Saturday, 22 February 2014

Blues day Satdee

Wonka here.  just me and Owner for the night as Beau Beau popped out to not return. However, on the final trip to the luxury shed last night an encounter of the cat kind happened!!  It is a new one, it is not Tinkers.  How do we know it is not Tinkers you say? Because dear folks out there, it went in the opposite direction.  Plus says Owner who had the advantage of being in the good yard at the time, it did not have a bell on it!  who was it who said all cats look the same in the dark???  NOT SO.
So when Owner said is it time to get up Wonka?  I had to say I was starving and to get a move on otherwise it would have been too late to listen to my favourite Anneka Rice on good Radio 2.  I love her.

Fresh para.  What is this blues day thing you want to know.  Owner has spent most of the week feeling (list) 1.  ill 2.  Old 3.  Ugly and spot ridden 4.  friendless and penniless 5.  best not get onto 5.
It has culminated (Owner helped me out with that one) in the blues.  I WILL TRY TO CHEER UP she mumbled when she fell back in this afternoon.  she had been swimming, shopping and visiting.  Was it the visiting that brought it on I said.  MOST LIKELY she goes back.  I have tried to be less demanding and more cuddley folks.  and it is working.  Photoshoot needed:  now what is this you all asking well it is me of course, the star of the show looking at a nice pot of snowdrops.  And this did make Owner laugh let me tell you, as when daughter was here she had brought them as a gift and blow me down I thought they were a gift for me!!  so I pounced on them, Owner moved them, I reached over and still pounced on them and knocked them to the ground!!!  That is why good folks the snowdrops are now on the other side of the window peeking in at me.  I love it.  and you can see I have flown the sketch up top to make Owner smile.

Final happy para.  tonight there is everything to help Owner restore her good mood and see what an ace person she really is instead of that other one.   I've even had a bigger nap than usual to make sure I can watch it all too!  I am praying for American idol which Owner loves to follow to make sure people really do live and behave like that.  IT'S NOT REAL I said last time but tonight I shall whisper it, then it is the good Voice with all in their big red teacups pressing buzzers now and then rounded off by casualtee and uncle Charley Nursey advising and doing a little bit of nursing.  There is another good quiz where he keeps saying IT IS ON THE LIST and Owner has taken this up as her fave catchphrase.  We love it.  Tomorrow we have a dvd up our sleeve which winged its way here this afternoon as a surprise gift.  It is beloved Tom Hanks at some terminal and I did say to Owner you want to count your blessings but she didn't hear me above the kettle boiling for the next round of hot water bottles for the luxury shed. Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x