Friday, 21 February 2014

Dream Big Fridee

Wonka here.  we were woken up not by the sound of the seagulls chattering away from the chimney tops, not by a single magpie which was later on and caused Owner to say and I quote OH NO IT'S JUST ONE not two so that is unlucky, says, no it was none of that, it was Mr Beau beau being poorly.   Owner got up shortly after that saying I may as well get up then but I was too busy rolling on the luxury carpet down below to take any notice really.   Yesterdee I promised you good folks out there a funny photoshoot and here it is, early on in this good Fridee blog. 
Hoping you all like it!  yes that is me resting my tail on Mr Beau's tail!! and that is my best toy at the top, the one I got for Christmas.  I love it.

Fresh dream big para.  What big dreams you want to know.  Well Owner has put going to New York at the top of her wish list and has entered a competition.  it is three nights in that good city, in June.  I MUST WIN it she goes.  Yes it is part of Owner's Life Plan so it should work I keep telling her.  I mean look at me?  Living the dream or what!  I asked for a playmate and Mr Beaujangles washed up not to mention good Ruggles.  He ventured (like that word) into the dining room last night when no one was looking until I was looking and then he growled at the poor back door to go out.  We love him.

final non competition para.  it is the last day of Owner's supposed week off which hasn't slowed down really what with Drs and Dentists and shopping and visits and wotnot.  She likes to be busy though.  The chest infection you say?  Owner is gobbling down all the tablets and I am hoping stops saying feels ill every 5 minutes.  Me?  thanks for asking.  had to have a nap on the giant nest stroke spare bed as Owner was upstairs and I like to keep an eye closed on the proceedings.  Later on I am planning to rest up by the radiator in the dining room and eat a little something in between.  It is all go but I am coping.

Real final para.  Owner says it is rainbow weather again today but is not planning on a mad dash outside.  If there is another rainbow folks she will do.  Tonight we are glued to Corrie x 2 and the return of grieving Roy.  Owner says wept at his return and I said what was it that made you weep and she goes HE WAS LOOKING AT A BOX. I see, I goes back.  Enders is squashed in between and somehow Owner has to get through it without shouting at Staycee and her small child who may be called Lily.  Staycee and Lilee. they are on the run and wanted for murder!  Can I stand it goes Owner?  but good Masood is providing relief with Jane in the pub and Carol's cancer has taken an 'I want to be alone why doesn't everyone let me be alone' break.  We love it.  Now the weekend is here again so do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x