Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bonzer day Satdee

Wonka here.  Can I say straight away I have experienced a really positive day and have sent up a load of thankful prayers to the Weekend god!!  And I do want to share with you what to do when you come up against a woebegone, tired (says) old (says) and ugly (says)Owner:  first off, pack it off to bed early doors with a nice cup of tea and a good book, second encourage it to face the problem head on.  yes I said head on and even run towards the problem (metaphorically speaking folks!!) embrace the problem and you will find happiness all round (my philosophy folks).  Next up, you need to encourage Owner to make that vital hair appointment.  And if the old hairdresser is not available yes that's it, you are getting the hang of this, then find a new one!  This could even be the one before the one before hairdresser.  If all of that isn't enough, Owner must go on a small spending spree preferably for non essential items.  yes and blow me down did Owner fall back through the good front door with all of that!  and even better, not mentioned, but a new toy for me,  yes it had a daft name but I love it and have included a small picture of me sat with it.  I really do love it, and Owner had to prise it open an sprinkle catnip in it.  Just managed to do this without too much trouble:
But here's the other thing Owner trots back with, thinks I didn't see it as smuggled down the passage way into the yard and into the shed for Ruggles!  It is a luxury igloo bed incase he freezes his socks off come winter.  I only hope Ruggles appreciates this gesture!  But Owner loves him you see.  And get this, does the Usurper turn up this afternoon, that's Tinkerbelle who travels at the speed of light and does not respond to friendly signals.  Infact now Owner is worried he/she will travel too fast over that dreaded road.  Another de stressing coping strategy ahead of me.  We are currently on dragon's den and they have knocked back everyone.  just everyone, they don't like anything or anyone.  After tea we plan to watch that nice talent show, the hex factor, where they will come on and sing to us.  Thankfully Casualty is back on with nice nursey Charlie and this should calm Owner down nicely before the big day approaches.  We have cake, cups, serviettes (all pink naturally), a birthday girl badge to pin onto snow leopard (don't ask) and some light flash stick things.  But best new of all?  Owner did have tidy up in the hair dept and looks so attractive someone is bound to fall in love.  Happy endings please.  Big love wonka x