Thursday, 20 February 2014

Double Rainbow Thursdee

Wonka here.  Photoshoot has to be first folks as it was to quote Owner OUTSTANDING!  and that is from the good seafront following a poor visit to the dentist. Sorry dentist!  Owner said when she stumbled back in it was an ordeal she did not want to repeat.  WOE I said.  and then I said, what about the food shopping Owner??  and she was so traumatised (good word for a thursdee) that she had to go back out across the busy motorway stroke street to rescue all the cat food and luxury cat litter from the boot of the car with no name.  it's a wonder you took that photo Owner I said!  We love it.

Fresh para.  now Owner has insisted on fiddling about with this good blog putting up this new cartoon and that until I said STOP Owner!!  but I'll tell you what good folks out there I rather like it and let's remember for a minute it is all about me and a tad about Owner.  Now tomorrow I will have another good photoshoot for you and it is me and Mr Beau.  we are sitting next to each other but it is a funny one.  We love it, and so will you.  So Mr Beau has met Owner's daughter and all are happy about it even me.  I only got jealous a couple of times and when Owner said WHAT IS THAT? I soon stopped making a fuss.  Ruggles is yet to pop in but we have sighted Tinkerbelle speeding out of the luxury shed and up the good fence as soon as Owner said IT IS ALRIGHT TINKERS.  Owner said they looked at each briefly before tinkers decided Owner was a monster from hell and sped off yes straight across the busy motorway stroke street.  Owner said she has no nerves left.  I beg to differ.  I love it.

Final para.  Yes.  Owner and daughter got through an intense pirating adventure with good Tom Hanks dealing with trouble on the high seas.  I asked if we were going to see any of the Brits thing with lots of singers and such sitting around making poor jokes and good Mr Corden trying to make it all come together.  The bit we saw had Owner shouting at the tv things like, and I quote, are they going to say thankyou, and who is that? and do they think they are being cool?  we turned off shortly after this beeyoncee did a number.   I USED TO LIKE HER goes Owner.  Now tonight there are no Brits and no Folks awards things but there is a giant episode of Enders and I am gathering up all my strength to see it through as Owner is bound to shout about Staceee and Carol's cancer story but hopefully they will concentrate on Masood who is changing back to good Masood, and may fall in love with Jane ,who is another come back person but not as irritating as Stayceee,  Owner says it should be Gocee!! GO Owner I said back.  Anyway. go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in folks.  Big Love Wonka x