Monday, 17 February 2014

Multicoloured Mundee

Car with No Name
Wonka here.  guess what? no it isn't 1.  Owner dropped a dress size.  2.  She has stopped feeling ill, old and ugly 3. about the Baftas and we did stay up to the bitter Helen Mirren end.  it is better than that.  Today Owner wrestled up and set about the usual feeding fest and in the middle of it before she had hardly had a sip of tea (Tetleys blend of both) she looked out the poor back door and who is out there but Ruggles!  ~And here it is, she let him in in full view of Me and Mr Beaujangles!!  Mr Beau carried on as if he were blind deaf and dumb (we don't think he is at least not the first or third one) but I noticed!  and I sniffed Rug who growled at me and I growled back!  Yes.  Owner did not help much saying things like well it's hardly the start of wold war three is it!!  You will be glad to learn good folks that no black eyes were to be had and I took it all on the chin.

Fresh para.  Now Ruggles soon asked to go out as he must have thought it a bit strange after years of being segregated (good word thanks Owner) he is now face to face with other cats.  other beautiful cats.  As I say Mr Beau hardly stirred from his trough.  For my photoshoot though I am putting up the car with no name. why you say?  what has this to do with confrontational situations? (phew).  Nothing.  But, listen to this, it has been a day and a half and I think Owner letting Ruggles meet us may have set it all in motion for a funny day.  We hear a tap at the good front door and from my hiding place at the top of the stairs I hear Owner saying OH HOW WONDERFUL and I AM SO GLAD and it is all to do with the old beloved Skylark car which she gave away to a nice man as he wanted the numberplate for his good business.  and guess what?  he came to show Owner the numberplate on his van!!  I cannot thank him enough this business man for cheering Owner up!  so a sketch of the new car with no name for you as follows.  Owner says she does like it and maybe one day she will bond with it: I have flown it up to the top again and it can twinkle away up there.

Fresh car and numberplate free para.  Owner has also bitten bullet and made appt to see her Dr as she can't stop the cold thing.  Is it making you weep more than usual Owner I goes.  POSSIBLY she cried back.  When Owner is under the weather this is what I have to put up with.  She made a long phone call all to do with aged sibling and there were a lot of hankie moments folks.  Will it all come right I said.  WHAT A LOVELY PERSON she goes about whoever it was who had to put up with Owner's multi-coloured emotions.  And I should know!  Then blow me does Ruggles turn up early doors and we go through another stand off!  This time Mr Beau joined in and it was a group growl!!  STOP IT goes Owner, and I stopped, then Mr Beau stopped and we just watched Rug chomp through a plate of chick.  We love him.  sort of.

final well para.  we have lots to look forward to this week folks as good daughter is set to visit and in between visits to Drs and Dentists (wed and thurs) will be watching Captain Phillips and good Tom Hanks in it and that nice man who plays a pirate and won a supporting actor Oscar.  We love him.  as predicted the slave film won a packload of Oscars and it was home from home with all crying.  if we can stand it tonight there is good corrie x 2 with temptress tina leading married recovering alcoholic Peter up the garden path or at least the bedroom in his tiny flat and good Emily has discovered Breaking Bad box set so we won't be seeing her for a good long time! then it's Enders and slight relief from Carol's Story and I want to be alone with my new cancer and get proposals from every male in the square even though I look haggard and am openly hostile with the where is Stacey and she belongs in the square Alfie one.  I did whisper to Owner that sometimes she can be a bit offish but she was busy blowing her nose and didn't hear me.  Mr Beau has gone off out and may come back later and Owner says he had better not be smelly or sickly when he does!  As you all know I am perfect and don't give Owner a moment's trouble.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x