Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bad day at black rock Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Got up and got on nicely until.  DO DO DO DOO DAAAAAAH!!!  Yes it was a family phone call.  No it was not to say Hallo How are you Owner and Wonka and any of the others like rugglesis it was a SITUATION.  Haven't we enough of those I says to Owner when she comes off the phone muttering can't do right for wrong but she didn't hear me above rushing round to get ready for the job she doesn't want to go to.  Can anything go right I said to the green cushion I was snuggling up to?

Fresh and faithful para.  I did want to do a nice little gardening photoshoot and even encourage Owner to have a little miniscule gardening snippet in with all my news so it would have to be small we know that but I could not get her interested.  Instead we have a little cartoon to show about me and Owner which you will love.  As per I have flown it up top and tried to make it bigger if anything it looks smaller!!  There is Owner to the left shouting at Enders on the good tv and to the right I am trying to get some rest! We love it and yes last night it was terrible as we not only had Stacee with that same forlorn expression for the whole half an hour (Owner reports it was the longest half hour of her life.) we had Alfee in a new leather coat which he surely cannot afford says Owner and to round it off Kat was visiting murdering Janeeeen and even Carol's cancer made an appearance.  I was pretty worn out towards the end folks!!  Yes it is on tonight and I may have to pray for a black out! Only joking Owner!.

Final and dark Para.  What this black day thing you want to know?  After the phone call things spiralled downwards into Owner's tiny job with the little people.  Is it like being back at School I said to Owner when she crashed back in after a top up visit to aged parent.  TOTALLY she goes. And can me, Beaujangles and Ruggles have our tea before you go funny I said but Owner didn't hear me above phoning the good agency to TALK IT THROUGH.  Weirdly  said Owner, sometime later, the visit cheered me up!  Says played a quiz and bingo with a big group of residents who mostly knew what was happening.  I love it.   Tonight we will be watching yes Enders and then that nice hospital drama where everyone is conniving and competitive and messed up.  Busman's holiday says Owner who is feeling a bit better and may try harder tomorrow.  Until then I will as ever be cheering Owner on and showing off my tummy for a tickle, asking for more food every two minutes and generally taking her mind off bad things.  I may chase a ball or two and cuddle my catnip fish for good measure.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and specially if you too are having the bad rock day.  Big Love Wonka x