Friday, 20 September 2013

Fraught Fridee

Wonka here.    Sun was out and in and out and in.  Was a bit warm then chilly then warm.  Owner blames all on Full Moon, which is says Owner a harvest moon.  What the difference says I?  anycase, it is proper big and shines so bright I can see who is in my yard at any time all night long.  and if it is the usurper, tinkers, or our pal Ruggles, I can race upstairs and see what's a doing from all windows.  Now how did today go then.  Owner managed to get up and get going, kept on about, thanks goodness end of week blah blah, and all I can think is, what's for tea, and have I got enough to eat, and please don't walk out of that job.  ~when Owner returned, fell in the door with pack loads of cat litter and food for me, I did heave a sigh of relief.  You don't realise how much I appreciate a nice clean tray.  If it needs emptying all I need to do is scrape ineffectually once or twice and fling myself out of it and lay down despondently at the side.  This works a treat as Owner goes on an instant guilt trip and rushes to clean and refresh.   Yes even if it makes Owner late to work!!  And guess what happened when Owner had finished dragging shopping through the door and going into a daydream about the intense day at work and whether to apply for the permanent job there or not, well Ruggles was asleep on the steps and went into one of those prolonged choking things, well that stood us all to attention!  Then Owner has idea to feed Ruggles in the kitchen, and leaves the good back door open, with a nice plate of real chicken and best cat food.  And guess what does he stroll in and chomp it up and have a good sniff round.  It is alright though, he has not moved in.  Now on the tv we loved that school thing and so did lots of other people.  tonight we are on with corrie x 2 and Owner must be very tired (with?) as says finding the dying Hayley storyline very sad.   also not sure about Stella's daughter falling in love with Stella's ex toyboy.  Can it work I question?  Now Enders has produced Peggy Mitchell visiting son phil who survived a nasty on purpose car accident and still has all faculties.  Fridee nights eh, we love them.  Oh Lordy another twisted love storyline in Enders with drunken recovering Lauren on with another recoveree.  Can only end in, well drunkenness!  oooher, and Philly is out of hospital!  Must dash, feeling in need of a nap.  go steady out there folks.
Big Love Wonka X