Saturday, 6 July 2013

sunkissed satdee

Wonka here.  another well into the 80s day and we re all learning to cope with it nicely.  Baba got off to fine art and moves very slowly a few inches at a time - no I don't do metric - and had to be brought in as Owner thought might get sunstroke.  I ask you.  According to Owner who went swimming, shopping (nightmare as thinks being followed round the aisles - I have advised it is just current paranoia levels acting up but Owner won't have it and is adamant) also finding time to visit aged parent and sibling.  How all of this hasn't added up to a complete and extra meltdown in our week I cannot say.  perhaps watching the ladies singles finals brought Owner back to reality.  That nice Sabina from Germany played her heart out and still lost!  Owner empathised throughout.  Bartoli (don't they make margarine?) won out and Owner says displayed too much knicker for decency sake.  I think a lot of fans out there may disagree but what do I know.  Must go, check on Baba etc.  Big love Wonka x  ps very excited about our hero jockyvitch tomorrow who we are in love with.  spose must wish that nice lad from sconny botland every success but cannot adore him like Novak.