Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Better off Wednesdee

Wonka here.  today we got up nicely had our breakfast nicely and thought this is alright for a midweek day so far.   No sign of Mr Beaujangles on the windowsill but good Ruggles was waiting nicely for his breakfast and I played a quick game of paw under the door with him! We loved it!!  Just as Owner was admiring the way her hair has gone and thinking about the compliment she had yesterdee about it but was so busy feeling woebegone and my life my life kind of thing, did not stop to think OH SOMEONE LIKES MY HAIR, well just then good folks the phone rang and it was a proper bone fide (I Say!) call.

Fresh better off para.  Yes it was from the good agency (it is a good agency today)to say DO NOT FEAR Owner, all is well and such like.  I do hope so goes Owner but I could detect (nice one nice one) a bit of benign-ness creeping back.  And if that isn't a word it ought to be.  So by all accounts when Owner tripped back through the good front door she reports a good time had, that the little people were their usual merry little selves and some of them liked her teddy bear brooch too.  We love teddies did I tell you?  Since Owner has recovered her benign mood I did persuade her to do the missed opportunity mid week gardening slot and here it is: oh I have flown it up top - to the right is our secret garden winter jasmine owner thinks and it if it isn't that IT WANTS TO BE she reckoned.  Next to it is a precious sign, a carving by Owner's departed and beloved Dad and it was the name of the family home since and I quote Time Immemorial.  Owner brought it back from that terrible time when she had to pack all up.   Is it making you weep I said but she was busy admiring the jasmine and had her hankie ready to blow her nose she said.  I love it.

Fresh mid week garden para.  There are more in the secret garden series folks and we may surprise you tmro.  Today, Beau Beau returned for a feed another feed a lay on table and a lay on the bed before he cheeped to go out.  Ruggles has been again for his tea and when Owner trotted to the luxury shed she briefly saw Bertie flying up the yard.  Me?  thanks for asking, well I have tried hard to get in some naps, a bit of seagull duty and thinking up some good ideas from my giant nest stroke settee.  I also tucked in to a morsel or two of best good as it looks.  Last night I did cope with the ever annoying storylines from Enders which as far as we make out centred on Staycee, a tiny bit of shirleee and a tiny bit of Janeen.  We must try hard to follow the plot and ignore continuity like alfees new leather coat which he cannot afford said Owner as he is not working.  Are you making value judgements I asked and even Owner said you cannot possibly know what that means but it did sound important.  It just means Alfie could have been given the coat, (list) or 2.  kat bought it 3.  He took out some savings (yes this is stretching things) or 4.  and this could be the one folks, he has had it ages and is only just wearing it now.  Owner does that all the time with clothes.  I have gone on and on about Enders and tonight it is good Corrie!! Owner is praying that good Owen finds out about Anna and that nasty builder who is being a horrid bully boy.  and the other storyline is the son of Eileen is it Toby jug who is trying to swoop on the gay nurse who is with thingy from the hair salon who is a girly.  We love it. Now do go steady out there in the wold wherever you are in it, and we are in the middle of this week too.  Owner said to remind folks that Mercury will go forward instead of backwards come Fridee.  Meaning Owner I goes?  communications will pick up and all will be right.  Big Love Wonka x