Saturday, 15 February 2014

Surprising Satdee

Wonka here.  First surprise is that Owner staggered up when still dark thanks to some noises off by Mr Beaujangles, saying things like I FEEL AWFUL and I FEEL ILL.  I did whisper that me and Dr Doolittle wanted our breakfast before she laid down in a corner somewhere and she must have heard me because the next thing we were being fed!!  Thank goodness for the resilience of Owner!  And she also managed to stagger to the luxury shed where Ruggles was fast asleep and could have got by a bit longer!  If there was a super Owner competition I would enter my Owner in a jiffy.  Dreams you ask about?  Owner said something nightmarish including aged sibling and parent.  did it turn out alright I said? MORE OR LESS she goes back.  I love it.

Owner puts Mr Beau outside!
Fresh para. more rain, more winds, more trees falling down and we hear that the two Princes Harry and his bruv, were helping out in some stricken village called Dadget or Dradget or something.  We love them.   Our photoshoot today is one about Mr Beau who had to be popped outside when he was still hissing softly at me.  Of course now he has stopped all of that and asks properly to go out and properly to comeback in.  No it is not 5 minutes later!  Owner has her pink fluffy slippers on too.  We love it.

Fresh and dry para.  This is the good surprise though folks, once Owner had stopped going on about being ill and doing some chores and checking we were alright did the postman come round and post a card through the letterbox! and it was a valentines card from Daughter!  this alone has cheered Owner up and put a smile on her ill face!  Sorry Owner only joking!......

Another dry maybe finally dry para.   most surprising of all though to me and never mind dr Doolittle aka Mr Beau is that Owner has trip trapped out and back and stayed PHILOSOPHICAL.  this is despite major problems involving lots of authority figures with aged sibling.  I CANNOT LET IT spoil things goes Owner.  Well done! I goes back and then, she did the usual double whammy visit to aged parent as well and even that did not change her laid back mood.  I even wondered for just a nth of a second if she had taken one of aged parent's tablets!  But no, Owner prefers to face things head on.  She is anxiety struck over us cats though and especially Tinkerbelle who did the usual dart out from the luxury shed and then straight across the motorway stroke street.  That was this morning and now Owner has to contend with Ruggles popping over too.  And Mr Beau who has been asking to go out but then just looking at the outside world as if it wasn't there before.  I did notice Owner's temper changing a bit after he had done this for the tenth time.  Patience I reminded Owner, from just round the corner, is a virtue.  She couldn't hear me above the noise of the traffic whizzing down the street come race track.

Real Final para.  If Owner manages to fit in all those jobs beforehand she will be watching American Idol and this is guaranteed (spelling!) to calm her down, followed by The Voice and our heroine Kylie who is continuing to look like a beauty Barbie and gravelly Sir Tom not to mention Marlin stroke Marvin who to quote Owner is impossibly good looking (??).  and if she can stand it there will be that strange lotto quiz thing where someone keeps saying IT IS ON THE LIST and now Owner keeps saying it too, and then to round off the entire evening is that nice casualtee with nursey Charlie  We do love it folks.  Go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it folks.  Big Love Wonka x