Friday, 14 February 2014

Funny Valentine Fridee

My Funny Valentine!!
Wonka here.  good folks out there we passed a pleasant night with no nocturnal goings on!!  There is a full moon out there and whatever the experts say, we know different!  Owner reports a snippet of a dream where she had four strands of hair dyed a fetching shade of blue.  Did you like it in the dream I goes?  I LOVED IT she said back.  Once we stumbled down below it was all systems go for Owner while me and Dr Doolittle (aka Mr Beau) more or less made a giant fuss about where our breakfast was.  And to cap it all best and beloved Ruggles waiting on the doorstep!  We love it.

Fresh valentines para.  Now I have gone behind Owner's back really and said Owner we must have a good sketch on here to celebrate the day!  She is fed up with looking at red roses and red cards and such in the helpful supermarket and says she is and I quote, Valentined out!  But, I said what about a unique, personal, fabulous cartoon from you instead!  YES I WILL DO ONE she goes:  once more I made a decision to fly the cartoon up to the top because I like it up there.  On the left is Owner struggling with some shopping and on the right there is me relaxing and Mr Beau just vacating (like it) the room.  and in between me and Owner are a load of love hearts!!!

Fresh final para.  Owner reports that when she arrived to look after the little people and their lunch packs they were all singing a song and the nice teacher asked them to sing it to Owner and it was a valentine's day song!!  Owner reports it was and I quote PERFECT.  Not many of us get serenaded by little people do we?  Now what else to report except Owner spent an hour on the phone to sort out something she didn't understand and anxiety levels were high I can tell you!  I kept well out of the way and advised Mr Beau to do the same (he doesn't know these things but I sent him to the top of the stairs).  Luckily, Owner said, on the second phone call to the same good dept, she spoke to a very good person who knew just how to deal with Owner and her questions.  MEDAL? I asked Owner, OH YES she goes back.  So a little bit fraught but still able to feed me and the rest, change the luxury cat tray and adjust the feeding in the luxury shed.  It makes you wonder where the time goes Owner I said from round the corner, but she didn't hear me above the noise of the running tap to wash the cat food dishes.  We love it.

Real final para.  Now some people little or big do not celebrate this good valentines but  there is always someone to love.  It could be a person or an animal or just any creature really but I do encourage all you good folks out there to find it.  Although Owner has given up (says)she is still a big softie and has sent daughter a nice card.  Now tonight we will be entranced with corrie X 2 and rita is now separated from that recent husband of hers we did not like him and hope Norris gets a look in, but mostly it has turned into Tina's story without the cancer.  On Enders we must put up with the closing of the market and the uprising in the square to do with this plus Carol's cancer and other smaller equally annoying storylines.  Bring back Masood says Owner who loves him.  Time to check for Mr Ruggles folks so I must away.  It is the weekend so I say to you wherever you are in the Wold do go steady.  Big Love Wonka x