Monday, 24 February 2014

Money back Mundee

Wonka here.  The big yellow orb has returned, the shrieking nasty wind has dropped and I've gone all poetic.  Owner says dreamt nicely all night and there were some puppies.  We don't want them I said.  I KNOW she goes back.  WE'VE ENOUGH ON.  Keep them in your dreams Owner and blow me if Mr Beaujangles suspremo wasn't on the good kitchen window sill outside asking to come in closely followed by Ruggles.  It was alright though as I got my breakfast FIRST.  because I am TOP of the list!  I love it.

Fresh and sunny para.  Before I tell you why it is a money back day we are having a photoshoot.  It is all about me and good Ruggles.As per I have tried to make Owner's cartoon bigger and nothing happened.   There is big Rug at the bottom chomping some food on his giant plate.  it has a sticker with RUGGLESIS plate on the bottom for when our fave cat sitter takes over.  At the top there is me looking on in a nice kind of a way and next to me is Owner's feet in her best pink slippers.  To the left folks is the escape hatch stroke poor back door.  We know when Rug has had enough as he 'paws' at the door!! We love him.

Money back final para.  What you asking?  Owner is back toiling and helping out with the little people and I said how did it go first day back Owner and she says it would fine if all the bigger people stepped to one side.  Otherwise it went well and all the little people flung themselves around and told on each other and cried one minute and not the next.  OH I said back.  Now in the post was one letter which when Owner had quickly read it demanded a phone call.  I was poised to hide under the bed but realised Owner still in benign mood left over from yesterdee and instead I perched near to the stairs in case.   Owner made the call and has been recompensed.  WHAT FOR I goes?  For telling them about an error Owner said back.  Did you complain I said back again.  NO she goes.  The nice lady says to me THIS IS A COMPLAINT and you will be recompensed.  Rather like being back at school but it was alright said Owner still smiling and laughing.  Remind me folks to get the next Tom Hanks film on pre order as they say at good Amazon!!

Real final para.  Owner has not once talked of  feeling ill and I'm not mentioning it either so tonight we have the usual Corrie x 2 and surely Tina is sailing close to the wind and what of poor bereft and husbandless Rita never mind grieving roy.  Enders is in between and I may have to divert Owner somehow if Stacee who belongs in the square according to kat who is not a cat but is a full on make up female married to Alfee, takes on the main storyline.  Possibly good Masood will have a bigger part to play now he is a restored and upright citizen who Jane likes.  Never mind that new big family in the Queen Vic.  Bring back Aunty peggy I say.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x