Tuesday, 18 February 2014

50 shades of blonde Tuesdee

Wonka here.  I noticed that yesterdee's blog caption for photoshoot joined in with my name on good google + and I thought I wonder if any good folk will think that's funny, car with no name Wonka who is that, but luckily no one 1. (list) noticed or 2. read it in the first place to see it. 3.  I am over it.
Now when we got up first off I said to Owner it is just me for breakfast Owner.  IS THAT SO she goes back but guess what that's right good Ruggles was perched on the doorstep and only growled and hissed a tiny bit when Owner let him in.  All in a day's work I said to Owner but she didn't hear me above boiling the kettle for rug's hot water bottles.

Fresh para.  What is that title you may say, good and only reader.  You will know the trials I go through when Owner says I DON'T LIKE MY HAIR. Before we can say how's your father she has gone out with the dread credit card and come back with a new and exciting shade of blonde.  of course I say immediately (spelling!) what about me Owner!  and I have to have something nice before Owner can retreat to the bathroom and read the instructions.  I am joking as Owner never reads the instructions.  a small photoshoot to do with my extremely attractive Owner:   would you believe it I cannot fly it up top or move it!!  it has now moved itself back to the side.  You get the picture good folks out there.  At the moment and several applications later the hair is rather a fetching shade as I like to say.  For anyone special Owner I goes?   I AM SPECIAL she goes back.  I love it.

Real end para.  Rug has been twice Mr Beau has been once and asked very loudly I thought to go back out into the wilderness and I am enjoying the peace and quiet goodness knows I need my rest and the radiator has been blasting out right into my good fur for most of the day.  I did go and lay on a freshly made bed but soon moved off it back to the radiator again.  Owner has had a busy day visiting the ageds and I said to her I said did you cope with it Owner?  YES JUST she said.  the hair thing has cheered her on and now she can face any amount of officialdom (ooer) Drs and Dentists.  tomorrow we welcome my aunty and that is Owner's daughter so I am fully expecting to be talked about and cuddled for most of the day.  Tonight we are trying to stay with Enders even though the where is Stacey she belongs here and why are you lying to me Kat (Alfie) storyline is wearing us down.  Owner is thinking about a petition called Bring Back Anyone else not quite so boring but not got time to do it.  Then it is good Holby with cuddly doctors and cold unemotional ones we love it.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x