Friday, 28 February 2014

Thoroughly Fridee

Wonka here.  Owner woke up before the good alarm could start the first peeping and says is it time to get up I wonder.  I helped by jumping on and over Owner to get my first tummy tickle of the day and bony M, that is aka and that means also known as (in case like me you did not know) Mr Beaujangles.. just lay there like a furry log.  Once Owner has given us at least ten aliases it means we have arrived.  When we are bored and I have nothing else to report I will do a list.  In the meantime, the thoroughly began in the night when Owner trip trapped downstairs and said what is that ghastly smell.  I can immediately tell you good folks out there it was not me it was Dr Doolittle aka Mr Beaujangles.   If it had not been deep in the night Owner would have spent half an hour being thorough but saved it for the morning instead.  We love it.

Fresh and thorough para.  In keeping with all things thorough I present to you a photoshoot which is a special Owner's study of me and the dressing gown belt: now even I said to Owner has it shrunk in the wash and I mean the cartoon not the dressing gown???  this is one of the cartoons and I have made Owner do another one to see if it is any bigger.   The one at the top was the second version and it has gone weensy but you can see me with my paw on the belt and Owner fairly flying downstairs!  in the mark 1 version which to confuse you good folks out there in the Wold, is the cartoon underneath and where Owner is now sporting a vivid pinky red gown and I am leaping in the air!!  We love both of them, thanks Owner!!!

Final thorough para.   Owner reports a visit to aged parent after her stint with the little people which she said, it being a Fridee and all, went well.  I AM ON A LEARNING CURVE she says.  some of that is remembering three thousand names and forgetting two thousand nine hundred and...........  aged parent told Owner she looked tired and of course good folks I have had to cope with this from the minute she crawled back in with our food shopping.  I know I am tired, said Owner and I quote, but I just don't want to look it!!!  I said how gorgeous she looked and could I have my fresh chick, and could she just let Beau Beau in off the kitchen windysill and could we maybe have one of those new biscuits too but she didn't hear me above answering one of those annoying cold calls on the telephone.   YES she goes, I am thoroughly worn out!!  I love it.

real final Para.  Good Rugglesis has been for his tea and growled slightly when he spied me relaxing a long way away from him.  As Owner let him out did she spy Bertie sitting looking at us from the other side of the good see through gate.  GOODNESS she went, and told Rug to take it steady.  he didn't hear her above rushing to see where Bertie had gone.  Now on the tv front you will brace yourselves for the news that we did watch Enders and it seemed to dart between Kat, possibly a prison visit, Staycee, the girl who is bad news and we have forgotten her name and the lad called Liam, back to Staycee and her partner or is ex partner.  he seemed to be saying to Staycee how could she keep a secret (the murder thing) and what else could she be hiding. Owner said and I quote, well it is not acting skills!! and , is she going to wear the same expression for the entire storyline can I stand it NO.  But it is alright folks because good corrie is on times 2 and we have the exciting storyline of angst ridden Gary hitting bad builder with a log or lump of concrete in honour  of his Mum Anna who surely will not approve?  Emily Bishop may still be glued to breaking Bad and if we get fed up there is Devlin and his new business enterprise and bereft Rita.  We love it.  All of this may bring Owner back to life and stop her from being too thorough.   Now the weekend is here so I ask all you good folks out there wherever you are in the Wold to go steady in it.  Big Love Wonka x