Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer Fayre Satdee

Wonka here.  Just wondering if they do these summer fayres in other countries or what.  here they do these one off events that people go to and wonder why, no sorry I meant go there to buy things they don't need, spend lots of money on raffle tickets for said things, and also listen to strange music that always gets played for the elderly.  Perhaps it is universal.  Owner has been to the summer fayre at aged parent's 'home' and come back laden with: stuff for the bath and hair.  problem spotted immediately by me that all bottles looked the same and later on, when Owner washed hair in a frenzy of 'I hate my hair', it got washed with bath gel and conditioned with body lotion. (hid under bed).  other items not needed and won: an ornament made in China (thankyou China) of a tiny dog yapping at a small girl who is bending over.  That is now outside.  last but not least, a handpainted mug and plate.  I rest my case.  To make matters worse, Owner was forced to eat cake.  with cream in it.  I mean, I'm sat here waiting and starving whilst this I going on.  Suffice to say I made my presence known as soon as Owner stumbled back home.  Just watching Indie for the hundredth time but we never tire of Raiders of the Lost Ark, no never.  must go.  Big Love Wonka x