Sunday, 28 July 2013

soothing Sundee

 Wonka here.  Drench of rain in the night how refreshing I say although still needed to lay down a lot.  Especially on the bit of settee Owner wants to be on.  Slow start to the day eased in with our favourite Sunday morning radio with our favourite turbaned presenter.  He is Scottish so we like him even more (Owner dallied with a Glaswegian you know in days of yore).  no visits to relatives hence the peaceful day really.  Watched a dvd and understood it in parts, ate lots of biscuits (I'm on the 'indoor' ones right now and turning nose up at the others).  Owner managed to trot out and return with a paper and more supplies, said might do something but didn't and somehow ended up watching yet another film called 'Mr Perfect'.  I realise I don't need to explain the storyline and the tiny weensy eeny weeny twist at the end did amuse us. (the daughter ends up with Mr Right instead of the Mother who it turns out doesn't really need a man to make her happy.  yes). I feel sure if Novak thingy came knocking on this door Owner would not close in face and go on about being so happy.  I digress.  (big word for me).  So what about outside?  Rug been for tea and tail not too bad. no sign for ages of the usurper (Tinkerbelle) or any new felines trying to get a free lunch.  We continue to miss Baba daily and his buddlea is growing nicely.  Owner says it's a miracle to grow so fast. Might post a picture of it.   Hmm.  time for next feature film, the one with dinosaurs in it.  Lovely.  Must go.  Big love Wonka x