Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Shirley Temple Tuesdee

Owner's Tribute to Shirley Temple: on the good ship lollipop

Wonka here.  Rain rain go away and come again another day!  or there's itsy bitsy spider and the drain.  anyhow folks out there in the wold it is more rain here.  Once Owner had grasped onto the day she did tell of a dream.   Reports in a field with all these people lined up to go past her or get past her (ooer I thought) and then she notices she has butterflies in her hair!  thinks they were pink! Now I immediately said to Owner that must be a good omen.   IT WAS A FEEL GOOD dream says Owner back at me.

Fresh Para.  Today we heard on good Radio 2 first off that the child star called Shirley Temple has died and is now in the next room.   Owner says she packed it in (acting) when very young (21 ish) and had a second career (unlike Owner who is on her umpteenth.  Sorry Owner!) later on.  In honour of this actress who, reports Owner entertained a lot of people round the Wold, here is Owner's tribute, and suffice (new word Owner says the right one to use)to say the good sketch flew up to the top of this good blog.  We love it.  ON THE GOOD SHOP LOLLIPOP!!

Fresh para.  Owner said it was wet play at the little people place and was amazed and surprised at the lack of hitting scrapping lying and cheating.  Were they good Owner I said?  VERY GOOD she said back.  Meanwhile back at the luxury ranch me and Mr Beau who is still here and shows no signs of leaving, were hard at it sleeping and relaxing mainly.  Owner stumbled back in once or twice doing this and that and seeing to grandson and we barely moved!!  Even Rug trotted in nicely and straight out again without much of a todo.  You will be pleased to note that Owner did not go anywhere near a cavernous or helpful supermarket but gave our custom to the good spar shop.  It has all the advantages that a good shop should have (according to Owner).  no one can follow you in it because it is too small and they would be spotted and told off tout suite.  You cannot walk for miles in it just to buy a pint of milk or a tin of best whiskas and best of all (perhaps) all the good assistants remember you. Is that a good thing I said thinking of Owner who is sometimes prone to an hour long search for purses, money, cards and so on.  I LIKE IT she goes back.  And I love it.

Real Final para.  Grandson is now back home and Owner can relax once she has seen to me Mr Beau, Ruggles and anyone else out there, and watch Enders.  There is a new and very annoying storyline around someone called Staceey and Owner (who can also be annoying, it is alright Owner did not see me doing that) could not recall who she was when she used to be in it and had to text daughter to find out.  it turns out she is a second cousin removed (wants to be) and may be to do with Kat.  Who is trebly annoying, her and alfie but it does take the spotlight off Carol, her marriage proposals and her cancer.  Then it's good Holbee hospital and funny old doctors and nurses.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Remember folks it is nearly Valentines Day (Owner has given up says.  Well I haven't! I says back) so do be nice to someone you love.  Big Love Wonka x