Saturday, 27 July 2013

stressed out Satdee

Wonka here.  Now yes it is still hot and yes still laying very still in different places as need variety.  Having to watch yet another Indie film as beeb one run out of ideas.  What will happen come August I daren't think.   Owner went out and came back funny (not haha).  Said first off everyone forgot how to drive, was cut up here and there, pedestrians throwing themselves across the road and even walking in the road.  Then, had to try more clothes on (in this heat, in that queue) to find nothing fit, then had to go shopping (for food,  for me).  Then, and this was the mistake had the double whammy of visiting not one but two relatives.  Suffice to say, Owner now got eye twitch really badly in right eye (and that's the one the shingles attacked folks!).  Advised not to take any of it personally, especially the bit about how Owner didn't look well (aged parent).  Flounced out and came back with fish and chips (bang goes diet) and hair product (I'm under the bed soon as).  things calmed down a bit once hair went right (out from under the bed) and guzzled down all that fatty food.  Ready to face rest of night's viewing (not a lot on except for that nice racy top of the lake thing).  Oh and just to let you know, Owner dreamt of Baba and he is doing fine, looked in tiptop health, fur gleaming.  Me?  oh you know thanks for asking.  Must go need the next nap.  Big love Wonka x