  I AM ON A LEARNING CURVE she says.  some of that is remembering three thousand names and forgetting two thousand nine hundred and...........  aged parent told Owner she looked tired and of course good folks I have had to cope with this from the minute she crawled back in with our food shopping.  I know I am tired, said Owner and I quote, but I just don't want to look it!!!  I said how gorgeous she looked and could I have my fresh chick, and could she just let Beau Beau in off the kitchen windysill and could we maybe have one of those new biscuits too but she didn't hear me above answering one of those annoying cold calls on the telephone.   YES she goes, I am thoroughly worn out!!  I love it.

real final Para.  Good Rugglesis has been for his tea and growled slightly when he spied me relaxing a long way away from him.  As Owner let him out did she spy Bertie sitting looking at us from the other side of the good see through gate.  GOODNESS she went, and told Rug to take it steady.  he didn't hear her above rushing to see where Bertie had gone.  Now on the tv front you will brace yourselves for the news that we did watch Enders and it seemed to dart between Kat, possibly a prison visit, Staycee, the girl who is bad news and we have forgotten her name and the lad called Liam, back to Staycee and her partner or is ex partner.  he seemed to be saying to Staycee how could she keep a secret (the murder thing) and what else could she be hiding. Owner said and I quote, well it is not acting skills!! and , is she going to wear the same expression for the entire storyline can I stand it NO.  But it is alright folks because good corrie is on times 2 and we have the exciting storyline of angst ridden Gary hitting bad builder with a log or lump of concrete in honour  of his Mum Anna who surely will not approve?  Emily Bishop may still be glued to breaking Bad and if we get fed up there is Devlin and his new business enterprise and bereft Rita.  We love it.  All of this may bring Owner back to life and stop her from being too thorough.   Now the weekend is here so I ask all you good folks out there wherever you are in the Wold to go steady in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Nick of time Thursdee

Wonka here.  Oh says Owner when stumbled up and peeked out of a tiny gap in the curtain it's raining.   I can't say I'm overly worried about this as you know I keep myself warm and snug in all weathers and would soon say something if the heating went off!!!  I do like it when Owner puts on her mammoth dressing gown which you could fit two Owners in, it is pink and fluffy and if I time it right I can leap on the end of the belt so that when Owner reaches the bottom stair she no longer has a belt to the gown.  WONKA! she goes, but cheers her up.  A cat's got to do etc.

Fresh and blue sky again para.  You may know by now that whilst I am organised and careful, full of sense and beyond, Owner is eratic, chaotic, the other one beginning with 'n' but I can only hint and whisper at it in case Owner hears me, anyways she likes to sail close to the wind is yet another expression all pointing to the main fact.  WHICH IS? goes Owner who has been listening all the time, well I goes, you can be a risk taker Owner.  and blow me down but Owner does like this description of herself.  I mean that sums it up today but as you know folks tomorrow I could be living with a different Owner, careful and wise like me......I can but dream!! only joking Owner!  today's photoshoot is a cartoon sketch of the beauty rainbow because folks, Owner saw that in the nick of time - what is this nick you ask me?  it means that things work out your way, and at the right time. We love it.  Is that it at the top you say?  YES IT IS!!  there is Owner looking at a giant double rainbow from the north bay sea to the Castle.   another minute at the dentist (who we love mostly) and I would have missed it she goes.  Praise be, I said.

Final sunny para.  another nick of time thing is the finances there I have said it.  Owner has been using Edward De Bono's philosophy which I have to own up I do support too, and it does say that you must plan as if you have the money, plan as if it will arrive as you need it and blow me down stairs if it didn't do that very thing today!!! Even very trusting Owner was surprised.  We are saved she goes, for another month.  and when she stumbled back in with all our food and new biscuits in case Beau Beau likes them (Owner says he is but skin and bone.  I know) she reports another alright session with the little people and there is every hope for the bigger ones (the staff she said).  I have passed this good news onto Mr Beau (money and biscuits) who is relaxing upstairs somewhere and I will pass it on to Ruggles when he calls for tea.  Now last night as you know we had the comfort of Corrie and a brand new storyline has come up trumps.  Owner shouted at the good tv but in surprise not annoyingment.   Owner was very concerned she would not be able to stand the Anna and builder storyline and what if this and what if that, well the story took a turn good folks and in the direction of Anna's angst ridden ex army son Gary who took it upon himself to have a word with the horrid builder who has been bullying and the rest towards his mum and guess what?  The builder bully started saying mean things to do with Anna and so Gary picks up a big log or something and thwacks him with it.  Down he goes.  it may have been a balsa wood concrete post I said to Owner but she couldn't hear me above saying things like I NEVER EXPECTED THAT!!  It rather puts Enders and all their cancer ridden, murdering women on the run and or in prison receiving lots of proposals some of them marriage, in the shade!  not to mention Alfees coat.  Yes we are watching it tonight and pray for Masood to take over the square or marry Jane and where is Dot all this time?  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it, wrap up warm like me.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Better off Wednesdee

Wonka here.  today we got up nicely had our breakfast nicely and thought this is alright for a midweek day so far.   No sign of Mr Beaujangles on the windowsill but good Ruggles was waiting nicely for his breakfast and I played a quick game of paw under the door with him! We loved it!!  Just as Owner was admiring the way her hair has gone and thinking about the compliment she had yesterdee about it but was so busy feeling woebegone and my life my life kind of thing, did not stop to think OH SOMEONE LIKES MY HAIR, well just then good folks the phone rang and it was a proper bone fide (I Say!) call.

Fresh better off para.  Yes it was from the good agency (it is a good agency today)to say DO NOT FEAR Owner, all is well and such like.  I do hope so goes Owner but I could detect (nice one nice one) a bit of benign-ness creeping back.  And if that isn't a word it ought to be.  So by all accounts when Owner tripped back through the good front door she reports a good time had, that the little people were their usual merry little selves and some of them liked her teddy bear brooch too.  We love teddies did I tell you?  Since Owner has recovered her benign mood I did persuade her to do the missed opportunity mid week gardening slot and here it is: oh I have flown it up top - to the right is our secret garden winter jasmine owner thinks and it if it isn't that IT WANTS TO BE she reckoned.  Next to it is a precious sign, a carving by Owner's departed and beloved Dad and it was the name of the family home since and I quote Time Immemorial.  Owner brought it back from that terrible time when she had to pack all up.   Is it making you weep I said but she was busy admiring the jasmine and had her hankie ready to blow her nose she said.  I love it.

Fresh mid week garden para.  There are more in the secret garden series folks and we may surprise you tmro.  Today, Beau Beau returned for a feed another feed a lay on table and a lay on the bed before he cheeped to go out.  Ruggles has been again for his tea and when Owner trotted to the luxury shed she briefly saw Bertie flying up the yard.  Me?  thanks for asking, well I have tried hard to get in some naps, a bit of seagull duty and thinking up some good ideas from my giant nest stroke settee.  I also tucked in to a morsel or two of best good as it looks.  Last night I did cope with the ever annoying storylines from Enders which as far as we make out centred on Staycee, a tiny bit of shirleee and a tiny bit of Janeen.  We must try hard to follow the plot and ignore continuity like alfees new leather coat which he cannot afford said Owner as he is not working.  Are you making value judgements I asked and even Owner said you cannot possibly know what that means but it did sound important.  It just means Alfie could have been given the coat, (list) or 2.  kat bought it 3.  He took out some savings (yes this is stretching things) or 4.  and this could be the one folks, he has had it ages and is only just wearing it now.  Owner does that all the time with clothes.  I have gone on and on about Enders and tonight it is good Corrie!! Owner is praying that good Owen finds out about Anna and that nasty builder who is being a horrid bully boy.  and the other storyline is the son of Eileen is it Toby jug who is trying to swoop on the gay nurse who is with thingy from the hair salon who is a girly.  We love it. Now do go steady out there in the wold wherever you are in it, and we are in the middle of this week too.  Owner said to remind folks that Mercury will go forward instead of backwards come Fridee.  Meaning Owner I goes?  communications will pick up and all will be right.  Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bad day at black rock Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Got up and got on nicely until.  DO DO DO DOO DAAAAAAH!!!  Yes it was a family phone call.  No it was not to say Hallo How are you Owner and Wonka and any of the others like rugglesis it was a SITUATION.  Haven't we enough of those I says to Owner when she comes off the phone muttering can't do right for wrong but she didn't hear me above rushing round to get ready for the job she doesn't want to go to.  Can anything go right I said to the green cushion I was snuggling up to?

Fresh and faithful para.  I did want to do a nice little gardening photoshoot and even encourage Owner to have a little miniscule gardening snippet in with all my news so it would have to be small we know that but I could not get her interested.  Instead we have a little cartoon to show about me and Owner which you will love.  As per I have flown it up top and tried to make it bigger if anything it looks smaller!!  There is Owner to the left shouting at Enders on the good tv and to the right I am trying to get some rest! We love it and yes last night it was terrible as we not only had Stacee with that same forlorn expression for the whole half an hour (Owner reports it was the longest half hour of her life.) we had Alfee in a new leather coat which he surely cannot afford says Owner and to round it off Kat was visiting murdering Janeeeen and even Carol's cancer made an appearance.  I was pretty worn out towards the end folks!!  Yes it is on tonight and I may have to pray for a black out! Only joking Owner!.

Final and dark Para.  What this black day thing you want to know?  After the phone call things spiralled downwards into Owner's tiny job with the little people.  Is it like being back at School I said to Owner when she crashed back in after a top up visit to aged parent.  TOTALLY she goes. And can me, Beaujangles and Ruggles have our tea before you go funny I said but Owner didn't hear me above phoning the good agency to TALK IT THROUGH.  Weirdly  said Owner, sometime later, the visit cheered me up!  Says played a quiz and bingo with a big group of residents who mostly knew what was happening.  I love it.   Tonight we will be watching yes Enders and then that nice hospital drama where everyone is conniving and competitive and messed up.  Busman's holiday says Owner who is feeling a bit better and may try harder tomorrow.  Until then I will as ever be cheering Owner on and showing off my tummy for a tickle, asking for more food every two minutes and generally taking her mind off bad things.  I may chase a ball or two and cuddle my catnip fish for good measure.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and specially if you too are having the bad rock day.  Big Love Wonka x

Monday, 24 February 2014

Money back Mundee

Wonka here.  The big yellow orb has returned, the shrieking nasty wind has dropped and I've gone all poetic.  Owner says dreamt nicely all night and there were some puppies.  We don't want them I said.  I KNOW she goes back.  WE'VE ENOUGH ON.  Keep them in your dreams Owner and blow me if Mr Beaujangles suspremo wasn't on the good kitchen window sill outside asking to come in closely followed by Ruggles.  It was alright though as I got my breakfast FIRST.  because I am TOP of the list!  I love it.

Fresh and sunny para.  Before I tell you why it is a money back day we are having a photoshoot.  It is all about me and good Ruggles.As per I have tried to make Owner's cartoon bigger and nothing happened.   There is big Rug at the bottom chomping some food on his giant plate.  it has a sticker with RUGGLESIS plate on the bottom for when our fave cat sitter takes over.  At the top there is me looking on in a nice kind of a way and next to me is Owner's feet in her best pink slippers.  To the left folks is the escape hatch stroke poor back door.  We know when Rug has had enough as he 'paws' at the door!! We love him.

Money back final para.  What you asking?  Owner is back toiling and helping out with the little people and I said how did it go first day back Owner and she says it would fine if all the bigger people stepped to one side.  Otherwise it went well and all the little people flung themselves around and told on each other and cried one minute and not the next.  OH I said back.  Now in the post was one letter which when Owner had quickly read it demanded a phone call.  I was poised to hide under the bed but realised Owner still in benign mood left over from yesterdee and instead I perched near to the stairs in case.   Owner made the call and has been recompensed.  WHAT FOR I goes?  For telling them about an error Owner said back.  Did you complain I said back again.  NO she goes.  The nice lady says to me THIS IS A COMPLAINT and you will be recompensed.  Rather like being back at school but it was alright said Owner still smiling and laughing.  Remind me folks to get the next Tom Hanks film on pre order as they say at good Amazon!!

Real final para.  Owner has not once talked of  feeling ill and I'm not mentioning it either so tonight we have the usual Corrie x 2 and surely Tina is sailing close to the wind and what of poor bereft and husbandless Rita never mind grieving roy.  Enders is in between and I may have to divert Owner somehow if Stacee who belongs in the square according to kat who is not a cat but is a full on make up female married to Alfee, takes on the main storyline.  Possibly good Masood will have a bigger part to play now he is a restored and upright citizen who Jane likes.  Never mind that new big family in the Queen Vic.  Bring back Aunty peggy I say.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Secret Sundee

Wonka here.  Bloomin windy out there all night and all day and there is nothing Owner does not like more.  Says first heard the sound of the wind shrieking in this weensy flat when first moved to this nice seaside.  Was it noisy I says to Owner.  She goes, and I quote, I now know WHY THEY CALL THE WIND MARIAH  Isn't that a song I went back, YES she said. We love it.

Fresh and windy para.   Beau Beau  spent the night with us and I have to reward myself for being on best behaviour.  it lasted throughout Rugglesis visit for supper last night and I did not mind even when he growled consistently (phew) at me.  But that is not a secret you say so what is??  In keeping with our campaign to cheer up Owner, I said to her why don't you do a little book slot on this blog once a week to keep the good folk out there interested?  but really folks I did it to keep her off a giant worry jive that she will go on, on Sundees.  ***************So here is Owner's book for the week slot:
Now you see the secret connection!!  That is the front which I flew up to the top, and that is Mary Lennox on it and here is the back with Dickon and Colin.Owner says this is one of her favourite childhood books and may read it again.  The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson-Burnett.    Mary is orphaned and from India and this book was written in 1911!!  and she comes to live in Yorkshire and meets with Dickon and then Colin.  The secret garden says Owner is magic.  She says when she sees things coming up in the tubs outside she thinks of this book.  I love it.  thanks for that Owner!!

Back to normal para.  Me?  Thanks for asking, had a really nice day with lots of much needed rest, naps and full on sleep interspersed (OOH!) with snacks.  Now here is my news for the day, did Owner on her second trip to the luxury shed to stock up see the new secret cat nestled up on the good car seat!!! Before it ran off with the mistaken idea that Owner was a monster from Mars.  We are calling it Bertie for now.  And it lives round the back somewhere.  And it is a nice tortoishell colour.  We love it.  Tonight we are glued to skipping about on the ice with our fave Hayley and fave Dan but we think our not fave Ray might be the winner.  Owner is alright with this as she has slipped into a benign mood praise be, and is then set to watch the midwives where we have hankies out the whole time.  She says watching The Terminal with beloved Tom Hanks has put her into this benign mood and recommends it to anyone feeling old, ill, ugly, poverty stricken and just a bit off kilter.   I have advised Owner against looking in the mirror for the rest of this good day in order to maintain her good mood but she didn't hear me above blowing her nose.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Blues day Satdee

Wonka here.  just me and Owner for the night as Beau Beau popped out to not return. However, on the final trip to the luxury shed last night an encounter of the cat kind happened!!  It is a new one, it is not Tinkers.  How do we know it is not Tinkers you say? Because dear folks out there, it went in the opposite direction.  Plus says Owner who had the advantage of being in the good yard at the time, it did not have a bell on it!  who was it who said all cats look the same in the dark???  NOT SO.
So when Owner said is it time to get up Wonka?  I had to say I was starving and to get a move on otherwise it would have been too late to listen to my favourite Anneka Rice on good Radio 2.  I love her.

Fresh para.  What is this blues day thing you want to know.  Owner has spent most of the week feeling (list) 1.  ill 2.  Old 3.  Ugly and spot ridden 4.  friendless and penniless 5.  best not get onto 5.
It has culminated (Owner helped me out with that one) in the blues.  I WILL TRY TO CHEER UP she mumbled when she fell back in this afternoon.  she had been swimming, shopping and visiting.  Was it the visiting that brought it on I said.  MOST LIKELY she goes back.  I have tried to be less demanding and more cuddley folks.  and it is working.  Photoshoot needed:  now what is this you all asking well it is me of course, the star of the show looking at a nice pot of snowdrops.  And this did make Owner laugh let me tell you, as when daughter was here she had brought them as a gift and blow me down I thought they were a gift for me!!  so I pounced on them, Owner moved them, I reached over and still pounced on them and knocked them to the ground!!!  That is why good folks the snowdrops are now on the other side of the window peeking in at me.  I love it.  and you can see I have flown the sketch up top to make Owner smile.

Final happy para.  tonight there is everything to help Owner restore her good mood and see what an ace person she really is instead of that other one.   I've even had a bigger nap than usual to make sure I can watch it all too!  I am praying for American idol which Owner loves to follow to make sure people really do live and behave like that.  IT'S NOT REAL I said last time but tonight I shall whisper it, then it is the good Voice with all in their big red teacups pressing buzzers now and then rounded off by casualtee and uncle Charley Nursey advising and doing a little bit of nursing.  There is another good quiz where he keeps saying IT IS ON THE LIST and Owner has taken this up as her fave catchphrase.  We love it.  Tomorrow we have a dvd up our sleeve which winged its way here this afternoon as a surprise gift.  It is beloved Tom Hanks at some terminal and I did say to Owner you want to count your blessings but she didn't hear me above the kettle boiling for the next round of hot water bottles for the luxury shed. Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Dream Big Fridee

Wonka here.  we were woken up not by the sound of the seagulls chattering away from the chimney tops, not by a single magpie which was later on and caused Owner to say and I quote OH NO IT'S JUST ONE not two so that is unlucky, says, no it was none of that, it was Mr Beau beau being poorly.   Owner got up shortly after that saying I may as well get up then but I was too busy rolling on the luxury carpet down below to take any notice really.   Yesterdee I promised you good folks out there a funny photoshoot and here it is, early on in this good Fridee blog. 
Hoping you all like it!  yes that is me resting my tail on Mr Beau's tail!! and that is my best toy at the top, the one I got for Christmas.  I love it.

Fresh dream big para.  What big dreams you want to know.  Well Owner has put going to New York at the top of her wish list and has entered a competition.  it is three nights in that good city, in June.  I MUST WIN it she goes.  Yes it is part of Owner's Life Plan so it should work I keep telling her.  I mean look at me?  Living the dream or what!  I asked for a playmate and Mr Beaujangles washed up not to mention good Ruggles.  He ventured (like that word) into the dining room last night when no one was looking until I was looking and then he growled at the poor back door to go out.  We love him.

final non competition para.  it is the last day of Owner's supposed week off which hasn't slowed down really what with Drs and Dentists and shopping and visits and wotnot.  She likes to be busy though.  The chest infection you say?  Owner is gobbling down all the tablets and I am hoping stops saying feels ill every 5 minutes.  Me?  thanks for asking.  had to have a nap on the giant nest stroke spare bed as Owner was upstairs and I like to keep an eye closed on the proceedings.  Later on I am planning to rest up by the radiator in the dining room and eat a little something in between.  It is all go but I am coping.

Real final para.  Owner says it is rainbow weather again today but is not planning on a mad dash outside.  If there is another rainbow folks she will do.  Tonight we are glued to Corrie x 2 and the return of grieving Roy.  Owner says wept at his return and I said what was it that made you weep and she goes HE WAS LOOKING AT A BOX. I see, I goes back.  Enders is squashed in between and somehow Owner has to get through it without shouting at Staycee and her small child who may be called Lily.  Staycee and Lilee. they are on the run and wanted for murder!  Can I stand it goes Owner?  but good Masood is providing relief with Jane in the pub and Carol's cancer has taken an 'I want to be alone why doesn't everyone let me be alone' break.  We love it.  Now the weekend is here again so do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Double Rainbow Thursdee

Wonka here.  Photoshoot has to be first folks as it was to quote Owner OUTSTANDING!  and that is from the good seafront following a poor visit to the dentist. Sorry dentist!  Owner said when she stumbled back in it was an ordeal she did not want to repeat.  WOE I said.  and then I said, what about the food shopping Owner??  and she was so traumatised (good word for a thursdee) that she had to go back out across the busy motorway stroke street to rescue all the cat food and luxury cat litter from the boot of the car with no name.  it's a wonder you took that photo Owner I said!  We love it.

Fresh para.  now Owner has insisted on fiddling about with this good blog putting up this new cartoon and that until I said STOP Owner!!  but I'll tell you what good folks out there I rather like it and let's remember for a minute it is all about me and a tad about Owner.  Now tomorrow I will have another good photoshoot for you and it is me and Mr Beau.  we are sitting next to each other but it is a funny one.  We love it, and so will you.  So Mr Beau has met Owner's daughter and all are happy about it even me.  I only got jealous a couple of times and when Owner said WHAT IS THAT? I soon stopped making a fuss.  Ruggles is yet to pop in but we have sighted Tinkerbelle speeding out of the luxury shed and up the good fence as soon as Owner said IT IS ALRIGHT TINKERS.  Owner said they looked at each briefly before tinkers decided Owner was a monster from hell and sped off yes straight across the busy motorway stroke street.  Owner said she has no nerves left.  I beg to differ.  I love it.

Final para.  Yes.  Owner and daughter got through an intense pirating adventure with good Tom Hanks dealing with trouble on the high seas.  I asked if we were going to see any of the Brits thing with lots of singers and such sitting around making poor jokes and good Mr Corden trying to make it all come together.  The bit we saw had Owner shouting at the tv things like, and I quote, are they going to say thankyou, and who is that? and do they think they are being cool?  we turned off shortly after this beeyoncee did a number.   I USED TO LIKE HER goes Owner.  Now tonight there are no Brits and no Folks awards things but there is a giant episode of Enders and I am gathering up all my strength to see it through as Owner is bound to shout about Staceee and Carol's cancer story but hopefully they will concentrate on Masood who is changing back to good Masood, and may fall in love with Jane ,who is another come back person but not as irritating as Stayceee,  Owner says it should be Gocee!! GO Owner I said back.  Anyway. go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in folks.  Big Love Wonka x 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Chest infection Wednesdee

Wonka here.  terrible night for Owner up down up down on about new pillows and didn't like them felt ill and so on.  Me? thanks for asking, I can't say I noticed anything different in my nightly routine really.  stayed downstairs for a bit checking out of the windows front and back plus the poor back door, then I toddled upstairs and picked a nice clean spot on the giant nest stroke bed in the spare room and well that was it really until I heard Owner saying I HAD A TERRIBLE NIGHT'S SLEEP.  I mentioned about breakfast for me and off we went to start a brand new day! We love it.

Fresh antibiotic para.  You will recall we are first up with the Doctors and off Owner goes for her appt.  Did he give you anything I said the second she fell back through the door thankfully with some more shopping and food for me.  He said, and I quote, has it gone to  your chest?  NO says Owner, it is all in my head.  After a thorough examination the Doctor announces that Owner has a slight CHEST INFECTION.    So he was right and you were wrong Owner I said from behind the door but she didn't hear me above the slight cough she has now.  it is alright though as she is now taking tablets and we all know this will clear up the bubonic plague if it ever gets here.  now for the good photoshoot Owner has done a special cartoon to celebrate the arrival of daughter. YES!  I have flown it up to the top!  so at the top of the cartoon is the good train arriving at the station and at the left is Owner waiting.  I am very excited as I do love a visitor.

Fresh and possibly final para.  Rug was not there for his breakfast but may turn up later we are not putting out an alert just yet.  Mr Beau has turned up and chomped a dish of best whiskas and is asking for more.  Is there enough to go round I said to Owner and I did check the shopping but it is alright there is enough to feed the motorway stroke street.  Now tonight in honour of daughter we must watch beloved Tom hanks fight off some pirates on the high seas and may squeeze in a corrie x 1.  owner has worked out the mystery of why temptress Tina is annoying her so much and I said from upstairs is it because she reminds you of you Owner but no it isn't that, Owner says Tina is very hostile and standoffish just like Carole's cancer story Carol over on Enders.  OH I said back.  not to mention Stacey.  I mustn't mention her as this is a red rag to chest infected Owner right now!  So do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

50 shades of blonde Tuesdee

Wonka here.  I noticed that yesterdee's blog caption for photoshoot joined in with my name on good google + and I thought I wonder if any good folk will think that's funny, car with no name Wonka who is that, but luckily no one 1. (list) noticed or 2. read it in the first place to see it. 3.  I am over it.
Now when we got up first off I said to Owner it is just me for breakfast Owner.  IS THAT SO she goes back but guess what that's right good Ruggles was perched on the doorstep and only growled and hissed a tiny bit when Owner let him in.  All in a day's work I said to Owner but she didn't hear me above boiling the kettle for rug's hot water bottles.

Fresh para.  What is that title you may say, good and only reader.  You will know the trials I go through when Owner says I DON'T LIKE MY HAIR. Before we can say how's your father she has gone out with the dread credit card and come back with a new and exciting shade of blonde.  of course I say immediately (spelling!) what about me Owner!  and I have to have something nice before Owner can retreat to the bathroom and read the instructions.  I am joking as Owner never reads the instructions.  a small photoshoot to do with my extremely attractive Owner:   would you believe it I cannot fly it up top or move it!!  it has now moved itself back to the side.  You get the picture good folks out there.  At the moment and several applications later the hair is rather a fetching shade as I like to say.  For anyone special Owner I goes?   I AM SPECIAL she goes back.  I love it.

Real end para.  Rug has been twice Mr Beau has been once and asked very loudly I thought to go back out into the wilderness and I am enjoying the peace and quiet goodness knows I need my rest and the radiator has been blasting out right into my good fur for most of the day.  I did go and lay on a freshly made bed but soon moved off it back to the radiator again.  Owner has had a busy day visiting the ageds and I said to her I said did you cope with it Owner?  YES JUST she said.  the hair thing has cheered her on and now she can face any amount of officialdom (ooer) Drs and Dentists.  tomorrow we welcome my aunty and that is Owner's daughter so I am fully expecting to be talked about and cuddled for most of the day.  Tonight we are trying to stay with Enders even though the where is Stacey she belongs here and why are you lying to me Kat (Alfie) storyline is wearing us down.  Owner is thinking about a petition called Bring Back Anyone else not quite so boring but not got time to do it.  Then it is good Holby with cuddly doctors and cold unemotional ones we love it.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Multicoloured Mundee

Car with No Name
Wonka here.  guess what? no it isn't 1.  Owner dropped a dress size.  2.  She has stopped feeling ill, old and ugly 3. about the Baftas and we did stay up to the bitter Helen Mirren end.  it is better than that.  Today Owner wrestled up and set about the usual feeding fest and in the middle of it before she had hardly had a sip of tea (Tetleys blend of both) she looked out the poor back door and who is out there but Ruggles!  ~And here it is, she let him in in full view of Me and Mr Beaujangles!!  Mr Beau carried on as if he were blind deaf and dumb (we don't think he is at least not the first or third one) but I noticed!  and I sniffed Rug who growled at me and I growled back!  Yes.  Owner did not help much saying things like well it's hardly the start of wold war three is it!!  You will be glad to learn good folks that no black eyes were to be had and I took it all on the chin.

Fresh para.  Now Ruggles soon asked to go out as he must have thought it a bit strange after years of being segregated (good word thanks Owner) he is now face to face with other cats.  other beautiful cats.  As I say Mr Beau hardly stirred from his trough.  For my photoshoot though I am putting up the car with no name. why you say?  what has this to do with confrontational situations? (phew).  Nothing.  But, listen to this, it has been a day and a half and I think Owner letting Ruggles meet us may have set it all in motion for a funny day.  We hear a tap at the good front door and from my hiding place at the top of the stairs I hear Owner saying OH HOW WONDERFUL and I AM SO GLAD and it is all to do with the old beloved Skylark car which she gave away to a nice man as he wanted the numberplate for his good business.  and guess what?  he came to show Owner the numberplate on his van!!  I cannot thank him enough this business man for cheering Owner up!  so a sketch of the new car with no name for you as follows.  Owner says she does like it and maybe one day she will bond with it: I have flown it up to the top again and it can twinkle away up there.

Fresh car and numberplate free para.  Owner has also bitten bullet and made appt to see her Dr as she can't stop the cold thing.  Is it making you weep more than usual Owner I goes.  POSSIBLY she cried back.  When Owner is under the weather this is what I have to put up with.  She made a long phone call all to do with aged sibling and there were a lot of hankie moments folks.  Will it all come right I said.  WHAT A LOVELY PERSON she goes about whoever it was who had to put up with Owner's multi-coloured emotions.  And I should know!  Then blow me does Ruggles turn up early doors and we go through another stand off!  This time Mr Beau joined in and it was a group growl!!  STOP IT goes Owner, and I stopped, then Mr Beau stopped and we just watched Rug chomp through a plate of chick.  We love him.  sort of.

final well para.  we have lots to look forward to this week folks as good daughter is set to visit and in between visits to Drs and Dentists (wed and thurs) will be watching Captain Phillips and good Tom Hanks in it and that nice man who plays a pirate and won a supporting actor Oscar.  We love him.  as predicted the slave film won a packload of Oscars and it was home from home with all crying.  if we can stand it tonight there is good corrie x 2 with temptress tina leading married recovering alcoholic Peter up the garden path or at least the bedroom in his tiny flat and good Emily has discovered Breaking Bad box set so we won't be seeing her for a good long time! then it's Enders and slight relief from Carol's Story and I want to be alone with my new cancer and get proposals from every male in the square even though I look haggard and am openly hostile with the where is Stacey and she belongs in the square Alfie one.  I did whisper to Owner that sometimes she can be a bit offish but she was busy blowing her nose and didn't hear me.  Mr Beau has gone off out and may come back later and Owner says he had better not be smelly or sickly when he does!  As you all know I am perfect and don't give Owner a moment's trouble.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Seagull Sundee

Wonka here. Just for a change even though Owner cannot abide change and says when she dreams of 'small change' it gives her the shivers. (around ten one pound coins in a big bag she goes.  What real money I says.  WHAT ELSE she says back.  Are you in a funny mood I said then, NO she said back.) well we have an early photoshoot of beloved seagulls:  OOH managed to put it there!!  now you will be thinking Oh I have seen these seagulls and that same roof before and I say back to you good folks, not these seagulls you haven't!!  can you see there are two on the roof and just by the chimney there is another one flying off.  But look at that beauty blue sky!  And Owner says there was another cheeky seagull poking out of the chimney pot but we would need a nasa telescope to see it.  We love it.  A good seaside morning and not a sign of any wet stuff.

Fresh para.  You will immediately be wondering and asking about Mr Beau Jay.  No he did not come home last night and Owner was so philosophical she did not worry and fuss but said things like, he'll be back when he's ready, and, I can't be looking out for him all night long.  YES he has finally returned this afternoon, gobbled a week's worth of food and is splayed out at the top of the stairs right where you have to walk.  I have to do a bunny hop over him.  I love it.  Mr Ruggles was in the luxury shed for breakfast and now on his rounds.  Tinkers will be flashing around somewhere.  We love them.

Final para.  Maybe.  Now Owner said also dreamt of a black lobster but thankfully this is not a (Owner says this is a word) harbinger of woe.  In fact the opposite!  I say the jury out but Owner then said she was going shopping.  I tried to hide the credit card but was too late and guess what?  It did take a slight hammering.  I NEEDED something new! laughed Owner when she fell back in the door with several bags.  But listen to this folks the something turned into four things but this is when the hand of god reached down and made it all 1.  fit Owner 2.  make Owner look fetching 3.  forget about the cost.  End of.  I did not need to hide and nor did Mr Beau.  This, announced Owner, and I quote, is the start (start??) of my new Summer Wardrobe.  I tried to tell Owner we were still in February and that good folks were being flooded and stormed and iced out, but she couldn't hear me about the rustling of the shopping bags and new things.  She loves it.

Real final para.  just thinking about how we are rushing towards poverty stricken and massive debt owing to Owner's new Summer Wardrobe had me laying down for a good couple of hours.  I took a liking to the plastic bag once emptied of all the new clothes but Owner wrenched it out from under me saying she needed it!  Now tonight as per we will be glued to more Idol - Owner says it calms her down and she likes it when they get their golden ticket to Hollywood.  She especially liked one of them who sang to his departed dad and had them all in tears.  SAY YES she shouted at the telly and they must have heard her!  So that first, falling on ice second, calling midwifery and if Owner can stay awake she may watch the Bafta thing where all are dolled up to the nines and make speeches to say how much they love everyone in the entire Wold even when they don't.  MY MONEY IS ON THE SLAVE ONE goes Owner. Have you seen it I goes.  NOT AS YET she goes back.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Surprising Satdee

Wonka here.  First surprise is that Owner staggered up when still dark thanks to some noises off by Mr Beaujangles, saying things like I FEEL AWFUL and I FEEL ILL.  I did whisper that me and Dr Doolittle wanted our breakfast before she laid down in a corner somewhere and she must have heard me because the next thing we were being fed!!  Thank goodness for the resilience of Owner!  And she also managed to stagger to the luxury shed where Ruggles was fast asleep and could have got by a bit longer!  If there was a super Owner competition I would enter my Owner in a jiffy.  Dreams you ask about?  Owner said something nightmarish including aged sibling and parent.  did it turn out alright I said? MORE OR LESS she goes back.  I love it.

Owner puts Mr Beau outside!
Fresh para. more rain, more winds, more trees falling down and we hear that the two Princes Harry and his bruv, were helping out in some stricken village called Dadget or Dradget or something.  We love them.   Our photoshoot today is one about Mr Beau who had to be popped outside when he was still hissing softly at me.  Of course now he has stopped all of that and asks properly to go out and properly to comeback in.  No it is not 5 minutes later!  Owner has her pink fluffy slippers on too.  We love it.

Fresh and dry para.  This is the good surprise though folks, once Owner had stopped going on about being ill and doing some chores and checking we were alright did the postman come round and post a card through the letterbox! and it was a valentines card from Daughter!  this alone has cheered Owner up and put a smile on her ill face!  Sorry Owner only joking!......

Another dry maybe finally dry para.   most surprising of all though to me and never mind dr Doolittle aka Mr Beau is that Owner has trip trapped out and back and stayed PHILOSOPHICAL.  this is despite major problems involving lots of authority figures with aged sibling.  I CANNOT LET IT spoil things goes Owner.  Well done! I goes back and then, she did the usual double whammy visit to aged parent as well and even that did not change her laid back mood.  I even wondered for just a nth of a second if she had taken one of aged parent's tablets!  But no, Owner prefers to face things head on.  She is anxiety struck over us cats though and especially Tinkerbelle who did the usual dart out from the luxury shed and then straight across the motorway stroke street.  That was this morning and now Owner has to contend with Ruggles popping over too.  And Mr Beau who has been asking to go out but then just looking at the outside world as if it wasn't there before.  I did notice Owner's temper changing a bit after he had done this for the tenth time.  Patience I reminded Owner, from just round the corner, is a virtue.  She couldn't hear me above the noise of the traffic whizzing down the street come race track.

Real Final para.  If Owner manages to fit in all those jobs beforehand she will be watching American Idol and this is guaranteed (spelling!) to calm her down, followed by The Voice and our heroine Kylie who is continuing to look like a beauty Barbie and gravelly Sir Tom not to mention Marlin stroke Marvin who to quote Owner is impossibly good looking (??).  and if she can stand it there will be that strange lotto quiz thing where someone keeps saying IT IS ON THE LIST and now Owner keeps saying it too, and then to round off the entire evening is that nice casualtee with nursey Charlie  We do love it folks.  Go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it folks.  Big Love Wonka x

extra news

As you know, I, Wonka am the proud blogger relaying to all you good folks out there news on Owner and of course me and the others.  For those good folks who do not know about me (how on earth?) I am chief adviser to my owner on just about everything.  I am a cat, and that's Chat in French.  Goodness knows what it is in any other language culture or country.  anyway, Owner wanted to shout about the latest story in the Wonka series and we have a review for you:

Owner is proud to announce the following review of 'Conversations with Wonka - Part three' to be found at and under the tag of wonka.

You are author of this book.
Review by: tony parsons on Feb. 07, 2014 : star star star star star
that's me of course! Wonka
When I got home Baba & Wonka wanted fed. I needed to make a life plan.
Who are Baba & Wonka?
What a delightful well written fun filled short story (book). 1 you must read from start to finish.
A very easy rating of 5 stars.
Thank you for the free short story (book)
Tony Parsons MSW (Washburn)
(review of free book)

So there you are folks!  Owner is even now hard at work on an Easter Story - she said I might tell it like the Christmas one.   and it is going to be about a boy called Duffel and a dog called Sam.  Owner says this is called a sneak preview.  OH I went back.  anyhow see you all later for our Satdee diary. x

Friday, 14 February 2014

Funny Valentine Fridee

My Funny Valentine!!
Wonka here.  good folks out there we passed a pleasant night with no nocturnal goings on!!  There is a full moon out there and whatever the experts say, we know different!  Owner reports a snippet of a dream where she had four strands of hair dyed a fetching shade of blue.  Did you like it in the dream I goes?  I LOVED IT she said back.  Once we stumbled down below it was all systems go for Owner while me and Dr Doolittle (aka Mr Beau) more or less made a giant fuss about where our breakfast was.  And to cap it all best and beloved Ruggles waiting on the doorstep!  We love it.

Fresh valentines para.  Now I have gone behind Owner's back really and said Owner we must have a good sketch on here to celebrate the day!  She is fed up with looking at red roses and red cards and such in the helpful supermarket and says she is and I quote, Valentined out!  But, I said what about a unique, personal, fabulous cartoon from you instead!  YES I WILL DO ONE she goes:  once more I made a decision to fly the cartoon up to the top because I like it up there.  On the left is Owner struggling with some shopping and on the right there is me relaxing and Mr Beau just vacating (like it) the room.  and in between me and Owner are a load of love hearts!!!

Fresh final para.  Owner reports that when she arrived to look after the little people and their lunch packs they were all singing a song and the nice teacher asked them to sing it to Owner and it was a valentine's day song!!  Owner reports it was and I quote PERFECT.  Not many of us get serenaded by little people do we?  Now what else to report except Owner spent an hour on the phone to sort out something she didn't understand and anxiety levels were high I can tell you!  I kept well out of the way and advised Mr Beau to do the same (he doesn't know these things but I sent him to the top of the stairs).  Luckily, Owner said, on the second phone call to the same good dept, she spoke to a very good person who knew just how to deal with Owner and her questions.  MEDAL? I asked Owner, OH YES she goes back.  So a little bit fraught but still able to feed me and the rest, change the luxury cat tray and adjust the feeding in the luxury shed.  It makes you wonder where the time goes Owner I said from round the corner, but she didn't hear me above the noise of the running tap to wash the cat food dishes.  We love it.

Real final para.  Now some people little or big do not celebrate this good valentines but  there is always someone to love.  It could be a person or an animal or just any creature really but I do encourage all you good folks out there to find it.  Although Owner has given up (says)she is still a big softie and has sent daughter a nice card.  Now tonight we will be entranced with corrie X 2 and rita is now separated from that recent husband of hers we did not like him and hope Norris gets a look in, but mostly it has turned into Tina's story without the cancer.  On Enders we must put up with the closing of the market and the uprising in the square to do with this plus Carol's cancer and other smaller equally annoying storylines.  Bring back Masood says Owner who loves him.  Time to check for Mr Ruggles folks so I must away.  It is the weekend so I say to you wherever you are in the Wold do go steady.  Big Love Wonka x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thursdee Thursdee

more of the good night sky
Wonka here.  Owner woken up by Mr Beau in the very deep of the night say around half fourish when it was pretty cold I thought even from the warmth of the duvet I was snuggled into.  IT WASN'T ME! I said although I admit my voice may have been muffled by the duvet.  I KNOW Who it was goes Owner tramping downstairs for those wipe clean cloth things.    When we really got up at the right time it wasn't much warmer folks due to the wind rushing in all the poorly fitting windows and doors (all of them).  However Owner distracted a bit by dream of going to see Frank Sinatra in concert.  By GOLLY I goes (Good golly was a cat who used to look after Owner and me before he popped off to the next room.  he would not mind us saying good golly.)  Yes says Owner I was looking forward to it.

Fresh para.  Then good folks does Owner forget the dream but then get you only live twice on the brain and has to google it to find out the rest of the words and guess who wrote the lyrics but Nancy Sinatra!!  Owner says Jung would call this synchronicity (long word for me but Owner helped).  This is a strange linking of events. I'll say! Now after all of that, a bit of sleet outside and then brilliant blue sky and sunshine. That means outside play! goes Owner meaning the little people can stretch their legs and do all that scrapping and fighting and crying and sulking outside instead of in.  We love it.  For today's photoshoot Owner had to capture the sky as it went a pretty pink and blue.
 that big jungle in front of the window is a lemon geranium plant and there through the good kitchen window the night sky.  The one at the top has a bit of one of the dangly cat chimes at the bottom and centre top is a pink plastic star..   After the storm we love it.

Fresh possibly final para.  Yes last night was fraught with anxiety for Owner who had to keep checking on Ruggles and finally went outside!  I MAY BE and Mr Beau couldn't hear the rest as the wind had got up rather but we wished Owner well.  When she fell back in a bit later on all wet and soggy but happy as Ruggles was safe in the luxury shed I was rather relieved as I had been wanting my supper.  Today Owner continued to be tired and I must say I know the feeling!!  Mr Beau asked to go out when it wasn't a galeforce 9 and Owner let him.  Will he return?  We'll see.  Owner managed one family visit and a couple of phone calls without losing all sense of calmness, reason to be and humour.  Of course the fact that Corrie delivered up the tina Temptress storyline just as expected (tina is not now going to London town but prefers weatherfield and recovering alcoholic newly married lustful Peter) did help Owner to loosen up by shouting at the telly but tonight all we have is Enders.  And the where is Stacey why won't she come back you belong here says Kat storyline.  perhaps Masood will be in it, drinking and gambling and then Owner will be alright again.  We love it.  Now with all these storms and icy weather and flooding do go steady wherever you are in the Wold.  and it is Fridee tomorrow.  Big Love Wonka x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wet and Windy Wednesdee

Wonka here.   Owner says slept very well indeed with no interruptions from me, Mr Beau or anything else.  What I said, like the wind battering up against the window and making shed doors slam.  COULD BE she goes.  Did dream but says melted away like candyfloss.  That sounds pleasant Owner I said.  When we looked out of the good unbattered window we saw some snow!  then that melted and turned to rain!  That means wet play says Owner as she rushed out to earn our living.

Fresh para.  as predicted by every single weather person and non weather person we are in the throes (like it like it) of very poor weather folks with SEVERE warnings by a Met Office.  Thankfully just because the wind was blowing so hard the umbrella could not work, and just because Owner soaked through it did not stop her from going to the helpful supermarket for fresh supplies!  And whilst there she scattered some bread for the seagulls or the  pigeons.  But when she got back to the car with no name which insisted on being secretly locked for a good few minutes til suddenly it opened, she noticed a tiny bird on the grass near to the bread.  ~guess what?  YES a photoshoot:  now once more and rather like a bird it has flown up to the top of this good blog.  Can you just make out to the left a weensy little sparrow bird?  and the white stuff by the tree trunk well that is half a loaf of tiger bread.  I said to Owner are you happy now you have saved one bird from starvation?  YES I AM she said, and what's more it really cheered her up and that is worth a lot to me I can tell you.  I love it.

Fresh para and possibly final.   once again Owner reports some very good behaviour from the little people.  What with no scrapping snatching shouting or sulking I goes?  HARDLY ANY she went back.  ~She loves them.  She said she went into town to do some routine shopping and thought about buying herself something nice but when she caught a glimpse of this strange rain sodden fat and ugly person in a giant mirror thought better of it.   This can only mean Owner is tired.  When Owner is tired she sees different, like those crazy mirrors at the funfair.   As soon as she stumbled back home with our supplies I said how lovely she looked especially her hair!  Despite the rain it had stayed in position!  Yes it was wet and soggy and not sure about the colour but the style had kept! 

Real final para.  Now tonight if Owner has any energy we can watch good Corrie x 1.  Tina is still on about going to London town and it is like a bad dream where every time you think you are nearly there it has moved or you have missed the bus or something, well Tina is the same!  she is just not getting to London.  We love it.  After that Owner reports there is nothing on.  I AM NOT WATCHING the one about the school she goes, as it gets on her nerves too much.  On the other hand it may be good for Owner to shout at the telly.  Now between gale force winds and floods, we are all alright even good Ruggles is being sensible and snuggling down in the luxury shed.  Please go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Shirley Temple Tuesdee

Owner's Tribute to Shirley Temple: on the good ship lollipop

Wonka here.  Rain rain go away and come again another day!  or there's itsy bitsy spider and the drain.  anyhow folks out there in the wold it is more rain here.  Once Owner had grasped onto the day she did tell of a dream.   Reports in a field with all these people lined up to go past her or get past her (ooer I thought) and then she notices she has butterflies in her hair!  thinks they were pink! Now I immediately said to Owner that must be a good omen.   IT WAS A FEEL GOOD dream says Owner back at me.

Fresh Para.  Today we heard on good Radio 2 first off that the child star called Shirley Temple has died and is now in the next room.   Owner says she packed it in (acting) when very young (21 ish) and had a second career (unlike Owner who is on her umpteenth.  Sorry Owner!) later on.  In honour of this actress who, reports Owner entertained a lot of people round the Wold, here is Owner's tribute, and suffice (new word Owner says the right one to use)to say the good sketch flew up to the top of this good blog.  We love it.  ON THE GOOD SHOP LOLLIPOP!!

Fresh para.  Owner said it was wet play at the little people place and was amazed and surprised at the lack of hitting scrapping lying and cheating.  Were they good Owner I said?  VERY GOOD she said back.  Meanwhile back at the luxury ranch me and Mr Beau who is still here and shows no signs of leaving, were hard at it sleeping and relaxing mainly.  Owner stumbled back in once or twice doing this and that and seeing to grandson and we barely moved!!  Even Rug trotted in nicely and straight out again without much of a todo.  You will be pleased to note that Owner did not go anywhere near a cavernous or helpful supermarket but gave our custom to the good spar shop.  It has all the advantages that a good shop should have (according to Owner).  no one can follow you in it because it is too small and they would be spotted and told off tout suite.  You cannot walk for miles in it just to buy a pint of milk or a tin of best whiskas and best of all (perhaps) all the good assistants remember you. Is that a good thing I said thinking of Owner who is sometimes prone to an hour long search for purses, money, cards and so on.  I LIKE IT she goes back.  And I love it.

Real Final para.  Grandson is now back home and Owner can relax once she has seen to me Mr Beau, Ruggles and anyone else out there, and watch Enders.  There is a new and very annoying storyline around someone called Staceey and Owner (who can also be annoying, it is alright Owner did not see me doing that) could not recall who she was when she used to be in it and had to text daughter to find out.  it turns out she is a second cousin removed (wants to be) and may be to do with Kat.  Who is trebly annoying, her and alfie but it does take the spotlight off Carol, her marriage proposals and her cancer.  Then it's good Holbee hospital and funny old doctors and nurses.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Remember folks it is nearly Valentines Day (Owner has given up says.  Well I haven't! I says back) so do be nice to someone you love.  Big Love Wonka x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Mighty Mundee

Wonka here.  First off it was a nice cold and frosty morning and second off Owner got up pretty well at the first bleeping.  nearly.  (nearly is Owner's fave word for the little people.  they all 'nearly' put the ball through the net and if they did get the ball through the net Owner jumped up and down shouting YES).   Still no sign of Mr Beau and we wonder if he stopped off for some respite care?  Owner says she might wander the streets and do the same.  Would you really Owner I says.  NO she goes.   Are you ready for a brand new week I said next.  NO she goes.  I love it.

Fresh para.   Once Owner started on the day it didn't stop.  From the little people and their She said, she hit me, that's mine, pretend crying and time out, to visiting (the double whammy which is aged sibling and aged parent) to shopping in the helpful supermarket which was alright it even had a chappie waiting for Owner to finish mucking about with coupons and cards and money and bags.  he said it was alright he was starting work tomorrow and Owner finally got the joke 5 mins later (said).  Pause in Owner's busy day for photoshoot:here it is! A typical day! that is Owner on the left with some little people and their feeding table and there is me on my giant nest stroke settee.  We love it.

Final para in this mighty blog.  Now after Owner had done with her coupons and such and struggled home with all the food for me does she spot Mr Beaujangles ambling up the street poking round cars and looking aimless.  Does she swoop him up and fetch him back here!  HALLO I goes and NO when he went to eat all my uneaten troughs of food.  Then does Owner go off with grandson and buy cartloads of fish and chips.  hardly time to eat them before Ruggles turns up!  And I didn't mention the horrid phone call that Owner dealt with in between all else!  This was to do with troublesome managers who are not managing but simply making phone calls to say that they are.  Did you stay calm Owner I said.  MORE OR LESS she goes back.  Thought I heard the words running jump but can't be certain as Owner busy doing another job.  Now tonight of course Corrie X 2 and Enders must be watched mostly to make sure the temptress tina storyline is still going and Carol's Cancer one too.  The last Owner knew was that Carol had agreed to marry one of the millions of suitors in the square and it is tricky David.  What about Masood then who is now a drunken gambler all because of I want to be alone Carol?  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Soggy Sundee

Wonka here. It is fair to say we had a good night's sleep but all to do when Owner got down as far as dining room where the evidence that Mr Beaujangles is never to be given pilchards again was on the luxury carpet.  I have to give myself ten out of ten for perching on the sideboard and encouraging Owner on as she cleaned up for what seemed hours.  Again, I was patience itself waiting for my good breakfast to arrive and not once did I say HURRY UP OWNER!  and not once did Owner say anything about giving up.  I says to her, are you alright Owner and she goes IT COULD BE WORSE and she is right.  We are not flooded in like some poor folks, we are not in the middle of a warzone and we are never buying pilchards ever again full stop.

Fresh  para.  Owner is helping me to give feedback about the poor photohoots on this good blog and so far in is staying calm.Well I just hope you can make this one out better than poor Mr Beaujangles one yesterdee.  It is of course the three good strays on the block only now one of them seems to have moved in.  There is good Ruggles to the left (Love you Rug!) Mr Beau in the middle and just the back end of Tinkers.   Owner has sent a big feedback to the good google team on about the quality and so on and we wait and see if it can help us.  Owner says shall we try Mr Beau's good sketch again.  Can you believe it! it is the same minute size and has flown up to the top of the blog! we love it.

Final para.  We loved last night's telly and shouted a lot during The Voice. There was one bit where our beloved Kylie of the Minogue picked a singer who was just like her! but blonder and curvier and Essexier.  Yes.  We are still loving Marvin who doesn't sing in JLS anymore until they get back together and a girl called Emma.   Grandson is still here and it means I cannot go in the spare bedroom but I don't mind because I have my giant nest stroke settee downstairs.  Mr Beau is nesting on the table, yes.

Real final para.  We are ready for tea, falling about and prancing on ice and Mr Beau has finally gone out.  Owner reports she saw him strolling yes strolling down the motorway stroke street.  I said don't watch Owner!  I KNOW she says.  We are sort of ready also for the week ahead and Owner says if it is anything like the one that's gone (rounded off by a fuse blowing and I don't mean that metaphorically thingy I mean really) then she is leaving town.  We saw a good DVD called The World's End which was very funny and cheered Owner up and on.  We suggest if you have the week from hell to watch it.  In the meantime, go steady wherever you are in the Wold. 
big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 8 February 2014

All Change Satdee

Wonka here.  Wait til I tell you what happened last night (Owner says there is a film called something like that it goes it happened one night with Claudette Colbert and Clarke Gable thinks).  that wasn't what happened it was Mr Beaujangles that popped in and AND has not as yet popped back out!!  Owner is amazed we had any sleep at all last night saying and I quote, I will leave the light on and hope we can all settle down (snore wheeze snore!  Only joking Owner!).  somehow the good night passed us all by with me whizzing up and down stairs, Owner in a half inch sleep and the only one who had anything like a decent night was guess who???  YES MR B.

Fresh para.  now I know this is my blog and it should be all about me and I am trying to keep it like that really I am.  In the meantime a good sketch stroke cartoon.goodness knows if you could see the original sketch you would say how comes this little faint thingy is nothing like that???  and good folks out there I cannot understand it myself.  Can you make out it is good Mr Beau and I am getting more used to him bit by bit even thinking as Owner said, is he hissing to protect himself rather than hissing to be horrid to little ol me??  We love him.

final all change para.  Today Owner says is the day to round off a thoroughly (nearly forgot how to spell that word then and Owner is not helping) ghastly and demanding week.  Have you had enough Owner I goes from my luxury carpet setting?  YES she goes back.  The entire family which is not big folks is wanting support she says and wonders where all the energy will come from.  Shall we put a coin in the wishing well Owner I said helpfully (thought).  MAY AS WELL she said back.  Now good Ruggles is due and as I speak Mr Beau is settled nicely and showing no signs of wanting to ever go back out.  Can we manage? YES WE CAN!

Real final para.  Last night in between following Mr Beau round and round each room we saw a little bit of the spectacular (Owner's word) opening ceremony for the winter Olympics in Russia and listened hard to the speech.  Owner said it was a strong one.  OH I goes.  Tonight we are in good company with all these new cats and good grandson too so we will be watching just about everything we can starting with American pop idol so Owner can shout at the telly!  Then the voice for more shouting and then good Casualtee with security nursey Charlie Farlie.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Greatful Fridee

Wonka here.  We were topped up all night with honey and lemon and water and tablets and mountains of tissues and it was simply a matter of running up and downstairs (me) whilst Owner says 5 more minutes.  All's well.  Up we got and Owner soon busied herself with transforming  from scarecrow with moving parts to a fairly attractive person! Joking!  I meant very attractive!  We love it.

Fresh para.  Now Owner sometimes surpasses (like this word)herself and goes a bit creative when there really isn't time for it.  Like this morning she goes and I quote I am just going to sort the cartoons out for your blog Wonka.  Are you I says? before falling back to sleep.  Anyway here is the first in a series (we love a series) of 7:As you can see for some unknown reason I am not in it.  it is all about Owner and her lemons and honey and that.  But, I can reassure you good folk stroke folks out there that mostly, the next in the series are either about me or the others.  Be thankful.

Final para.  Just realised without any prompting from Owner I should have said Be Greatful and now I have.  today was all about getting over yesterdee and the day before that and I am pleased to report that Owner has been fairly calm, not too rude except from in the car with no name and in a big queue of traffic.  Did you have to do that funny manoeuvre (ooer) to do a short cut which then didn't save you any time Owner I goes?  PROBABLY NOT.  She says back.  The little people all played nicely even the one that kept up a small crying noise the entire playtime.  Owner says she noticed the little people are able to change moods at will.  Do you mean crying one second and smiling the next I goes?  YES SIREE she went back.  I was going to say that reminded me of someone but Owner was busy boiling a kettle for a fresh batch of hot lemon and couldn't hear me. 

Finale finite para.  Good ruggles sped in whilst Owner popping to luxury shed and was given three portions starting with real chick (thanks be chickens!). Mr Beau has not been sighted today and neither has Tinkers.  Me?  thanks for asking, well trying to catch up on my sleep and rest and snoozes and naps with a little bit of playing and eating in between really.  Tonight we have high hopes of enjoying corrie X 2 which is labouring (Owner says) the storyline of temptress tina and nose out of joint several crimes later including murder Tracy.  of course I need not update anyone on Enders because even if you had been down a sink hole for a year you would easily guess that moany old cancer ridden Carol had got the whole square trying to marry her move in with her cook for her and help her and all she needs to do is say I want to be on my own.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it folks as the weekend is here.  Big love Wonka x 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Uploading Thursdee!

Wonka here.  Guess what?  No that's not it!!I do like a little joke now and then and anycase I'm fully occupied cheering Owner on.  Was she upset last night yes she was, talking rubbish like and I quote, they can all get on with it, and I don't know why I bother etc. |Now today folks, a different story.  We got up nicely after only one set of peeping from the good alarm, we slid nicely into the day and only one phone call later, all was calm.  There were a few funny dreams to report but not on here Owner says. 

Fresh para to report excellent and positive news:  Owner has recovered the lost gloves.  We can all stand easy.  They were at the place she goes to with the little people.  thank the god of lost gloves I said when she fell back in the good door.  And today she was outside supervising (says) some playtime.  Did they all play nicely (our word for today) Owner I goes.  NOT QUITE. she says back. Now more good news folks!!  Owner has uploaded the seventh Wonka Story!!  it is to be found on; called Conversations with Wonka - Part three and the tag is #Wonka.  We love it. Here I am folks!  As you know it is all about me and a tiny bit about Owner.  Only joking Owner!!  I am reclining on the luxury carpet with a small selection of my toys.  that is famous mousey at the top left, my best xmas toy at the top a small black mousey to the far left and an old toy of Golly's the red Xmas stocking.  Hankies away!  We love it.

Fresh and final para.  Now alongside all of that merriment Owner's mood did pick up whilst she is still in the throes (like this word) of an enormous and horrid cold.  It is fair frightening when she sneezes I can tell you.  No shopping was got and Owner is now going on about home deliveries and weighing up the pros and cons so folks we could be a good year on it.  She says she has gone off the cavernous warehouse like supermarket and also the smaller one where all is to help you except when you are in a small queue and have to wait hours while they talk to each other and go through a million coupons.  We hate coupons.  And then Owner reports the good assistant didn't say sorry to keep you waiting.  Owner does not like poor manners and I said what did you do Owner, she says she did not say please or thank you when served.  Isn't that the same poor manners back I said from round the corner but Owner didn't hear me above a giant sneeze.  Good Rug has been in, naughty Mr Beau has been in and popped back out and back in again and tinkers was sighted streaking across the motorway stroke street.  Owner says may watch Enders if can bear it with Carol's story and her dashing off anyone that wants to help saying all the time I want to be alone and I have to put up with Owner shouting at the tv.    We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  it is Time to Talk day and me and Owner feel we have contributed bigtime!!  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Review it Wednesdee

Wonka here.  First up the alarm went off but Owner already awake (says).  I beg to differ folks as I had been gently prodding and scratching for hours.  The sun was out and no cats out there but when Owner goes to stock up the luxury shed who whistles past but tinkerbelle the Usurper!!  We love her or him. 
What is all that up there you say?  Owner said we must be more with it, and give ourselves a BIG UP.  Alright Owner I goes, what do we have to do.  We have to make sure all know about our online shop with lots of special postcards, and posters, and calendars and keyrings all to do with you!  Mostly.  Some of it, is Owner's lost artwork but I LOVE IT.

Fresh reviewing para. owner is now sneezing for England says.  What about the rest of the Wold I goes.  I can soon sneeze for them too she says back.   This reviewing thing has spread, it started with aged parent who has been reviewed within an inch of their life, to aged sibling, to me and Mr Beaujangles til Owner is threatening to run away. PLEASE STAY! I have begged Owner.  When things get on top of you, running away is of course an option, but to be fair I am now facing up to Mr Beaujangles and saying things like I WAS HERE FIRST! and watching as Owner plonked Mr B outside saying and I quote, you are not to hiss at Wonka. NO.  If only the other problems were as easily solved and Owner could pop the annoying and unhelpful people to aged sibling outside their good back doors saying (making this up) that is not neighbourly and we won't stand for it!  Instead Owner will have to traipse through red tape says.  I have promised to be extra cuddly and non scratchy whilst this is happening.

Final final para:  Now Owner did survive at the star dentists yesterdee and is on appt 3 now (out of a possible 4).  This is a good thing I went to Owner!  also good things are the little people who did a weensy bit more tidying up than yesterdee and can all say Owner's name (perhaps not a good thing but still).  Another good thing is Ruggles is behaving naturally and not hissing through closed doors at anyone.  He is still our fave.  And Tinkers.Now tonight if I can bring Owner round and stop her from going a  GIANT WORRY JIVE there is good corrie and the temptress tina storyline.  We love it.  And to all those poor folk out there having to walk to work because there is a strike on the underground and who are flooded out, we love you even more.  To everyone else in the Wold wherever you are in it, go steady.  I promise to look after Owner as well.  Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Expectant Tuesdee

Wonka here.  First off this is how ill Owner is, the good peeping alarm didn't go off folks because it wasn't set last night!  OH goes Owner, is it time to get up?  OH she goes, I think I forgot to set the alarm I think it is coming up to 8 O'clock.  It was twenty to and good Ruggles was waiting on the doorstep.  Ownr reports lots of strange dreams commensurate(thank you Owner!) with having a sore throat she said.  In one of them she knows there is someone  behind her and she is rushing to get back home at a snails pace and dragging on a wooden fence to get there.  It was a lovely old house with a good front garden and she tried to rush up the path and had the key ready and it was broken at the top!! she knows this strange person is not far and she puts the key in the lock praying the front door does open. Pause for effect........IT OPENED.  And Owner managed to shut it before the person got to her.  No wonder Owner slept in is it folks!

Fresh dreamy para.  Everyone has been in once or twice and topped up with good whiskas and biscuits.  Owner's observations (lots of big words tonight) are 1.  I seem to be at ease with Mr Beaujangles and nearly vice versa and Owner can safely leave door open to good dining room when he in. 2. Mr B's back not quite as bony.  3.  Mr B simply miaowed to leave.  Whereas: 1. Ruggles is prone to lashing out for nothing than the known eye can see or the known ear can hear.  2.  One of us growled when the good door between the minute kitchen and the bit bigger dining room left open.  3.  bit of a struggle (rhymeswith Ruggle!) to get me back in the dining room and Rug out the back door. 4.  ruggles is our fave with a big fat teddy bear face.  Photoshoot: Oh yes in case you have forgotten me, this is a sketch of ME!! to my left is a little toy dog that was Owner's but she gave it to me and just near my head is my new xmas toy with the ball inside I can bat round.  I love it.

Final para.  Now Owner reports news of two babies on the way which is exciting news as we love babies.  One of them is to a proud grandparent we know of and the other will be new Dad. Owner says will keep me updated.  Do they know what it is yet I said and Owner said NO but the new Dad is going in for all these scans and tests and nearly a whole film  show to find that out.  Owner thinks it will be a boy.  We wish them all lots of happiness as we love babies.  Now Owner says there should be a third bit of baby news and I hope so. (could it be a kitten I wondered.)  Now due to feeling ill and wotnot we did not stay up past 9 pm and will do our poor best tonight what with dearie me Enders and as we thought it should be renamed The Carol Show starring Carol, all about Carol and featuring all of Carol's large extended dysfunctional family.  We love it.  Then it's good holby city which is not about a city it is about sick people and staff who are also dysfunctional.  There is a new babe on there and I said to Owner does that count as the third but she said DON'T BE SILLYit's not real.  Owner is still looking after the little people and their packed lunches, and reports they did not listen when she said TIME TO TIDY up.  I'm sure they will hear you tmro I said.  Now please do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x