Saturday, 7 September 2013

meet the monkeys Satdee

Wonka here.  Now don't laugh but Owner just switched on the tv, no turned over rather (been watching hex factor repeat and now wonders why they all got four yeses) and there was a nice cameraman having his head examined by a monkey!  we did laugh.  They are in the jungle.  All very green and a far cry from what we laughingly call civilisation.  Now we did hear that the huge country place called Australia has got itself a new governing party and no, it is not a load of monkeys although this could be the secret way forward, but we thought we heard the labour party is out.  Should that nice schoolboy Ed listen up?? Owner said woke up with red eyes plus itchy and goodness knows I had to agree (from under the bed).  dashed round the house watering plants and stuff although I can't say it made any difference as house looks just the same to me.  I wonder if being on ground level most of the time - well now there is a nice thick carpet to sprawl on - means I see it differently? just a thought folks.  yes Owner went swimming and, wait for it, bought three new costumes for aged parent to try.  Surely one of them will fit??  Please??  Good news was, aged parent actually liked one of them.  Yes.  Owner would try on the other two and no matter how much I say look you are no longer the slim line version of yourself you are now a bit cuddlier, does Owner take heed? No! Had to admit defeat and will take them back to the shop.  Luckily hasn't put Owner in old fat ugly mode.  As yet.  Now last night, did our nice nervous and tearful Les Dennis lose in the cooking fest.  So did shouty Janet, so it was quiet Ade who lifted up that trophy.  Did love it. other than that Owner said exhausted and traipsed off to bed.  Rug did call for supper and got some.  Right now he is eating real chicken and loving it.  Do we spoil our best strays, yes we do.  Now tonight we have a double helping of reality.  We have strictly and a load of new favourites to find, and then it's more of that singing and I'm afraid that's a no etc on the hex factor.  I thought you might like a little picture of me relaxing
It really is comfy on there especially when Owner gets out of the way.  Now I want you all to relax and go steady.  it's the weekend for goodness sake!  Big Love Wonka x ps Baba's miracle buddleia is nearly blooming and the minute it does you will have a nice picture of it. x