Monday, 10 February 2014

Mighty Mundee

Wonka here.  First off it was a nice cold and frosty morning and second off Owner got up pretty well at the first bleeping.  nearly.  (nearly is Owner's fave word for the little people.  they all 'nearly' put the ball through the net and if they did get the ball through the net Owner jumped up and down shouting YES).   Still no sign of Mr Beau and we wonder if he stopped off for some respite care?  Owner says she might wander the streets and do the same.  Would you really Owner I says.  NO she goes.   Are you ready for a brand new week I said next.  NO she goes.  I love it.

Fresh para.   Once Owner started on the day it didn't stop.  From the little people and their She said, she hit me, that's mine, pretend crying and time out, to visiting (the double whammy which is aged sibling and aged parent) to shopping in the helpful supermarket which was alright it even had a chappie waiting for Owner to finish mucking about with coupons and cards and money and bags.  he said it was alright he was starting work tomorrow and Owner finally got the joke 5 mins later (said).  Pause in Owner's busy day for photoshoot:here it is! A typical day! that is Owner on the left with some little people and their feeding table and there is me on my giant nest stroke settee.  We love it.

Final para in this mighty blog.  Now after Owner had done with her coupons and such and struggled home with all the food for me does she spot Mr Beaujangles ambling up the street poking round cars and looking aimless.  Does she swoop him up and fetch him back here!  HALLO I goes and NO when he went to eat all my uneaten troughs of food.  Then does Owner go off with grandson and buy cartloads of fish and chips.  hardly time to eat them before Ruggles turns up!  And I didn't mention the horrid phone call that Owner dealt with in between all else!  This was to do with troublesome managers who are not managing but simply making phone calls to say that they are.  Did you stay calm Owner I said.  MORE OR LESS she goes back.  Thought I heard the words running jump but can't be certain as Owner busy doing another job.  Now tonight of course Corrie X 2 and Enders must be watched mostly to make sure the temptress tina storyline is still going and Carol's Cancer one too.  The last Owner knew was that Carol had agreed to marry one of the millions of suitors in the square and it is tricky David.  What about Masood then who is now a drunken gambler all because of I want to be alone Carol?  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x