Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Trusting Tuesdee

Wonka here:  today went rather satisfactorily, for me, lounging on the settee, snuggled up against my cushions dreaming of nice things.  it may have rained a weensy bit out there who knows, the sun came out later on and although Owner reported a chill breeze stroke wind, I can't say it affected me any.  Now Owner dashed back from work and then dashed out again, was swearing about the parking situation in the street as said no one would wait whilst beloved car got reverse parked but insisted on swerving round.  Some folk are in such a hurry to get nowhere says I, but Owner busy concentrating on getting to Dentist for new pretend tooth.  The crown infact.  And has come back feeling alright plus likes new tooth.  Dentist is planning a holiday, so have warned Owner not to a) lose new tooth b) lose a filling c) need urgent dental treatment for the next 2 weeks.   We have to trust yes trust in all the powers of the known universe to keep Owner's mouth and teeth and gums hunky dory.  Now I have to pause here, as I have been on the blanket box spying out of the front bay window and sure I have seen Ruggles crossing the busy road for some tea time chez nous.  ~there will a lot more French phrases as Owner is popping over to the city of love come the New Year.  I have already had to put up with endless giggling about, well de rien folks de rien..... Back Folks!  it was beloved Rugtug over for his teatime and Owner thinks Tinkerbelle has nipped in the shed and pinched the first offering.  the Usurper cat stroke Tinkerbelle is like a little fly by night, it flashes here and there.  Now last night Owner very tired after the big birthday so we had an early night. No I didn't wake anyone up in the deep of the night running up and down stairs!!  Infact Owner woke me up, so there.  Said Moon nearly full as if that's any excuse for poor behaviour and that.  Tonight we will nestle in front of Enders, with continuing love stories of wonky love, down right twisted love, and we would like a helping of true love really.  May watch the other hospital thingy where most of the staff get on Owner's nerves but as I keep telling you it doesn't take much!   want you all to have an enchanting evening and remember to trust in the powers to make things right.  Big Love Wonka x