Sunday, 16 February 2014

Seagull Sundee

Wonka here. Just for a change even though Owner cannot abide change and says when she dreams of 'small change' it gives her the shivers. (around ten one pound coins in a big bag she goes.  What real money I says.  WHAT ELSE she says back.  Are you in a funny mood I said then, NO she said back.) well we have an early photoshoot of beloved seagulls:  OOH managed to put it there!!  now you will be thinking Oh I have seen these seagulls and that same roof before and I say back to you good folks, not these seagulls you haven't!!  can you see there are two on the roof and just by the chimney there is another one flying off.  But look at that beauty blue sky!  And Owner says there was another cheeky seagull poking out of the chimney pot but we would need a nasa telescope to see it.  We love it.  A good seaside morning and not a sign of any wet stuff.

Fresh para.  You will immediately be wondering and asking about Mr Beau Jay.  No he did not come home last night and Owner was so philosophical she did not worry and fuss but said things like, he'll be back when he's ready, and, I can't be looking out for him all night long.  YES he has finally returned this afternoon, gobbled a week's worth of food and is splayed out at the top of the stairs right where you have to walk.  I have to do a bunny hop over him.  I love it.  Mr Ruggles was in the luxury shed for breakfast and now on his rounds.  Tinkers will be flashing around somewhere.  We love them.

Final para.  Maybe.  Now Owner said also dreamt of a black lobster but thankfully this is not a (Owner says this is a word) harbinger of woe.  In fact the opposite!  I say the jury out but Owner then said she was going shopping.  I tried to hide the credit card but was too late and guess what?  It did take a slight hammering.  I NEEDED something new! laughed Owner when she fell back in the door with several bags.  But listen to this folks the something turned into four things but this is when the hand of god reached down and made it all 1.  fit Owner 2.  make Owner look fetching 3.  forget about the cost.  End of.  I did not need to hide and nor did Mr Beau.  This, announced Owner, and I quote, is the start (start??) of my new Summer Wardrobe.  I tried to tell Owner we were still in February and that good folks were being flooded and stormed and iced out, but she couldn't hear me about the rustling of the shopping bags and new things.  She loves it.

Real final para.  just thinking about how we are rushing towards poverty stricken and massive debt owing to Owner's new Summer Wardrobe had me laying down for a good couple of hours.  I took a liking to the plastic bag once emptied of all the new clothes but Owner wrenched it out from under me saying she needed it!  Now tonight as per we will be glued to more Idol - Owner says it calms her down and she likes it when they get their golden ticket to Hollywood.  She especially liked one of them who sang to his departed dad and had them all in tears.  SAY YES she shouted at the telly and they must have heard her!  So that first, falling on ice second, calling midwifery and if Owner can stay awake she may watch the Bafta thing where all are dolled up to the nines and make speeches to say how much they love everyone in the entire Wold even when they don't.  MY MONEY IS ON THE SLAVE ONE goes Owner. Have you seen it I goes.  NOT AS YET she goes back.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x