Sunday, 22 September 2013

sneezy Sundee

Wonka here.  Howdy doody folks, docvedanya and all of that jazz.  Yes you got it, Owner still blowing nose every few minutes and sneezing in roughly volleys of three to four.  sometimes it has been two.  Managed to raise up fairly early doors though so I wasn't starving whilst she slumbered on.  I begged not to hoover downstairs and did Owner listen?  yes?  so just nice and dust free upstairs and the usual bits and bobs laying on the delux carpets down below.   did go out later on for some more supplies and again I had high hopes of some decent pouches, and not the six or seven half eaten ones lined up by the kitchen sink.  Obviously I've tried them but you wouldn't eat it if you didn't like it would you?  Owner said I am very fussy but I beg to differ.  Just because I loved the tuna one yesterday does not mean I will love it today, and I don't.  We are on the look out for ruggles as not yet sighted although this does happen come the weekend.  Owner will worry until sighted and I have a rare job talking her down as you know.  One good thing (for Owner), Owner has now played the Mavericks new CD called 'in time' over and over and says loves it.  Me?  I might come to love it 'in time!!' (thought you'd appreciate that folks).  Now you will want a weather report and it went boiling hot.  This is set to continue until midweek says weather lady.  So away with the thick jumpers, gloves and scarves and back out with the vests and shirts and sandals.  No wonder Owner got cold eh.  Now on the box tonight we are in for a treat.   Not just the hex factor which I have to say was lacklustre last night and we think Gary B only has one or two at the most expressions.  Even Sharon's facial muscles move!! but Downton back on Yes!  We expect to have hankies at the ready! for both shows.  Now I want to wish you all a good week to come and give you the heads up that Owner has a 'preliminary meeting' yes!  it is about a job and not the job she is doing either.  Can Owner pull it off|?  On a good days folks on a good day...  must dash, got to check if ruggles out there.
big Love Wonka x