Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wet and Windy Wednesdee

Wonka here.   Owner says slept very well indeed with no interruptions from me, Mr Beau or anything else.  What I said, like the wind battering up against the window and making shed doors slam.  COULD BE she goes.  Did dream but says melted away like candyfloss.  That sounds pleasant Owner I said.  When we looked out of the good unbattered window we saw some snow!  then that melted and turned to rain!  That means wet play says Owner as she rushed out to earn our living.

Fresh para.  as predicted by every single weather person and non weather person we are in the throes (like it like it) of very poor weather folks with SEVERE warnings by a Met Office.  Thankfully just because the wind was blowing so hard the umbrella could not work, and just because Owner soaked through it did not stop her from going to the helpful supermarket for fresh supplies!  And whilst there she scattered some bread for the seagulls or the  pigeons.  But when she got back to the car with no name which insisted on being secretly locked for a good few minutes til suddenly it opened, she noticed a tiny bird on the grass near to the bread.  ~guess what?  YES a photoshoot:  now once more and rather like a bird it has flown up to the top of this good blog.  Can you just make out to the left a weensy little sparrow bird?  and the white stuff by the tree trunk well that is half a loaf of tiger bread.  I said to Owner are you happy now you have saved one bird from starvation?  YES I AM she said, and what's more it really cheered her up and that is worth a lot to me I can tell you.  I love it.

Fresh para and possibly final.   once again Owner reports some very good behaviour from the little people.  What with no scrapping snatching shouting or sulking I goes?  HARDLY ANY she went back.  ~She loves them.  She said she went into town to do some routine shopping and thought about buying herself something nice but when she caught a glimpse of this strange rain sodden fat and ugly person in a giant mirror thought better of it.   This can only mean Owner is tired.  When Owner is tired she sees different, like those crazy mirrors at the funfair.   As soon as she stumbled back home with our supplies I said how lovely she looked especially her hair!  Despite the rain it had stayed in position!  Yes it was wet and soggy and not sure about the colour but the style had kept! 

Real final para.  Now tonight if Owner has any energy we can watch good Corrie x 1.  Tina is still on about going to London town and it is like a bad dream where every time you think you are nearly there it has moved or you have missed the bus or something, well Tina is the same!  she is just not getting to London.  We love it.  After that Owner reports there is nothing on.  I AM NOT WATCHING the one about the school she goes, as it gets on her nerves too much.  On the other hand it may be good for Owner to shout at the telly.  Now between gale force winds and floods, we are all alright even good Ruggles is being sensible and snuggling down in the luxury shed.  Please go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x