Sunday, 1 September 2013

sad Sundee

Wonka here.  I have called it sad as Owner announced a broadcasting genius is dead, called Sir David Frost.  Apparently he was very funny and once interviewed that bad president Nixon one time and got him to say sorry to the nation.  blimey!  But we liked him on 'through the keyhole' (not Nixon!) and in deference to his memory will not be supporting that funny chappie Keith Lemon who is doing the show.  I did say to Owner,how strange that it re appears on our screen last night which is when Sir Frost went and had his heart attack....coincidental??  (shouldn't use any word that includes something to do with teef, as in 'dental' because that temporary crown - well it was temporary until today! yes it popped out again and Owner dare not go back to the dentist before next appt and the real real crown to be fixed.  I ask you)....anyhow as we were commenting, sad news indeed.  Now on a happier note we loved loved loved the new Hex Factor it was ace with its usual mix of weird, even weirder and pretty damn good.  One chappie, called J Star, well Sharon said he sang like a dolphin! we liked him, we like dolphins!  Cannot wait for tonight and when they all sing in front of lots of people.  so between that excitement had to miss out on Casualtee - must catch up though as Charlie is back and he is bound to solve lots of problems on the ward.  Did remember that you will want to see how much beloved Baba's Buddleia has grown so here it is:
At least twice as big eh!  just like that beanstalk!!  Baba would have been very proud and we miss you Baba lots.  I think tomorrow you might like a reminder of beloved Baba so will try to oblige.  Me?  thanks for asking.  Having a bit of time of it as somehow fed up with just the six or seven varieties of biscuits and same old same old pouches.  I do eat the plain cat food out of a can Owner gets for Ruggles I know, it's very easy to push off the plastic top and pop a paw in.  Now go steady as it's a nice quiet day for relaxing, snoozing and eating.  Big Love Wonka x