Thursday, 12 September 2013

is it Fridee yet Thursdee

Wonka here.  Now Owner is so tired says can hardly be bothered to talk or anything.  Yes, and felt old and ugly too.  (not good signs leading up to giant birthday) encouraged to 'do' hair.  thankfully and I have sent up a prayer of thanks to the 'good hair' God Owner's hair now looks ravishing and Owner looks about 12 going on 12 and a half.  No honestly!  Well Owner up at crack of dawn and now wonders why worn out.  Instead of returning straight home to check on me went to town and bought things.  I have warned before about buying clothes when a) feeling tired b) bad day at work c) big birthday looming d) ready to kill someone no not really folks!!  but anyway Owner went and bought 2 items in that well known dept store where everything is sposed to be high quality at a price we can afford.  so it wasn't just any 2 items and you know the rest of the saying!  Luckily and again I have sent a prayer up to the 'buying when you are tired' God, one of the items made Owner look very attractive.  Praise be.  I can only put forward a strong case for cheering yourself up when tired and fed up by coming straight home to someone like me.  Oh and you ask how I am?? all things considered alright I think.  Tinkerbelle, the usurper was spotted in the yard (without a yard pass) eyeing up the shed for a snack.  Saw us and scarpered up the passageway.  Then ruggles arrived and sat on the step ladders outside (he has a yard pass for life) and was given a huge plate of food.  Am I jealous?  No.  I mean I can prise the lid of his food and scoop it out with my paw anytime.  It is still a bit dreary out there and maybe this is tiring Owner out too.  too much drear.  to cheer us up, there is Enders and the ongoing twisted plot of people leaving the square then not leaving the square and sisters supporting and loving each other then being told by Alfie to choose him or them (hobson's choice surely?) so how entertaining is that!!  If Owner can stay up might watch that nice educating Yorkshire all about school kids acting up all ready for the big wide world.  Now I want to wish you all a pleasant evening wherever you are in the world and if you are a tennis fan then Owner wants you to keep rooting for your current fave (Owner's is Novak don't forget!).
go steady out there, big love Wonka x