Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thursdee Thursdee

more of the good night sky
Wonka here.  Owner woken up by Mr Beau in the very deep of the night say around half fourish when it was pretty cold I thought even from the warmth of the duvet I was snuggled into.  IT WASN'T ME! I said although I admit my voice may have been muffled by the duvet.  I KNOW Who it was goes Owner tramping downstairs for those wipe clean cloth things.    When we really got up at the right time it wasn't much warmer folks due to the wind rushing in all the poorly fitting windows and doors (all of them).  However Owner distracted a bit by dream of going to see Frank Sinatra in concert.  By GOLLY I goes (Good golly was a cat who used to look after Owner and me before he popped off to the next room.  he would not mind us saying good golly.)  Yes says Owner I was looking forward to it.

Fresh para.  Then good folks does Owner forget the dream but then get you only live twice on the brain and has to google it to find out the rest of the words and guess who wrote the lyrics but Nancy Sinatra!!  Owner says Jung would call this synchronicity (long word for me but Owner helped).  This is a strange linking of events. I'll say! Now after all of that, a bit of sleet outside and then brilliant blue sky and sunshine. That means outside play! goes Owner meaning the little people can stretch their legs and do all that scrapping and fighting and crying and sulking outside instead of in.  We love it.  For today's photoshoot Owner had to capture the sky as it went a pretty pink and blue.
 that big jungle in front of the window is a lemon geranium plant and there through the good kitchen window the night sky.  The one at the top has a bit of one of the dangly cat chimes at the bottom and centre top is a pink plastic star..   After the storm we love it.

Fresh possibly final para.  Yes last night was fraught with anxiety for Owner who had to keep checking on Ruggles and finally went outside!  I MAY BE and Mr Beau couldn't hear the rest as the wind had got up rather but we wished Owner well.  When she fell back in a bit later on all wet and soggy but happy as Ruggles was safe in the luxury shed I was rather relieved as I had been wanting my supper.  Today Owner continued to be tired and I must say I know the feeling!!  Mr Beau asked to go out when it wasn't a galeforce 9 and Owner let him.  Will he return?  We'll see.  Owner managed one family visit and a couple of phone calls without losing all sense of calmness, reason to be and humour.  Of course the fact that Corrie delivered up the tina Temptress storyline just as expected (tina is not now going to London town but prefers weatherfield and recovering alcoholic newly married lustful Peter) did help Owner to loosen up by shouting at the telly but tonight all we have is Enders.  And the where is Stacey why won't she come back you belong here says Kat storyline.  perhaps Masood will be in it, drinking and gambling and then Owner will be alright again.  We love it.  Now with all these storms and icy weather and flooding do go steady wherever you are in the Wold.  and it is Fridee tomorrow.  Big Love Wonka x