Friday, 28 June 2013

thankthelord Fridee

Wonka here.  Yes end of week and no one too sad.  Owner managed to get up without too much fuss and seemed in good temper.  Please make it last.  Baba still trotting outside in rain or shine but actually mostly rain, straight into kennel and sleeping.  I may have had the odd 40 winks and snuggled down on Owner's best coverlet.  Arrived back saying had lost scarf and brooch whilst out.  Seemed remarkably calm so did wonder if running a fever or something?  Turns out hand of god reached down and found lost scarf and put it somewhere so Owner could find - not so the brooch. Owner being deeply philosophical and says feels like still has it even though gone and maybe pinned to another blouse.  Hmm.  Is Owner finally taking own advice (or mine?).. on the subject of tennis have to own up to giving a miss today.  Had heart wrenched by weepy storyline on enders (lauren finally leaving) and now on with corrie (Roy goes funny).  weekend here and bring on.  Big love Wonka x