Sunday, 23 February 2014

Secret Sundee

Wonka here.  Bloomin windy out there all night and all day and there is nothing Owner does not like more.  Says first heard the sound of the wind shrieking in this weensy flat when first moved to this nice seaside.  Was it noisy I says to Owner.  She goes, and I quote, I now know WHY THEY CALL THE WIND MARIAH  Isn't that a song I went back, YES she said. We love it.

Fresh and windy para.   Beau Beau  spent the night with us and I have to reward myself for being on best behaviour.  it lasted throughout Rugglesis visit for supper last night and I did not mind even when he growled consistently (phew) at me.  But that is not a secret you say so what is??  In keeping with our campaign to cheer up Owner, I said to her why don't you do a little book slot on this blog once a week to keep the good folk out there interested?  but really folks I did it to keep her off a giant worry jive that she will go on, on Sundees.  ***************So here is Owner's book for the week slot:
Now you see the secret connection!!  That is the front which I flew up to the top, and that is Mary Lennox on it and here is the back with Dickon and Colin.Owner says this is one of her favourite childhood books and may read it again.  The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson-Burnett.    Mary is orphaned and from India and this book was written in 1911!!  and she comes to live in Yorkshire and meets with Dickon and then Colin.  The secret garden says Owner is magic.  She says when she sees things coming up in the tubs outside she thinks of this book.  I love it.  thanks for that Owner!!

Back to normal para.  Me?  Thanks for asking, had a really nice day with lots of much needed rest, naps and full on sleep interspersed (OOH!) with snacks.  Now here is my news for the day, did Owner on her second trip to the luxury shed to stock up see the new secret cat nestled up on the good car seat!!! Before it ran off with the mistaken idea that Owner was a monster from Mars.  We are calling it Bertie for now.  And it lives round the back somewhere.  And it is a nice tortoishell colour.  We love it.  Tonight we are glued to skipping about on the ice with our fave Hayley and fave Dan but we think our not fave Ray might be the winner.  Owner is alright with this as she has slipped into a benign mood praise be, and is then set to watch the midwives where we have hankies out the whole time.  She says watching The Terminal with beloved Tom Hanks has put her into this benign mood and recommends it to anyone feeling old, ill, ugly, poverty stricken and just a bit off kilter.   I have advised Owner against looking in the mirror for the rest of this good day in order to maintain her good mood but she didn't hear me above blowing her nose.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x