Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Expectant Tuesdee

Wonka here.  First off this is how ill Owner is, the good peeping alarm didn't go off folks because it wasn't set last night!  OH goes Owner, is it time to get up?  OH she goes, I think I forgot to set the alarm I think it is coming up to 8 O'clock.  It was twenty to and good Ruggles was waiting on the doorstep.  Ownr reports lots of strange dreams commensurate(thank you Owner!) with having a sore throat she said.  In one of them she knows there is someone  behind her and she is rushing to get back home at a snails pace and dragging on a wooden fence to get there.  It was a lovely old house with a good front garden and she tried to rush up the path and had the key ready and it was broken at the top!! she knows this strange person is not far and she puts the key in the lock praying the front door does open. Pause for effect........IT OPENED.  And Owner managed to shut it before the person got to her.  No wonder Owner slept in is it folks!

Fresh dreamy para.  Everyone has been in once or twice and topped up with good whiskas and biscuits.  Owner's observations (lots of big words tonight) are 1.  I seem to be at ease with Mr Beaujangles and nearly vice versa and Owner can safely leave door open to good dining room when he in. 2. Mr B's back not quite as bony.  3.  Mr B simply miaowed to leave.  Whereas: 1. Ruggles is prone to lashing out for nothing than the known eye can see or the known ear can hear.  2.  One of us growled when the good door between the minute kitchen and the bit bigger dining room left open.  3.  bit of a struggle (rhymeswith Ruggle!) to get me back in the dining room and Rug out the back door. 4.  ruggles is our fave with a big fat teddy bear face.  Photoshoot: Oh yes in case you have forgotten me, this is a sketch of ME!! to my left is a little toy dog that was Owner's but she gave it to me and just near my head is my new xmas toy with the ball inside I can bat round.  I love it.

Final para.  Now Owner reports news of two babies on the way which is exciting news as we love babies.  One of them is to a proud grandparent we know of and the other will be new Dad. Owner says will keep me updated.  Do they know what it is yet I said and Owner said NO but the new Dad is going in for all these scans and tests and nearly a whole film  show to find that out.  Owner thinks it will be a boy.  We wish them all lots of happiness as we love babies.  Now Owner says there should be a third bit of baby news and I hope so. (could it be a kitten I wondered.)  Now due to feeling ill and wotnot we did not stay up past 9 pm and will do our poor best tonight what with dearie me Enders and as we thought it should be renamed The Carol Show starring Carol, all about Carol and featuring all of Carol's large extended dysfunctional family.  We love it.  Then it's good holby city which is not about a city it is about sick people and staff who are also dysfunctional.  There is a new babe on there and I said to Owner does that count as the third but she said DON'T BE SILLYit's not real.  Owner is still looking after the little people and their packed lunches, and reports they did not listen when she said TIME TO TIDY up.  I'm sure they will hear you tmro I said.  Now please do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x