Monday, 16 September 2013

Hearty Mondee

Wonka here: as we all know after something nice has happened, there is the dread of nothing just as nice will ever happen again, or, by some mysterious universal law, the something nice must be balanced by something rotten.  Owner says there is a song that says whose turn is it now, while we lose.  roughly speaking or singing.  And I'd like to comfort you all by saying nothing rotten has happened!!  No...just the usual annoying stuff associated with going to work and doing a job and having to socialise with people we would normally leave by the roadside. (says Owner).  Me?  had a lovely day, peaceful. quiet. top day really.  Well I did get up in the  deep of the night and start racing about.  Owner very understanding and only woke up briefly to say what are you doing, what is the fuss etc.  Seemed to fall back to sleep quite quickly I thought.  Now last night was a bit fraught as Owner decided to book a holiday on the internet with no previous experience etc.  Thought had booked everyone into a broom cupboard, and get there by skateboard the fuss she made.  it is all alright I said, these people are experts at dealing with rubbish holiday bookers like you.  They love it!  Gives them a chance to twirl their customer service skills and get their NVQs in.  Would Owner listen?  Anyways, stayed up late dealing with that and watching very scary drama, the one about the dead girl in the attic.  Nice Len detective solved it and.....I won't spoil the ending incase you are still watching it, but have a couple of cushions ready.  Tonight, we take it easy with Corrie X 2, and dying Hayley and not coping Roy plus  the capture of villain Carl.  Enders has taken an even worse turn by having the reformed baby snatcher Ronnie (?) slurping and cuddling up to former hubbie Jack. It cannot be a good thing.  Now Ruggles is still refusing to go in the luxury igloo and slept on the old car seat instead.  Give it time I said.  Goodness me, I'm having to relax on settees and carpets, no luxury beds for me!!!! (well there is Owners I spose)  Now to cheer you up I am letting you see the miracle buddleia that Baba had near to him when he was still with us and in his kennel. 
Just like the beanstalk eh.  We do miss you Baba, and no kitten in sight (sigh of relief).  Now please go steady out there folks.  Big love Wonka x