Monday, 3 February 2014

Demanding Mundee

Wonka here.  forget that Ariel business we will make do with this font says Owner and  I have to say I agree because by the time we have looked at these font things and found the right thing to click on we have wasted precious time folks.  Owner said at least no rain today and a bit of Sun but still feels under the weather.  Can you say that Owner I said, and isn't that a mixed metaphor thingy.  SO WHAT IF IT IS she said back.  Are you in a mood then I dared to say once I had my breakfast in front of me.  NO she said and gave me a big cuddle to make up for not being in one.

Fresh para.  Now good Ruggles was on the doorstep when Owner went to see to the luxury shed and sped in with a limping right paw.  HAVE YOU BEEN SCRAPPING RUG? but he wouldn't say.  I think he is defending his territory (checked word with Owner says is right on) since Mr B coming round.  We love you Rug you needn't worry I said from behind a closed kitchen door.  Phototshoot coming up which is a mystery:Well would you know it here I am having a snooze.   It is a tiny sketch and I will try to make it bigger but you know what this blog is like for that. I love it.

Fresh and demanding para.  Now did Owner get another shout for work when already is guarding the little people with outings and packed lunches and wotnot.  I hope you said NO Owner!  I had to! she goes.  I am worried folks that she takes on too much when her number one priority is feeding me then Ruggles then Mr Beau then the Usurper Tinkerbelle who was sighted streaking away from the luxury shed this aft in between feeding Mr Rug and Mr B.  I went right up to Mr Beaujangles and sniffed him today!! then I darted back to the dining room to defend my territory!  Owner very proud of me and says my behaviour would put a lot of people to shame.  OH I goes.  Now last night we managed the nice skating and the nice calling of the midwives, which Owner had a cry over at the end bit.  Tonight we must be faithful to Corrie X 2 and who knows what will turn up now good hayles is buried and good Roy has left a note and gone off?  Owner thinks it not what but who and says she has seen the cover of a good gossip mag and says temptress Tina is to return.  OOER.  In Enders we are wading through several storylines and Carol with cancer Carol seems to be in all of them.  We love it. Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x