Thursday, 27 February 2014

Nick of time Thursdee

Wonka here.  Oh says Owner when stumbled up and peeked out of a tiny gap in the curtain it's raining.   I can't say I'm overly worried about this as you know I keep myself warm and snug in all weathers and would soon say something if the heating went off!!!  I do like it when Owner puts on her mammoth dressing gown which you could fit two Owners in, it is pink and fluffy and if I time it right I can leap on the end of the belt so that when Owner reaches the bottom stair she no longer has a belt to the gown.  WONKA! she goes, but cheers her up.  A cat's got to do etc.

Fresh and blue sky again para.  You may know by now that whilst I am organised and careful, full of sense and beyond, Owner is eratic, chaotic, the other one beginning with 'n' but I can only hint and whisper at it in case Owner hears me, anyways she likes to sail close to the wind is yet another expression all pointing to the main fact.  WHICH IS? goes Owner who has been listening all the time, well I goes, you can be a risk taker Owner.  and blow me down but Owner does like this description of herself.  I mean that sums it up today but as you know folks tomorrow I could be living with a different Owner, careful and wise like me......I can but dream!! only joking Owner!  today's photoshoot is a cartoon sketch of the beauty rainbow because folks, Owner saw that in the nick of time - what is this nick you ask me?  it means that things work out your way, and at the right time. We love it.  Is that it at the top you say?  YES IT IS!!  there is Owner looking at a giant double rainbow from the north bay sea to the Castle.   another minute at the dentist (who we love mostly) and I would have missed it she goes.  Praise be, I said.

Final sunny para.  another nick of time thing is the finances there I have said it.  Owner has been using Edward De Bono's philosophy which I have to own up I do support too, and it does say that you must plan as if you have the money, plan as if it will arrive as you need it and blow me down stairs if it didn't do that very thing today!!! Even very trusting Owner was surprised.  We are saved she goes, for another month.  and when she stumbled back in with all our food and new biscuits in case Beau Beau likes them (Owner says he is but skin and bone.  I know) she reports another alright session with the little people and there is every hope for the bigger ones (the staff she said).  I have passed this good news onto Mr Beau (money and biscuits) who is relaxing upstairs somewhere and I will pass it on to Ruggles when he calls for tea.  Now last night as you know we had the comfort of Corrie and a brand new storyline has come up trumps.  Owner shouted at the good tv but in surprise not annoyingment.   Owner was very concerned she would not be able to stand the Anna and builder storyline and what if this and what if that, well the story took a turn good folks and in the direction of Anna's angst ridden ex army son Gary who took it upon himself to have a word with the horrid builder who has been bullying and the rest towards his mum and guess what?  The builder bully started saying mean things to do with Anna and so Gary picks up a big log or something and thwacks him with it.  Down he goes.  it may have been a balsa wood concrete post I said to Owner but she couldn't hear me above saying things like I NEVER EXPECTED THAT!!  It rather puts Enders and all their cancer ridden, murdering women on the run and or in prison receiving lots of proposals some of them marriage, in the shade!  not to mention Alfees coat.  Yes we are watching it tonight and pray for Masood to take over the square or marry Jane and where is Dot all this time?  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it, wrap up warm like me.  Big love Wonka x