Thursday, 5 September 2013

Full on thursdee!

Wonka here.  Now I won't be writing loads just to warn you, as Owner is dead beat says been up since the crack of dawn (and?) been to work, survived year 7 (but not year 8 - had to have a word - oh no) got to interview, did presentation (went so well now fretting has wrecked chances by being too relaxed.  what do I do?  told to get a grip. again) decided on spur of moment to nip to dentist about other disaster in the tooth dept.  as luck or fate or something would have it, Dentist able to fix more or less there and then.  We love him.  Then Owner sped off to sibling as first birthday of the three.  had already driven like a maniac to get to the interview on time, so said drove sensibly to get there (I bet).  Here follows the cake itself all lit up, it was a beaut.
After that Owner decided might come home and feed me.  yes.  hadn't been checked on all day due to dentist being added to already burgeoning day.  I ask you.  Had to have chicken to console me.  And Ruggles was waiting outside for his teatime.  Anyways, we loved the telly last night and thankfully our Les Dennis is through so in the final three.  Despite his tarts not quite making the gold star standard.  And Janet Street ahead Porter, well of course she has shouted to the top also, along with quiet Ade.  Will be glued tonight I reckon.  That celebrity masterchef dunt get tuffer.   Enders is coping with poor bad and nasty bullyboy Phil Mitchell crashing through a windscreen and being air lifted to hospital, wonder if will turn up in Holby or Casualtee eh.  has not said anyfink as yet.  Must dash as Owner said to check on ruggles (might be back for supper already due to late teatime.  I feel a big guilt trip ready to lay here) and anyway all the relaxing all day has quite worn me out.  Take it steady out there, docvedanya, bonsoir, toodlepip.  Big love Wonka x