Saturday, 8 February 2014

All Change Satdee

Wonka here.  Wait til I tell you what happened last night (Owner says there is a film called something like that it goes it happened one night with Claudette Colbert and Clarke Gable thinks).  that wasn't what happened it was Mr Beaujangles that popped in and AND has not as yet popped back out!!  Owner is amazed we had any sleep at all last night saying and I quote, I will leave the light on and hope we can all settle down (snore wheeze snore!  Only joking Owner!).  somehow the good night passed us all by with me whizzing up and down stairs, Owner in a half inch sleep and the only one who had anything like a decent night was guess who???  YES MR B.

Fresh para.  now I know this is my blog and it should be all about me and I am trying to keep it like that really I am.  In the meantime a good sketch stroke cartoon.goodness knows if you could see the original sketch you would say how comes this little faint thingy is nothing like that???  and good folks out there I cannot understand it myself.  Can you make out it is good Mr Beau and I am getting more used to him bit by bit even thinking as Owner said, is he hissing to protect himself rather than hissing to be horrid to little ol me??  We love him.

final all change para.  Today Owner says is the day to round off a thoroughly (nearly forgot how to spell that word then and Owner is not helping) ghastly and demanding week.  Have you had enough Owner I goes from my luxury carpet setting?  YES she goes back.  The entire family which is not big folks is wanting support she says and wonders where all the energy will come from.  Shall we put a coin in the wishing well Owner I said helpfully (thought).  MAY AS WELL she said back.  Now good Ruggles is due and as I speak Mr Beau is settled nicely and showing no signs of wanting to ever go back out.  Can we manage? YES WE CAN!

Real final para.  Last night in between following Mr Beau round and round each room we saw a little bit of the spectacular (Owner's word) opening ceremony for the winter Olympics in Russia and listened hard to the speech.  Owner said it was a strong one.  OH I goes.  Tonight we are in good company with all these new cats and good grandson too so we will be watching just about everything we can starting with American pop idol so Owner can shout at the telly!  Then the voice for more shouting and then good Casualtee with security nursey Charlie Farlie.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka.