Saturday, 1 February 2014

Shorter and Blonder Satdee

Wonka here.  Owner reports felt ill all night long and up down down up taking things wrapping up warmer and then laying there like a floundering fish (her description.  Fish??).  finally got up and I sped downstairs to here a noise outside.  Guess who was perched on the ledge outside the good kitchen windy??  Not a fish!  yes it was Mr Beaujangles demanding to come in and wolf down some fodder.  Yes Owner very brave and let me meet him (or her.) and what did he or she do? hissed at me.  it was not a big hiss I grant you and after a moment to think whether I ought to do anything, I ran away!!!  this is the best thing to do folks when you are unsure of a situation.  RUN AWAY.  I was fine in fact I found it all a bit exciting and that is in keeping with the new Chinese year of the horse.

Fresh para.  The sun was shining down when we finally looked out the windows and all Owner could say was WHY WASN'T IT LIKE THIS yesterdee.  I ask you?  Yes she stumbled out for her hair apt and fell back in with short blonde hair and I immediately said I LOVE IT Owner.  She says it is her signature look (Like that word may use it again.  have I got one?  May post a photoshoot with my signature look.)  This is me sitting on my fave toy the catnip fish.  I knew there was a fish story somewhere apart from Owner's floundering one.  Anyway Owner says this is one of signature sitting positions and I love it.

Fresh shrill wind para. yes the sun went in folks to be replaced by a nasty and piercing wind.  Owner managed to get me some more food amongst feeding the five thousand others alright a slight exaggeration I grant you, and daughter is pressing Owner for photoshoots of Mr Beau and encouraging to LET HIM OR HER STAY.  Can you hear a small warning bleep going off folks??? I mean how will I cope not being the only only one.  Now tonight if Owner can tear herself away from the lost cats society we will be glued to The voice.  Yes.  Whilst at the good hairdressers Owner got through four gossipy mags and is well up on who is who now. (Hmm).  She does not read these things at any other time but then.  Alright I goes, who is good Marlin I mean Marvin with then.  Roxette or Rochelle or someone beginning with R Owner says.  We all know that Simon Ghoul wants good Cheryl Coal back on the hex factor even I know that.  And finally we all know that andy Murraymint isn't getting married  just yet.  He does not strike me or Owner as someone who likes to hurry things.  We have gone off on some strange gossipy track.  Back to tonight's viewing  and then we will be glued to good casualtee and those new good Bruvverly Doctors wending their way into the hearts and minds of all the nurseys.  Now do go steady out there in the wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love wonka. x